(Minghui.org) At 7 p.m. on June 13, 2012, Sun Jingsen, the deputy in charge of Tanghai County Domestic Security Brigade from Tangshan City, supervised several officers to go to Mr. Zheng Xiangxing's store to arrest his wife, Ms. Sun Suyun. According to bystanders, Ms. Sun fought back but ended up being forcefully carried into the police vehicle.

Ms. Sun is being held in the Tanghai Police Bureau; her sentence is yet to be determined.

After it was reported by overseas media that Mr. Zheng was subjected to persecution and that 562 citizens from his local area had signed a petition to get him released, Li Fuguo from the Domestic Security Department of Tanghai County and Liu Jiaman, vice president of the police bureau, were stationed at the No.10 Farm in Tanghai County for several days to threaten and frighten the local citizens. When Li ordered these good people to sign guarantee statements, they stood firm and rightfully refused.

Mr. Zheng is the owner of a local electronics store at the No.10 Farm. He and his wife have been very honest in their business, have never sold any counterfeit products, and have offered excellent customer service, such as delivering goods to their customers' doors, installing TVs, etc. Because of their goodwill, their business has prospered. At both the No.10 and No.11 Farms, many agree that if you want to buy an electric bicycle or refrigerator, you should buy it from Mr. Zheng, because he never sells poor goods and also helps repair bicycles on a voluntary basis. They feel confident about buying things from him.

Back on February 25 of this year, Li Fuguo, who is in charge of the Tanghai County Domestic Security Department; the head of the No.10 Farm Police Station; and a dozen police officers arrested Mr. Zhang at his store. Two officers tricked him into opening the door by saying that they wanted him to help fix their bikes. After Mr. Zhang opened the door, they broke in and the police and several plainclothes officers from the No. 10 Farm Police Station arrested him. They also confiscated other items from his store.

At the police bureau, because Mr. Zhang's wife was asking about her husband and the items that had been confiscated, Liu Jiaman, the head of the police bureau, began to threaten and swear at her, saying, "Within two months, I'll throw you into a forced labor camp, you wait and see!" Bai Yuli, head of the police bureau, also yelled at her: "How dare you come here?!"

During the time Mr. Zhang has been held at the Tanghai County Detention Center, he has become emaciated. People from Tanghai County No.10 and No.11 Farms wrote three appeal letters and one petition with 562 fingerprints, demanding his release.

Since 1999, Sun Jingsen, a police officer from the Domestic Security Department of Tanghai County Police Bureau, has been participating in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, which now amounts to several hundred. He is the officer fully responsible for the deaths of Ms. Liu Xingyun and Ms. Li Enying.

Sun Jingsen

Domestic Security Department from Tanghai County Police Bureau:
Li Fuguo, team lead: +86-13832886232(Cell)
Wang Min, deputy team lead: +86-13832982342(Cell)
Sun Jingsen, deputy team lead: +86-13931504463(Cell)
Wang Suying, police officer: +86-13931504655(Cell)

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