(Minghui.org) My father is 92. He graduated from an engineering college in northeast China in the 1950s. He's an honest intellectual who never went against his conscience to please those in power. He looks down on the corrupt Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials. For this reason, he's been excluded from many things even though he's a talented engineer with a prestigious degree. During the Cultural Revolution, he was persecuted by the authorities. His reputation was destroyed and he was deprived of the benefits he was entitled to. He had to work as a regular technician. Despite all this, he remained positive. 

My sister and I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. The very first time our family watched the video of Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, lecturing in Dalian, Father experienced body cleansing just as Master Li described in Zhuan Falun. He was surprised but didn't realize Master was eliminating his karma.

My father thought Falun Dafa was good after witnessing my sister's and my improvements, but he didn't want to practice. My sister had cancer and was very weak after surgery. She couldn't even walk by herself. Her health was completely restored within a year after she began practicing Falun Dafa. She was full of energy and free of illness. I used to be selfish and calculating at work, but I became hard-working and carefree after I began practicing.

I was sentenced to a long prison term in 2002 for clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa. Father never blamed me. Even though he knew all his letters to me would be screened by the prison authorities, he still encouraged me in every one. I could tell how much he loved me from the encouragement of his words, which helped me remain firm in my belief.

Father was well aware of what cruelty and evilness the Communist Party was capable of. He was determined to live until the day his son was released from prison!

He lived by himself. His only companion was a disabled dog that he named “Hope”- his hope for my return. I survived more than 10 years in prison. When I was released, my elderly father grabbed my hands and said, “Son, I'm proud of you!”

Father believes in the power of Falun Dafa. I asked him to say, “Falun Dafa is great. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great!” He repeats these words several times a day. He is healthy and energetic. He shops for groceries, walks the dog, and exercises every day. He told me that he's able to walk all the way to the 7th floor without a break while he says, “Falun Dafa is great!” He has rosy cheeks and very few wrinkles. Everyone is amazed at how healthy he is for his age! My sister often tells me that we are lucky to have a healthy father. I often remind her that Father has been blessed for supporting Falun Dafa!

I began working as a private tutor after I was released. I'm serious and responsible for my teaching, but I charge my students much lower rates than other tutors. Father told me, “All the people in our society are vying for money. Only Falun Dafa practitioners like you can work hard yet ask for so little!”

Father's top priority every day is reading from the website that breaks through the Internet blockade. He wants to find out the truth which has been blocked by the CCP. He knows deeply from his personal experience with political movements how corrupt and murderous the Party is. I gave father the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party after it was published. After reading it he said, “This book thoroughly exposes the CCP in depth!”

Last year, Father accidentally fell on the stairs. His head was injured. Two ribs and his tailbone were broken. His doctor said he would need to stay in bed for at least 3 months. However, father recovered within 2 months and could go out by himself as if nothing had happened. We all knew that Master helped him. His quick recovery is the manifestation of Dafa's power.

Father recently received the salary he had been deprived of by the authorities, including the pay increase he was entitled to. His blessings came one after another.

Father often tells us, “I can live to 100 without any problem. I'll live to see the day the CCP collapses and the wrongs done against Falun Dafa are corrected!” He often tells me the news he reads from the website that breaks through the Internet blockade. He says, “Look! The situation is getting better. The days of the evil party are numbered. The whole world is besieging the CCP. It won't be long now. Just wait and see!”

I sincerely hope more and more Chinese people will learn the facts like my father and make good choices for themselves!