Facing Worldwide Censure, Chinese Regime Tones Down Propaganda War and Tightens Grip on Coronavirus Research

According to insiders, the CCP’s Propaganda Department issued an urgent notice to the state media to reduce reports boasting of China’s “victory” in the fight against the virus and bashing foreign countries’ “failure” in handling the pandemic. At the same time, all research papers related to the coronavirus outbreak must now be approved by the Division of Science and Technology before they are published.

Chinese People Are Victims of the Chinese Communist Party's Lies

A perspective on why the Chinese people believe the lies perpetuated by the Chinese regime regarding the pandemic and other catastrophes that have happened in the past, and how many people in other countries have now witnessed how they were lied to about the initial outbreak and under-reporting of the numbers of infected cases and deaths. 

Sweden: Falun Gong Practitioners Raise Awareness of the Persecution Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Practitioners continued their efforts to raise awareness during the current pandemic near the Swedish Parliament, with banners reading, “Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong,” and “Keep Away from the CCP Virus,” and display boards with information about Falun Gong, the persecution in China, and the Wuhan virus.

Former Justice Minister of Canada Calls for Sanctions Against Chinese Officials for Coronavirus Cover-up

Mr. Irwin Cotler is urging the Canadian government to “impose Magnitsky-style sanctions on Chinese officials who mistreated or silenced whistleblowers, including medical staff and citizens, in the early days of the pandemic.”

China's Internet Army Spreads Fake News about Coronavirus

As more and more countries are stepping up their criticisms of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s cover-up of the coronavirus epidemic, the CCP’s internet army is also becoming ever more active in promoting its propaganda in attempts to whitewash the CCP’s lies and culpability.

Ukraine: Falun Gong Practitioners Call Attention to the Persecution in China

Without violating their local quarantine regulations, Falun Gong practitioners went outdoors to do the exercises and raise awareness about the persecution in China.

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