(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners are governed by the characteristic of the universe, which is epitomized by the cultivation principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

It is important to understand that supernormal abilities or divine powers do not reflect one's cultivation level, while a cultivator's xinxing level is the yardstick for the realm he has achieved.

Substances Affecting Practitioners' Cultivation States

Master has told practitioners of the Fa-rectification period to do three things, that is, study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the facts. However, some practitioners do not pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. They rarely send righteous thoughts, and when they do send them at globally synchronized times, their righteous thoughts lack power.

At my cultivation level, I believe that these practitioners have a lot of degenerate notions, karma, and negative substances that they have not eliminated. Additionally, the dimensions in their corresponding cosmic systems have not completely assimilated to the Fa and interfere with the sentient beings in this dimension.

These substances affect their cultivation and their offering salvation to sentient beings. In our dimension it manifests in their failing to concentrate during Fa study, still having numerous human notions, and lacking righteous thoughts, which give rise to conflicts. Anyone who remains in this state for an extended period of time risks persecution by the old forces, such as sickness karma, arrests, and even losing one's life. It has caused immeasurable losses for Dafa.

As a practitioner during the Fa-rectification period, we must send forth strong righteous thoughts of high quality and more frequently. It represents practitioners' mighty virtue. It is also part of what we do to safeguard the Fa and save sentient beings.

Prerequisite for Sending Strong Righteous Thoughts

Master said,

“Supernormal abilities are also called divine powers. Contemporary people call them extraordinary abilities.” (“What Are Supernormal Abilities” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

When I experienced xinxing conflicts, my job was very stressful and human notions kept filling my mind. There was a lot of interference in my validating the Fa. Besides, when on my way home from a dinner at a restaurant one day, I felt a sharp pain in my upper left molar that was hard to bear. My left cheek was flushed and my temple and neck were sore.

“I'm a cultivator,” I said in my mind. “Although I have attachments, Master and Dafa are the ones who are responsible for my tribulation. I absolutely refuse anything that's not Master's arrangement!” I searched inward and found the attachment to comfort. After eliminating it, my pain lessened.

As no one was around, I stepped to the side of the road, immobilized my body, and let my main spirit enter my body composed of high-energy matter in another dimension. I saw a mass of dark green energy around my molar in a micro-dimension. Inside the mass was a spirit with a spider's body and a human head. Its eyes were bloody red. It had sharp teeth and hooks at the end of its arms. It hooked into my body in a dimension that had not assimilated to the Fa, and kept biting me.

I put my hand vertically in front of my chest and immobilized the spirit. It stopped biting. As I continued to recite the formula of sending forth righteous thoughts, golden rays shot out of my mouth and body and hit the dark spirit. Its body began to glow from inside out and exploded. The pieces turned into smoke and disappeared.

Coming out of tranquility, my molar was still a little sore, but was fine after I sent forth righteous thoughts for a short while. The entire episode took 15 minutes.

All our suffering from sickness is caused by our karma. Cultivators' suffering is also for dissolving karma that we brought with us from our previous lives. Master has already shouldered the majority of our karma and only left a little for us so we can improve our xinxing.

We shall treat sickness as tests, look inward, and eliminate our human notions. It will bring us to a level beyond ordinary people, and gives us the divine power of the Fa in our corresponding level.  The prerequisite to sending forth strong righteous thoughts is to study the Fa well and improve our xinxing.

Eliminating Problems When Cooperating

A cultivator's ability and wisdom is limited because it is restricted by this human body. However, one still has to cooperate with fellow cultivators. I have personally benefited from many practitioners' help during the past 18 years. In turn, I am obligated to help other practitioners whenever they face tribulations.

A middle-aged woman in our Fa study group is very steadfast, but her work environment had not been rectified. She works in a high-level government office where the Communist Party indoctrination influenced her colleagues.

We looked inward together and she found that she still had fear in her heart. We sent forth righteous thoughts for her every hour of the day until all evil substances that interfered with her righteous thoughts were eliminated.

While sending forth righteous thoughts, I found that she had a strong attachment to her parents, and her ancestors had built up a lot of karma. The old forces attempted to take advantage of her attachment and persecute her with sickness karma. I immediately pointed out her attachment and she looked inward.

“As shown in my cultivation realm,” I said, “any attachment is present in a cultivator's dimension. Your attachment to your parents is shown as images of your parents. They carry a karmic field of a dark material. If you can't let go of your attachment, you will stay in an ordinary person's realm on this issue and have to pay off whatever your family owes.

