(Minghui.org) I have come to realize that my first thought is about myself most of the time. This has become a major impediment in my cultivation.

I got up this morning and saw my family members sleeping. I thought that I should find a truth-clarification project for them. On the surface, it seemed that I was being selfless by being concerned about their improvement. However, looking deeper, I noticed that I didn't place saving people first and foremost. I was mainly thinking that working on projects could help improve my family members' cultivation, as if this was the primary goal of a project.

It takes a certain cultivation level to be able to think of others amidst conflicts, humiliation, loss of personal gain, and various desires. It was really hard for me when things got in the way of my truth-clarification projects.

Sometimes I emphasize what I want to do too much. I place my cultivation needs over my family's and take more than I give when it comes to housework. I treat cultivation as some sort of personal gain; this is not genuine cultivation.

People know it when we put them first. I have realized that every small interaction with our family members or others is a precious cultivation opportunity. It often opens the door to saving people.

My body is surrounded by a peaceful energy field when my first thought is about Master's compassion and saving sentient beings; the weight of impure substances is instantly lifted. The shift in my thinking brings immediate changes.

For example, I would be very sleepy early in the morning if all I think about is myself. But if I think about sentient beings, Master helps me. Righteous thoughts bring huge energy and clear away interference. Thoughts for saving people allow us to transcend ordinary human constraints.

One time, a person was making trouble for me. As soon as I thought of saving him, his attitude changed. People can feel our compassion, which illuminates our surroundings. As people obtain salvation, they will help us clarify the truth and save more people.