(Minghui) I am 68 years old and live in a village in China’s Shandong Province. For health reasons, my wife and I started practicing Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, in 1998. My son, who is a physician, became a practitioner after seeing the benefits we enjoyed from the practice.

Looking back on these years, I recall so many wondrous experiences. We are extremely lucky to practice Falun Dafa. The lives of my entire family improved after we started to practice Dafa. We became calm and happy, our lives blessed by Dafa and Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong.

I would like to tell people that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Below are some of the wonderful things that have happened to us.

Dafa Rescues My Wife from Despair

Because of aging and the pressures of daily life, my wife's health started to deteriorate, and she often went to the local clinic. In 1998, the doctor there suggested that she be treated at a large hospital.

She was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and the doctor said they were so large that they had to be operated on immediately.

Just then, we happened to see a patient who was unconscious and very pale after having that very surgery. Also, we had hardly any money and did not want to pay for an operation that offered little chance of success.

Despite the pain, my wife decided not to have the operation.

A practitioner in our neighborhood then told us about Falun Gong. My wife was too weak to walk far alone, so I went with her to watch a series of video lectures by Master Li. She liked the teachings and listened attentively.

By the third day, she had improved a bit and could walk by herself. She felt very relaxed on the seventh day. My son, who was in medical school at that time, disdainfully said, “If Falun Gong is so miraculous, why do we need hospitals?”

One week later, my son came home again. He was surprised to see that his mother had a rosy complexion. He was shocked a few weeks later when his mother looked like a new person. She was healthy and full of energy. She could do housework and tend the crops with me. She even helped a neighbor harvest corn. And the large tumor in her abdomen had disappeared without her even being aware of it.

Witnessing the miraculous power of Dafa, my son and I also became practitioners. We do our best to strictly follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and treat others with kindness.

Many practitioners were arrested, “transformed,” and sentenced after Jiang Zemin began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999. Our family was not immune from the persecution.

We were taken to a brainwashing center to be “transformed,” but we resisted. Despite severe torture, we firmly reminded ourselves that we were Dafa practitioners, that we lived by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

A Good Person

On my way to work in 2005, a farm tractor hit my motorcycle from behind and dragged me for some distance. The only thought in my mind was, “As a cultivator, I will be all right.“

The driver was a man in his 30s, and he was scared to death. I said, “Don't worry. I’m fine.” I had skinned my leg on the ground.

At the driver’s insistence, I went to the hospital to have my minor injuries treated and came home with some medication.

My wife said, “We are practitioners. Master always takes care of us. We do not need the medication. We should return it. Don't let this young man spend his money on it.”

The driver was very moved. He and his wife came to my house. He said, “I hurt you so badly and yet you still tried to save us money. I did not think such good person like you existed. Can we be your adopted son- and daughter-in-law?”

We were very happy to have them as our family members. They always come to see us on holidays.

A Big Truck “Has Eyes”

I went to the city on my motorcycle in 2008, and it was already dark when I headed home. As I drove around a construction site, a beam of light dazzled me, and I ran into something before I knew it.

I had collided with a big truck! The truck looked like it had big eyes, and it stopped just in time. Luckily, I was just bent over the handles of my motorcycle. If the driver had hit the brakes a moment later, I would have been under the vehicle.

I knew deep in my heart that Master had saved my life. Only a plastic panel on the motorcycle was damaged, but I was not hurt. The driver was worried I might ask him for compensation. I told him that I was all right and that he could leave.

Traffic Officer Was Moved

In the winter of 2009, I was out on my motorcycle on business. It was a snowy day and the streets were covered with snow. A car on the opposite side skidded and hit me. I passed out.

When I became conscious, I realized a young man was holding me. He cried repeatedly, “Mister, please wake up....” I saw the young man, his father, and a traffic officer. I was unconscious for about half an hour.

Everyone insisted that I go to the hospital. When I declined, the officer asked me to sign off and left.

The driver took me home. I told him on the way that I was a practitioner and was sure I would be fine. I would not ask him for money.

After I got home, I noticed that my leg was hurt and that blood had dripped down into my shoes. I got a few stitches at the village clinic.

The village cadre, the police officers, and the driver came the next day. They wanted me to stay in the hospital to be treated.

When I told them I was fine, the officer was worried. He showed me a picture he’d taken at the scene of the accident and said, “Look! Your motorcycle made a big dent in that expensive Audi. How can you say you are fine?”

To make them feel better, I went to the hospital. X-rays showed two fractured ribs and a fractured toe. My right leg was swollen, as well, but nothing hurt.

I did not ask the driver for a penny in compensation. I insisted on going home to do the exercises and study the Fa.

A few days later, my wife went to the police station to close the case for me. The officer told her, “It was the driver's fault. He owns a business. He can easily pay you tens of thousands of yuan.”

“Not even a penny,” she said. “We live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We cannot take money that is not rightfully ours.”

The officer whispered, “Do you know what my job is?” He meant that my wife should not mention anything about Dafa to avoid being persecuted.

He then said, “You are a really good person. In all my years in this job, I’ve never met someone as good as you. Everyone tries to squeeze every penny out of everyone else, but you are the opposite. We are very moved.”

The driver came back to visit me a few days later. He was surprised that I’d recovered so quickly. He said, “Your injuries were healed so quickly and without even staying in the hospital. It is really a miracle!”

My wife took this opportunity to tell him about the goodness of Dafa and help him quit the Chinese Communist Party.

It would have taken an ordinary person well over six months to recover from an accident that serious. It only took me 38 days.

This was indeed miraculous!