Name: Zheng Xiangxing (郑祥星)
Gender: Male
Age: In his 40s
Address: No.10 Farm, Tanghai County, Hebei Province
Occupation: Home appliance store owner
Date of Most Recent Arrest: February 25, 2012
Most Recent Place of Detention: Baoding Prison (保定监狱)
City: Baoding
Province: Hebei
Persecution Suffered: Forced injections/drug administration, home ransacked, detention, imprisonment, torture

( Respected business owner Mr. Zheng Xiangxing has been placed in intensive care after undergoing two cranial surgeries in the Baoding No. 1 Central Hospital. It has been learned that Baoding Prison authorities recently attempted to put him back in prison. Mr. Zheng was unjustly sentenced to ten years of imprisonment for his belief in Falun Gong. Mr. Zheng's family is deeply grieved and angry with the prison authorities. Mr. Zheng is already in critical condition, and this action is tantamount to murdering him.

Mr. Zheng Xiangxing's skull was fractured as a result of the physical abuse and torture he was subjected to in Baoding Prison. The prison authorities sent him to undergo two cranial surgeries in the Baoding No. 1 Central Hospital, without informing his family. According to one doctor, Mr. Zheng's skull was fractured due to blunt force to the left side of his head which caused massive brain damage. When Mr. Zheng's skull was opened, his brain matter mixed with blood flowed out, and the doctors had to resect the parts of his brain for language, vision and memory. The multiple CT scans showed that Mr. Zheng's brain cells were basically dead, and he had a very small chance of survival.

But Mr. Zheng miraculously survived. He can think as a normal person, and his memory has somewhat recovered. He can open one eye, and when his family spoke with him, he was able to respond by grunting even though his trachea was cut. When Mr. Zheng's relative asked him if he knew her, he nodded his head. Mr. Zheng can also move his hands and feet. He lifted his leg a bit if he was told to do so, and he can also move his arms the way he was asked to do.

Baoding Prison authorities assumed that Mr. Zheng would not survive, but to their surprise, he has been becoming more responsive every day. For some unknown reason, the prison authorities are attempting to transfer Mr. Zheng to the prison hospital even though he is not yet out of danger.

Mr. Zheng's family hopes the international community will pay urgent attention to his fragile condition, and stop Baoding Prison from taking him back to the prison hospital for treatment.

The prison authorities also control the treatment Mr. Zheng receives in the Baoding No.1 Central Hospital. The hospital reports directly to the prison authorities about Mr. Zheng's condition, treatment and medication, instead of to his family. Mr. Zheng's family members are deeply upset and feel helpless because they've seen his struggle to remain alive every day, but they are never told anything about his actual treatment. They hope upright lawyers inside and outside China will help and intervene to supervise Mr. Zheng's hospital treatment.


Mr. Zheng Xiangxing owned a small shop that sold electronics on No. 10 Farm, Tanghai County, Tangshan City. His business was remarkable because he repaired people’s electronic appliances for free, no matter where they had purchased them. The villagers praised him and said, “He has business integrity, deals fairly, is always enthusiastic and kind to others, and his customers think highly of him.”

However, Mr. Zheng was arrested on February 25, 2012 for his belief in Falun Gong. On the afternoon of May 29, he was tried in Tanghai County Court in Hebei Province. His lawyer defended him with a not-guilty plea and presented a petition with 562 signatures, plus the signers' fingerprints, demanding Mr. Zheng's release. But despite the lawyers' reasonable statements and villagers' strong support for Mr. Zheng, the court officials handed him a 10-year prison term. Mr. Zheng was sent to Baoding Prison on August 8 and suffered from brain hematoma as a direct result of the physical abuse he was subjected to on October 26. He was sent to the Baoding No.1 Central Hospital for emergency treatment on October 27. Mr. Zheng is currently hospitalized in the ICU of the hospital's Department of Neurosurgery.

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