(Minghui.org) In recent years, several practitioners of our area experienced sickness karma. A few of them passed away, including some of the older and middle age practitioners.

Attachments of Practitioners with Sickness Karma

Attachment of Sentimentality

The first attachment I put on top of the list is resentment, which is not only held by older, but also by younger practitioners.

Practitioner Ava (pseudonym) is living with her son, who was divorced, and is an alcoholic. He can't have a meal without drinking some alcohol. When he got drunk, he would often be ensnared by con artists and lost money for buying fake medicines and nutrient supplements.

Ava was worried sick, and scolded him all the time, while her son started to argue with her. This made her angrier.

Local practitioners shared with her and encouraged her to let go of the attachment to her son. She said she understood, but complained about her son after a few minutes. She started to have severe sickness karma since the end of last year.

On the last day of her life she was still conscious, a fellow practitioner was helping her by sending forth righteous thoughts at her bedside. Her son went out of the door with 1,500 yuan and returned home shortly. Ava asked him, “Where is the money?” He kept silent. She said to the fellow practitioner, “I hate him so much!”

Soon she went into a coma and died a few days later.

Attachment of Resentment

Practitioner Betty (pseudonym) married a divorced practitioner who has a daughter from his previous marriage.

Since the persecution started, Betty had been to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa, had participated in distributing Dafa truth-clarification materials, hanging banners, and many other activities.

Years ago, her husband gave a commercial use apartment to his daughter without her agreement. She developed a resentment since then.

A few years ago, her husband was jailed for his belief of Falun Dafa and missed his daughter’s wedding. When he was released, he talked with Betty about giving the new couple something, but she refused and quarreled with him.

During the Chinese New Year of 2019, the daughter, son-in-law, and their child came to visit. When Betty saw her husband giving them money, as is customary on Chinese New Year, she had a sudden stroke and died early the next morning. She was only 45 years old.

Attachment of Jealousy and Resentment

Practitioner Charlotte (pseudonym) had been a coordinator for years and had participated in many truth-clarification projects. A few years ago, she could still ride a bike a long distance in the city, and ride up steep slopes, although she was over 80 years old.

However, she could not get along with another elderly practitioner and often complained about her. Fellow practitioners sensed that Charlotte had a strong attachments to jealousy and resentment.

Charlotte experienced sickness karma for two years. Many practitioners visited her and helped her with sending forth righteous thoughts. But she often told the visiting practitioners to relay a message to the other old practitioner that she was not welcomed to visit her. “She must be laughing at me!” She explained to others.

One day a practitioner had a conversation with Charlotte and reminded her of two things she needed to let go. One was the emotional attachment to a practitioner that she had given a lot of things to. The second was an issue with how she handled the money for Dafa projects contributed by practitioners.

Charlotte was so angry, that she couldn’t calm down to send righteous thoughts. Shortly afterward, she passed away.

Attachment to Believing Rumors

Practitioner Daniel (pseudonym) used to be one of the coordinators of his city and appointed a few assistant coordinators for the different districts in the city.

Seeing Daniel and his assistants didn’t actively rescue detained practitioners and refused to expose evil deeds committed by local authorities, a practitioner wrote an article to the Minghui website. After the article was published, coordinators of the city were of two different opinions. Soon after that, many coordinators were arrested.

After they were released, they suspected that the authorities had been tipped-off by practitioner named Jack (pseudonym).

One year later, Daniel was arrested again and was quickly sentenced to six years of imprisonment.

Some practitioners of the area saw the news of his situation on Minghui website in 2018 and communicated with his family to rescue him. Local practitioners exposed the torture and his medical condition on the Minghui website. His family went to the prison requesting medical parole. Overseas practitioners launched a telephone campaign by calling local authorities.

One month later, Daniel was bailed out for medical treatment. At that time, Daniel was not very sick. He walked up six stairways to his apartment by himself. While studying the Fa at his home, he was conscious and pointed out others' reading errors.

However, Daniel heard a rumor that he was imprisoned because Jack alerted the authorities, and the rescue campaign was Jack’s cover-up.

Daniel fell for the rumor and resented Jack and other practitioners deeply. Since then, his condition worsened, and he passed away six months later.

Attachments Become Loopholes for Old Forces

In the case of practitioner Ava, her attachment was her son. There is nothing wrong for a mother to care for her son, but she was deeply trapped in the emotion and hated monetary losses. She was filled with human notions. She resented her son when he argued with her.

After Ava passed away, her son quit drinking alcohol after being persuaded by relatives. He became healthier, more conscious, and was no longer deceived.

As for the cases of Charlotte and Daniel, the old forces found the loophole because of their resentment toward another practitioner. The old forces don’t care how much you had done for projects. If your character does not improve, or your mind is filled with human notions, the old forces will take away your lives.

A recent article on the Minghui website said the conflicts among practitioners might be because of karma.

To me, no matter if it is karma or other reasons, if one can truly look inward and let go of human notions, one can overcome the tribulations, and negate the arrangement by the old forces.

Master said,

“And however bad the interpersonal things that you encounter may be, you still have to look at them positively, like, “Oh, this can help me improve.” And when problems arise between you and others, it doesn’t matter who’s at fault: start by reflecting on your part in it. If a cultivator cannot manage to form this habit, if he isn’t able to look at things in the opposite way of how people normally do, then he will always be stuck at the human level—at least in regards to whatever issue he may have failed to resolve.” (Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference)

Stepping Out of Humanness

I also had a personal experience of the damage of resentment. Before my daughter married to another practitioner’s son, I resented her for believing in the rumors about me and treating me poorly. I carried this attachment for many years until one day another practitioner asked me, “Have you changed the attitude toward your daughter? Has the conflict between you been resolved?”

At that moment I realized that nothing had been resolved. Afterward, when I got home and gave the questions more thought, I remembered Master’s teachings on the issue. We practitioners have no enemies. I had been holding onto human notions for so many years.

I asked Master to strengthen me and help me eliminate any factor that is not within the Fa. After I changed my notion and looked at the conflict between us again, I noticed that I no longer resented her. I felt relieved as a heavy block on my heart was removed.

After I changed the human notion and walked beyond the human plane on this issue, my physical body also had a big change. My complexion appeared younger and symptoms like heart attack disappeared.

Master said,

“You need to be clear that a Dafa disciple's cultivation is about stepping out of humanness; it is to step out of the old colossal firmament that is restrained by all kinds of factors that result from endless, countless, innumerable beings in this old cosmos; it is to gain a new life, emerging from an environment that is at the last of the last stage of the formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction process of the colossal firmament. Who can step out of all of this? To escape everything and be able to truly enter the future is indeed very hard.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IV)

No matter how hard it is, Dafa disciples have to follow Master’s teachings to step out of humanness. Fellow practitioners who are still experiencing sickness karma, please examine your human notions. Have you changed your human notions? Do you take a conflict as an opportunity to improve yourself? Can you see the plot of the old forces in it?

At this final stage of the Fa-rectification, it is time to let go of all human notions, step out of humanness, and follow Master to our heavenly home.