(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Chunmei from Dalian City has been illegally imprisoned in Shenyang Women’s Prison for almost three years. Her life is in imminent danger, but prison authorities refuse to release her on medical bail.

Ms. Li was arrested at home on July 21, 2014, by police from the Zhongshan Police Department. They ransacked her home and took her to the Guilinjie Police Station. She was later transferred to the Dalian Detention Center.

The Ganjingzi Court sentenced Ms. Li to three years and two months in prison on April 9, 2015. She appealed the verdict to the Dalian Intermediate People's Court, but was unsuccessful.

Ms. Li was transferred to Shenyang Women’s Prison on September 15, 2015 but failed to pass the prison's medical examination, so she was taken back to the detention center. She was sent to the prison again at the end of October despite her poor health.

A tumor under her right lower jaw began to grow larger in April 2017, deforming her face. According to the diagnosis at the Hospital of Stomatology, China Medical University, it was an advanced malignant tumor.

Her husband submitted a formal request for Ms. Li's release on medical parole, but the request was denied. Prison authorities say they will only release Ms. Li if she dies.

Since her detention, Ms. Li has not been able to see her two young daughters. She was also not able to attend her mother's funeral this year.