South Korea: The Art of Zhen Shan Ren Brings the Beauty of Falun Dafa to Busan Residents

The city of Busan has hosted The Art of Zhen Shan Ren International Exhibition on 12 occasions over the past 3 years, giving many residents the opportunity to learn about Falun Dafa and the ongoing persecution in China. The artworks have been very well received at each of the exhibitions. “The truth will for sure prevail,” remarked one visitor. “I hope your success will bring light to this world.”

New Practitioners in South Korea: Learning Falun Gong Is a Precious Opportunity

Tianti Books and Cafe in Seoul hosted its last Falun Gong 9-Day Intensive Workshops of 2019 from November 26 through December 4. New practitioners shared some of the insights they gained after attending the session. One said, “I feel that we must treasure the opportunity to practice Falun Gong.”

Letting Go of the Notion of Being Persecuted

The author suggests that when we encounter physical discomfort or other obstacles and setbacks, it could be a hint to correct our thoughts and handle things from the perspective of the Falun Dafa teachings. In trying situations, such as being arrested and held in a detention center, the author recommends that we view them as opportunities to let people know the truth about Dafa.

People in China Express Gratitude to Master and Wish Him a Happy New Year!

New Year's greetings to Master Li, Dafa's founder, have poured in to the Minghui website from every corner of the world. This review highlights greetings from practitioners and supporters of Dafa in China, including practitioners imprisoned for their faith.

Shaanxi Man Dies in Custody Nine Months after Arrest for His Faith

A 48-year-old man died after his third arrest for practicing Falun Gong. When his family saw his body in the hospital, his head was covered with blood and he was still hooked to a nasal cannula. Further details of his death are yet to be investigation.

Looking Down on Others Is the Old Force’s Way

"Without Master and Dafa, we would be as clueless about the true picture of the universe as any other human being in society. This should make us humble, not prideful."

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