(Minghui.org) The Minghui website has received numerous accounts by people who experienced remarkable recoveries from illness or were protected in a serious accident after learning Falun Dafa or showing support for the practice. The following are a couple of recent submissions by practitioners who were amazed when serious situations suddenly became minor occurrences. They believe it was the power of Falun Dafa.

Smashed Hand Recovers Instantly

Years ago, I was severely injured when an equipment malfunction caused an afterburner rod to fly up and hit my hand, leaving it smashed and bleeding.

As my workplace was under video surveillance, I quickly covered the injured hand so no one would know what had happened. I was afraid that my careless mistake would reflect negatively on Falun Dafa.

Suddenly, my hand wasn't painful anymore. I looked and saw that my smashed hand wasn't bleeding and there was no sign of injury.

Usually, I use a styptic pencil (stick made of mineral astringents) to stop the bleeding when I get an open wound. But this time the bleeding stopped when I had a righteous thought!

No One Harmed in Motorcycle Accident

A practitioner in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, was riding a motorcycle near a village in the early evening on May 12, 2016. He was temporarily blinded by an oncoming driver’s headlights, and could not see a group of women walking together ahead of him on the road.

As his vehicle approached them, he lost his balance and fell down, and the motorcycle spun around almost 180 degrees.

Although his motorcycle was damaged, no one was seriously injured. What was most incredible was that after the practitioner fell, the motorcycle had suddenly become airborne for a short time and flew over a woman. The front wheel just grazed her shoulder, causing only a minor bruise.

It could have been disastrous if the motorcycle had stayed on the ground, as it would have plowed right into the group of women.