(Minghui.org) The Chinese version of Minghui.org has recently begun to show the numbers of clicks on their articles. Many practitioners began commenting on articles that received more clicks and some even got upset. A few practitioners thought the quality of these popular articles wasn’t as good as the ones they had submitted but never got published. They got so carried away that they even criticized the editors. Other practitioners read the “popular” articles simply out of curiosity or because they didn’t want to lag behind in cultivation since others had read them.

I believe that the number of clicks reflects the cultivation state of practitioners outside of China. When I say practitioners outside of China, I include the practitioners who came from China. The practitioners in China almost never visit the Minghui website directly due to safety reasons and technical censorship, but many of them access information from Minghui indirectly, from other practitioners, or from printouts.

The kinds of articles most often visited reflect the curiosity, officiousness, and personal interests of practitioners outside of China.

Most articles that are about saving people, stopping the persecution, helping others to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the materials that help clarify the truth have very few clicks. These low numbers reflect the amount of practitioners who commit to clarifying the truth on the frontlines every day; they probably also explain why the number of people who quit the CCP has been slow to increase.

Persecution articles had the fewest clicks. When the persecution began, many practitioners outside of China didn’t like to read them. They claimed that they felt uncomfortable about the brutality depicted in the articles. They liked to read articles about cultivation experiences, overseas activities, traditional culture, and music, which allowed them to experience the beauty of Falun Dafa. The problem is, they acted like resisting the persecution was none of their business.

After 22 years of persecution, it is evident that practitioners' opposing the persecution outside of China helps eliminate the evil and alleviate the suffering of practitioners in China. The effect is tremendous. But many of us now still have the mindset and habit of not reading persecution articles. Isn’t cultivation about breaking notions, being compassionate, and improving ourselves?

There are other similar situations. Many practitioners would actively participate in activities such as car parades. However, when it comes to clarifying the truth one-on-one and helping others quit the CCP, few want to take on the task.

I saw this when practitioners called China to clarify the truth. A practitioner on the phone simply read from a piece of paper, while dozens of other practitioners just listened, saying that they were learning. Compared to the practitioners who volunteered to call people in China at the beginning of the persecution, what a dramatic contrast! Back then the practitioners were eager to tell people in China what was really happening! They talked to them from their hearts, not scripts. They wanted to save people in China, safeguard the Fa, and eliminate the evils. That energy and power from the Fa truly benefited those who listened and earned their respect.

A practitioner in New York did the math: If we wanted to save 500 million people, based on the daily number of people who quit the CCP, it will take us another 8.5 years! Will Teacher wait that long if we continue to prioritize comfort, our self-interests, and our habits?

Master once said,

“The number of us who'll reach Consummation is, as I see it, far from enough. I had originally planned to have at least fifty million—I've never told you this before.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference,” Guiding the Voyage)

If 50 million practitioners will achieve righteous fruition, will we be among them? What shall we do if we are not?

Someone may think, “As long as my life is good and I try hard in cultivation, I will be fine.” In my opinion, this is human thinking. If we can see the truth of the universe, we will think differently. Now, some practitioners would give up everything to provide the best for their children and beat themselves up if they can't. By not doing what they vowed to do for the sentient beings in their universe, nothing will help stop the pain and regret once they find out their children’s lives and future are lost because the practitioners failed to do well in their cultivation.

Everything that happens in front of us is for us to cultivate. If we see things in a way that leads us to blame others, we fail to focus on improving ourselves and saving people. There may not always be a second chance. I urge everyone to study Essentials for Further Advancement and I’m sure we can all identify some of our attachments after reading it.

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