“Your parents' karma interferes with your cultivation and blocks you from doing the three things well. If you could improve your xinxing, and eliminate your attachment, you will become a powerful cultivator with the ability to affect different dimensions. All problems will be benevolently resolved in Dafa.”

She took my advice, let go of her attachment, and balanced well her cultivation and family life. After she made solid improvement in her xinxing, the images of her parents disappeared in her dimension. Her field became pure and bright.

Passing the Life and Death Test

This practitioner experienced symptoms of serious heart disease soon after she overcame the attachment to her parents. Many practitioners send forth righteous thoughts for her.

I saw a strong male spirit in her dimension. He held a bamboo stick from which a white cloth hung that was inscribed with the words “Death.” There were many dark spirits behind the male spirit, with some looking like humans and some like animals, who shouted death in one voice.

When fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, many Buddhas, Taos, and Gods appeared in the sky and watched the spirits. The spirits stopped shouting and looked scared.

Then the woman's divine body appeared as a Buddha in a red robe, sitting on a large white lotus flower. A gold aura was around her head and a huge golden circle around her body. Her face looked holy and as pure as jade. She looked at the group of spirits with compassion.

“Those in the three realms,” she said, “who have been hurt because of me, I sincerely apologize to you! I'm a Dafa practitioner and a disciple of Master Li Hongzhi. It is my mission and responsibility to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. If you could let go of your grievance, I will reward you when I reach consummation. If you continue to be wicked, you will be punished. I hope you will think twice about what to choose.”

Then, she chanted a Buddhist hymn,

“Endless gratitude or resentment in the water of Three RealmsStruggling in sea of woes but seeing no shoreLet go of grievance and hate, let compassion growThe reward is great freedom”

After that, she closed her eyes and became tranquil. Her body grew larger and radiated light. Some spirits looked happy and left. Some whispered with each other for a while and left eventually. The noisy dimension became quiet again and her health was restored within 3 hours.

As a true cultivator, life and death do not exist after letting go of attachments; and attachments don't exist after passing the life and death test.

Support for Dafa Restores World

On return to her workplace, fellow practitioners continued to support her effort to overcome the indoctrination of her colleagues by the Chinese Communist Party and create an environment conducive to clarifying the facts about Dafa.

This practitioner follows the high standard of a cultivator when interacting with her colleagues. She works hard without complaining, does her best, and gets along well with others. Her bosses and colleagues agree that she is a great person.

A practitioner was arrested, so she decided to get the Dafa informational materials out of his apartment. She was arrested by policemen watching the apartment.

Her boss at the bureau level immediately contacted the police department on hearing about her arrest. The policeman told him that he arrested her because “She practices Falun Dafa, and shouted 'Falun Dafa is great.'”

“What's the big deal?” said her boss to the policeman. “Don't you want to keep our good relationship? Hurry and release her!” He also sent his subordinate office director to the policeman. The policeman released her and returned her belongings. Her bosses came to the police station to take her home. She further clarified facts of Falun Dafa to them, and they reminded her to pay attention to her safety.

As she told us about her release, I saw in another dimension that her boss at the bureau level was wearing an ancient official's robe with an embroidered crane. His attire changed into a purple robe with an embroidered golden python (which symbolizes higher rank). Her boss benefited for helping her.

I also saw a change in his world at a micro-level. It used to be barren and dusty, but the power of Dafa turned it into a bright new world with sparkling rays of light. There was green grass, dense forests, and rivers in the new world. The lives that had disappeared came back to life. The beings that had survived were delighted and cried with happiness. They thanked Dafa for saving them.

Practitioners Are Changing the World

Master said,

“So there must be a reason for letting a certain Dafa disciple have supernormal abilities while he cultivates; it must be for the purpose of laying the foundation of something for the beings of the future.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference IV)

With Master's mighty virtue and Dafa practitioners' tireless efforts, the world is truly changing.

The experience-sharing articles published on the Minghui website are a reflection of practitioners' experiences during the Fa-rectification period, despite the 18 years of the persecution. The experience-sharing articles represent practitioners' process of fulfilling vows to help Master in saving sentient beings.

In every new cosmos of the future, there will be a complete collection of Dafa disciples' cultivation experiences. The beings in the divine world will be touched by practitioners' righteous thoughts and great sacrifices.

Future cultivators will be inspired and encouraged to stay firm on their cultivation path and learn from practitioners' righteous thoughts and actions.

This is the path practitioners of the Fa-rectification have walked, a path leading humans to the divine.

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