South Korea: Falun Gong Seminar Participants Share Feedback

The 24th Falun Dafa nine-day seminar offered by the Tianti Bookstore in Seoul was held last month. “My biggest gain from the class is a peaceful heart,” said one attendee. “I have already become more patient with my kids, and my family life is happier.” She also saw physical improvement: “The shoulder pain was a big thing in my life, but now it doesn't bother me much,” she said.

Toronto: Falun Gong Participates in Unionville Festival Parade

The Falun Gong group in the Toronto area has been invited to participate in many community events this spring and summer. On June 3, a group of practitioners took part in the 48th Unionville Festival Parade. “We are honored this year to have Falun Gong participate with both the Tian Guo Marching Band and the waist drum group,” said the parade's organizer. 

Ukrainians Want to See More Falun Gong Events

The Falun Gong group in Kiev, Ukraine, held a series of activities on “Kiev Day,” May 27, including a large group exercise demonstration and a parade. A woman who stopped to watch the parade said, “The music stopped me in my tracks, and made me think. It was comforting. Your group should hold performances more often!”

New Zealand: Introducing Falun Gong in Downtown Hamilton

A large group gathered on a downtown plaza for Falun Gong exercises. Many pedestrians stopped to watch and follow along with the stress-relieving movements.

A Prosecutor’s Story: Support for Falun Gong Brings Blessings

A prosecutor refused to denounce Falun Gong at a meeting 18 years ago, and has since recovered from cancer and was able to retire and enjoy life.

Hebei Woman Released after Urging Police to Stop Persecuting Falun Gong

A practitioner who was arrested for talking to people about Falun Gong stood up to her captors, speaking out against their illegal conduct. She was released hours later.

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