Landshut, Germany: “People Need to Reject the CCP”

A recent event in Bavaria's Landshut drew much public support for Falun Dafa as well as for Dafa practitioners' ongoing efforts to bring the persecution in China to an end. People were appalled at the Chinese Communist Party's brutality in persecuting a peaceful meditation practice.

An End Point Without a Finish Line

A practitioner provides her perspective on the fundamental attachments behind some behaviors involving prophecies and time.

Canada: Parade Sends Message of Hope to People in Montreal

Falun Dafa practitioners in Quebec Province, Canada, held a parade in Montreal on February 27, calling for an end to the persecution of practitioners in China. Spectators watched the parade in the snow, and were touched by the practitioners’ positive message.

Two Decades of Persecution, One Shattered Family (Part 4)

The tragic story of Ms. Jiang Tao and her family, devastated by twenty years of persecution. Ms. Jiang endured the death of her husband (who died while she was in prison), her son's struggle with mental illness, as well as the loss of her pension and inheritance.

Time Is Short for Saving People—Master Is With Us

A practitioner describes clarifying the facts to people despite unfavorable conditions and interference.

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