(Minghui.org) Loneliness has always been widely prevalent throughout society. It is the pain of solitude, a depletion in spirit, and something incomparable to material loss. It is well expressed in an ancient poem,

Behind me I see not those ancient sage-like men,before me none follow in their step.

Pondering the vast expanses of heaven and earth,alone I am broken by sorrow and I weep.

(“A Verse Atop Youzhou Tower” by Chen Zi’ang, Translated by Chris Pereira)

The two Chinese characters of loneliness, Ji and Mo, mean “missing voice” and “homeless.” The pain of loneliness can be interpreted as the pain of having no one to talk to and no home to return to. All beings long for the warmth of company. People avoid loneliness by looking for love, building a family, going to gatherings, communicating with others, and other external measures.

Even though there are a variety of ways to avoid loneliness, many people still can't escape it, even after experiencing short-lived pleasures. Many people who have family still feel lonely, though they have company. Why is this? Isn't it enough to have family members around you? Actually, it's because the human world is a place of illusion. People seem to be living amidst the dream of material life, but deep down our true self is our spirit, longing for our true home and true family!

Returning to one's origin was everyone's wish upon coming to this world. Only those who have learned the true meaning of life and have set a clear goal for themselves won't feel lonely, because they strongly believe that the process of being tempered in the human world is the only way to return to their true homes.