(Minghui.org) I'm now 67 years old. In 1991, my family moved from the country to the city and opened a supermarket. Because there weren’t many supermarkets at the time, we made a lot of money. 

Being rich was a good thing, but it was also a bad thing. My husband had no moral compass. He spent his days eating, drinking, gambling, and chasing after women. As a result we constantly fought and our family was in turmoil. I felt like I was trapped in a quagmire. 

My Situation Becomes Desperate

I developed high blood pressure and relied on drugs. After every emotional blowup with my husband, I became dizzy and took a special medicine to stop it. Sometimes I vomited and had diarrhea. I also developed gout and the pain was unbearable. 

In 1998, I had a physical and was told I had hepatitis. The doctor did not tell me what to expect. I continued to work as always. But the following year the epidemic prevention station refused to issue me a health certificate. By then, I realized that I had hepatitis B. 

I looked for a cure everywhere and I took a lot of medicine. My health continued to deteriorate. 

In 1999, I began fainting. I went to a famous hospital in Nanjing that treated liver diseases. The doctor said that I came too late because all the medications I'd taken had ruined my liver. He said that I was in the early stage of cirrhosis, which was hard to cure. I was desperate and thought that I would die soon. I had worked so hard for so many years, but now my life was almost over! I felt very bitter. 

Because my husband often yelled at people, customers would not come to our store unless I was there. But I was focused on staying alive and no longer cared about our business. In 2000, our supermarket closed. 

In 2005, I learned Tai Chi, but my health did not improve. When I returned to the hospital for a check-up, they found that, because of my hyperthyroidism, I now had thyroid tumors. The doctor told my husband that I needed to return for another exam a week later, but my husband never said anything to me. People noticed a lump on my neck and suggested that I have it removed. Things dragged on for a few more months. I finally became so weak I was bedridden. My son rushed me to the hospital. After the surgery, I was in a coma. My life's flame was flickering, and I was near death. 

The winter of 2011 was very cold and snowy. My bedroom faces north. My husband insisted on keeping the window open at night. I developed a cough and couldn’t sleep. My excessive coughing gave me headaches and arm pain. I was never comfortable. I went to the hospital for a complete physical. I had erosive gastritis, cholecystitis, and even sexually transmitted diseases I got from my husband. Doctors at the Nanjing Hospital said that my kidneys were severely atrophied.

I was very sick and spent tens and thousands of dollars on medicine. I knew that many of the drugs I took were poisonous, but I couldn’t survive without them. My weight dropped from 140 to 90 pounds. My face was pale and I felt like I was floating when I walked. In desperation, I tried everything, even Feng Shui and a sorceress. Nothing helped. 

A Glimmer of Hope

I went to see an old friend. He was shocked by my appearance. He told me many people practice Falun Dafa and it helped them recover from illness. I didn’t quite believe him because nothing I'd tried had helped. I knew he never lied, so I decided to try practicing.

I went home and told my son that I wanted to practice Falun Dafa. He exploded, “Why would you practice it? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) doesn’t allow it! Hospitals can’t cure you, so Falun Dafa can’t help either. You can’t practice it.” He resolutely refused to let me practice, and my daughter-in-law was also opposed. 

When I told my friend, he asked, “Does your life belong to you or your son?” So I went to see an elderly woman who lived nearby. I knew she was kind. She taught me the five exercises and lent me a copy of Zhuan Falun.

I couldn't read Zhuan Falun at home, so I went to the park every afternoon to read. I only went to school for one year and didn’t know many words. Fortunately, the text in Zhuan Falun is plain and simple, just like ordinary people speak. I understood that it teaches people how to be good and to do things according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. 

When I finished reading, I returned the book to the woman I'd borrowed it from. She smiled and said, “Anytime if you want to read, just come and borrow it.” When no one was around, I practiced the exercises. However, I kept taking medicine. 

When I went to see my friend, he said, “You haven’t really begun practicing yet, because if you did, many amazing things would have happened. Practicing Falun Dafa is serious. You can’t pretend to practice. Medicine can give you temporary relief, which makes you feel better on the surface. The root of people's illnesses is very deep. Falun Dafa can help eliminate the root of your illness. 

He explained, “Millions of people around the world practice Falun Dafa, but in China, people who practice it are the persecuted. It shows that the persecution is not effective. Why are so many people still practicing? It’s because Falun Dafa is effective! There are so many people whose health was worse than yours but they're fine now.” 

I Begin to Genuinely Practice Falun Dafa

I began doing the exercises every day and I stopped taking medicine for several days. I wanted to see if it made any difference. A week later, I resumed taking medicine. This time, I couldn’t swallow it because the smell made me dizzy. From then on, I stopped taking medicine. 

That June something very special happened when I did the exercises. I felt energy rotating around me, on my body, on my legs, on my hands, between my fingers, and on my head; wherever there was a problem I could feel the energy rotating. 

Another time it felt like my head split open and something was removed. I realized that the bad substances in my head were removed. My tears flowed and I knew I was saved! My gratitude and appreciation were beyond words. 

I went to see the woman who'd lent me the book. She asked if I felt a Falun (law wheel) rotating above my head. I said there were so many of them and I could feel the rotations! “Good! Good!” she said. “Master Li (the founder) is adjusting your body layer by layer!” 

My appearance changed and I looked healthy for the first time in years! All my illnesses disappeared. My complexion became rosy, and my weight gradually increased to 130 pounds. 

Sometimes I could feel the layers of toxins being removed. For more than a year, I had bumps filled with pus on top of my head which I opened and drained. I understood what was happening and my heart was filled with joy and gratitude. 

Seeing how healthy I looked, my son and daughter-in-law no longer opposed my practicing Falun Dafa. I was able to do household chores and even take care of my grandson. 

Our neighbors asked, “What’s happened? Several months ago you looked so pitiful. We all thought you were dying. Now, you look so healthy and energetic!” When I went back to my hometown, more than one person exclaimed, “We thought you were dead!” I told everyone that my amazing recovery was because I began practicing Falun Dafa. 

I said, “Falun Dafa is good! More than one hundred countries around the world welcome Falun Dafa. The whole world knows about Falun Dafa. Here in China the CCP fabricates propaganda and deceives us. Those attacks on Falun Dafa are like what happened during the Cultural Revolution. It's all lies!”

My Husband Now Respects Dafa

My husband lost millions of dollars in gambling and beat me many times. I used to have a lot of resentment against him. When I first began practicing Falun Dafa he tried to stop me. One day he struck the top of my head with his fist. I didn't feel anything, but his hand was injured.

Each time he attempted to harm me, he almost immediately received retribution. He finally understood that Dafa is very special and stopped saying disrespectful things about Master and Dafa. If someone like my husband was saved I knew that Dafa’s compassion can melt steel!

I have so many stories to share with you! I'm so fortunate to begin practicing. Dafa didn’t ask me for a single penny but gave me the best. I changed from a hopeless and dying person to being completely healthy within a short time. 

The more of Master's teachings I read, the more I understand. Falun Dafa emphasizes the cultivation of one's mind and rectifies one's heart. Dafa is being spread around the world and benefits all beings. 

I know Falun Dafa is great, yet I don't know how to express it. It teaches people to cultivate and be good to others. Unfortunately it's being distorted and discredited shamelessly by the CCP. I will continue to clarify the truth to people, and tell them how good and amazing Falun Dafa is. I hope that all people can see through the lies, understand the truth and be saved.