Assisting Master with Fa-rectification

Riding on a golden kirin,     wearing armor shining like silver,I carry a halberd in hands,     vowing to eliminate all old forces.

Forged Under Hammer

Vowing to be forged under hammer,     descended to this human world here I am;Following Master to endure all bitterness,     amid the hardship I found sweetness.


Molting gradually a caterpillar turns into a pupa,     with extreme pain as tissues dissolved;Resting in shell as everything refined,     I look forward to waving my wings in the sunshine.

River and Tides

Thousands of years of waiting,     mountain snow melts into waterfall in the spring;Immense and long-awaited revival,     the great momentum has no rival.Cleansing everything in the way,     tides are clear and graceful like a blue jay;Watering crops on both sides along the banks,     achievements and virtue are left behind.Open and wide it flows into the ocean,     returning as rainfall to moisturize the land as its devotion.