(Minghui.org) Lately, there have been many opinion articles published on the Internet related to the upcoming election in Taiwan. I read them when I use software to break through the Chinese Communist Party's Internet blockade.

As a result, my human mentality has been stirred along with the articles. I wished one candidate would win, and was indignant at another candidate when his words and actions were in line with the CCP.

I felt pain in my liver area yesterday after reading these articles. I suddenly realized that I was moved along with the current situation. I indulged my mind in the election analysis and took myself as an everyday person – not a Dafa practitioner. As soon as I realized this, my liver pain went away.

I thought the issue over and asked myself, as Falun Gong practitioners, who are we? We do not belong to any organization in this human world. Even in countries outside of China, we are not affiliated with any political party.

We can tell right from wrong, and kindness from evil. We can vote as a citizen. Our media can provide people with factual news and analyses. But, we must be clear in our mind – we are saving people.

Each life in this world was once a relative of Master's, and was taken care of by Master. Otherwise, one would have no opportunity to live in this world. Therefore, no matter which party a person aligns with, we should deal with that person with compassion. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into the mentality of liking or not liking a certain candidate. This can push sentient beings away.

I think that, except for the main culprits in the CCP’s persecution and a small number of people who cannot be saved, most people are those whom Dafa practitioners need to save. For those people who are directly involved in the CCP’s persecution, we need to clarify the truth with compassion and patience. For those outside of China who do not participate in the persecution, we definitely need to save them as well.

As long as they live on this Earth, Dafa gives everyone an opportunity. It is true that some people have either been bribed or misled by the CCP. They are not clear about the CCP’s nature, and their attitude towards the Party indicates that they are being misled.

Such people face dangerous consequences. Aren't they pitiful? Doesn't that indicate that we need to clarify the truth to them in time? We should let them know the nature of the Party and awaken them with righteous thoughts, so that they can choose a good future.

We should not side in our mind with a certain party or political camp. No matter who is elected, the criteria and requirements for us to practice Dafa will not change. Whoever is elected, our pace of saving people won’t slow down.

We can only save people. We should not be misled by a person's current behavior or appearance. In fact, their behavior or appearance is probably predestined. We can only follow Master’s requirement to save people in every possible way.

Master said about Taiwan,

But personally, these things don’t concern me. What’s on my mind is the people of the entire world. I want to save, to rescue, everyone—regardless of their nationality or region. And the same should be true for Dafa disciples. Don’t look down on certain people or turn your nose up at some others. Though people may be of different nationalities, and their outward appearance might not be the same, the majority are divine within. People today are different from before.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”, Team Yellow Translation)

In today's environment, we cannot forget that we are Dafa practitioners. We cannot place our hope on any one person or organization. Any such human mentality, notion, or action within the one body of Dafa practitioners can harm sentient beings.

I think that we should step out of the realm of sentiment and deal with sentient beings with compassion. The powerful field of righteous thoughts will make the evil disappear, such that it cannot take advantage of Dafa practitioners' loopholes. Only in this way will we awaken and save more sentient beings.