To the Canada Fa Conference

Greetings to all Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference!

The old forces never intended for Dafa to survive the evil they forged with fire and blood. But through the strength of your conviction, through the sacred vows that brought you to this earth, through the personal bonds and ties of destiny you established over many lifetimes, through your rational understanding of Dafa, and through the righteous thoughts that Dafa has given you and the ultimate protection from the Fa and its powers, you have made it through!

To the Fa Conference in Canada

Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference, greetings!

The old forces, which built up the evil with fire and blood, never intended for Dafa to make it through. By relying on your steadfast conviction, on the sacred vow made when coming to the human world, on the many lifetimes of predestined kinship, and on a rational understanding of Dafa, together with the righteous thoughts given to you by Dafa and the fundamental assurance from the power of the Fa, you have made it through!

Minghui Report: 45 Falun Gong Practitioners Die As a Result of Persecution in First Half of 2019 (Graphic Photo)

As the persecution of Falun Gong enters its 20th year, another 45 practitioners lost their lives in the first half of 2019 after being persecuted for not renouncing their faith. The deceased include individuals from all walks of life, their ages ranging from 28 to 87.

Washington DC: Candlelight Vigil Commemorates Victims of Ongoing 20-Year Persecution

More than 1,000 Falun Gong practitioners gathered in front of the Washington Monument for a candlelight vigil on the evening of July 18, 2019.

New York Residents Call for Release of Family Members and Friends Detained in China for Their Faith in Falun Gong

Practitioners and supporters hold rally outside the Chinese Consulate calling for the release of detained practitioners in China.

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