(Minghui.org) Several practitioners in my region were arrested recently and I am one of them. During detention and after my release, I have been thinking about what went wrong. Below are the thoughts I have so far.

Through the years, I have interpreted being a Dafa disciple as doing two things: one is blazing a path to tell people the facts of Falun Dafa to save them; the other is to work with other practitioners as one body.

There is nothing wrong with these two ideas. However, as Dafa disciples, we have to cultivate ourselves based on the Fa and constantly improve ourselves. Apparently, this aspect was largely ignored in my understandings.

Because of this loophole, I had lots of human notions. With the influence of the communist party culture and interference from the old forces, my cultivation had lots of problems. With laziness and the attachment to comfort, I gradually slacked off and my health status also deteriorated. I knew I had issues and other practitioners pointed them out to me. But with my human notions, I could barely look within to improve.

Inside prison, the five of us were kept in the same cell. Knowing we had loopholes, we recited the Fa and looked inward. One practitioner shared Master's poem “Don’t Be Sad” from Hong Yin Vol. II:

“Imprisoned as you are,    don’t be sorrowful or sadCarry on with righteous thoughts and actions,    and the Fa is with youCalmly reflect on the attachments you haveRemove your human thoughts    and evil will naturally die out”

Through this incident, I came to understand that personal cultivation is inseparable from our efforts to validate the Fa. As Dafa disciples, only when keeping the Fa in our hearts can we maintain righteous thoughts and do well, as well as work together well with others. That requires us to let go of all sorts of attachments, continually purify ourselves, and improve based on the Fa. Achieving this, we are then able to cooperate well with other practitioners and work as one body.

Additionally, many people such as police officers were involved in the persecution because they do not know the truth and they have been unable to escape the old force arrangements. The only path forward requires that we Dafa disciples improve ourselves and create a path with righteous thoughts. That means, we have to cultivate ourselves well no matter where we are and what we do.

These are the thoughts I had recently. Please point out anything inappropriate.