San Francisco: Falun Gong Practitioners in the Bay Area Call for an End to the Persecution

July 20, 2017 marks the 18th year that Falun Gong, a peaceful mind-body practice, has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime. Every year, Falun Gong practitioners around the word hold events to raise awareness of the ongoing atrocities in China and to commemorate those who have lost their lives in the persecution. Practitioners in the Bay Area held a major march on July 15 that met with great public support.

Sweden: Members of Parliament Support Falun Gong at Almedalen Week

Almedalen Week is an important forum in Swedish politics held each year in Visby, a city located on Sweden’s island of Gotland. It is a place for public seminars, speeches, and other political activities. Two Members of Parliament came to a Falun Gong event to speak in support of efforts to end the persecution and organ harvesting atrocities in China. Thousands had the chance to learn more about Falun Gong.

Taiwan: A Special Spot at a Popular Taipei Tourist Attraction

Falun Gong practitioners have come to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall every day for the past nine years, to tell Chinese tourists the facts about the practice and the persecution in China. Tourists from China who have misguided understandings about the practice are able to learn the truth about the practice, whose guiding principles are “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

March and Rally in Melbourne Expose Persecution of Falun Gong

After a march commemorating 18 years of peaceful resistance to the persecution, Falun Gong practitioners, elected officials and community leaders held a rally to call for an end to the human rights abuses in China.

From Unhappy and Overbearing to Kind, Sincere, and Happy

A woman in China shares how practicing Falun Dafa fundamentally changed her life: "I have changed from being a selfish person with a negative outlook to being a tolerant, generous, and happy person." 

Seven in Inner Mongolia Incarcerated, to Be Tried for Their Belief

One man was arrested when he tried to stop the police from harassing a woman who was pregnant.

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