Seoul, South Korea: Inviting the Community to Participate in the Falun Dafa Exercises

Falun Dafa practitioners in Seoul invited local residents and tourists to learn the exercises in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace last weekend. One passerby was a tourist from Mexico who had learned Falun Dafa in the past but given it up. Reminded of how good it felt to do the exercises, he took part in the sitting meditation.

Auckland & Sydney: Visiting Chinese Premier Meets With Peaceful Protests

China's Premier Li Keqiang visited Australia and New Zealand this past week, where he was met with Falun Gong practitioners staging peaceful protests outside his hotels and meeting places. One practitioner said that they came because they wanted to get their point across to the Chinese leader. They want China's leaders to stop persecuting Falun Gong and to bring those responsible to justice.

Japan’s Tian Guo Marching Band Holds Experience Sharing Conference on Tenth Anniversary of Band's Founding

The Japan Tian Guo Marching Band, composed entirely of Falun Gong practitioners, was founded in May 2007 and gave its first public performance on April 23, 2008. There are now 170 members in the band. The band recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and marked the occasion with a gathering, where practitioners shared their personal stories of growth and inspiration.

My Father’s Transformation

A practitioner’s 81-year-old father, who was a government employee and a senior Party member, was against Falun Gong. After witnessing the positive changes in his daughter, he understood that Falun Gong really is good and cut all his ties to the Party.

Heilongjiang Woman Convicted for Her Faith after Unfair Trial

After a practitioner’s two lawyers were forced to leave the courtroom, the court sentenced her to three years in prison for filing a criminal complaint against former dictator Jiang Zemin.

Blessed to Have Obtained Falun Dafa

A woman in chronic pain and unable to get out of bed contemplates the meaning of life and whether we exist after death. She regains her life after becoming illness free and her questions are answered after finding Falun Dafa.

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