(Minghui.org) Macquarie University held orientation day events to welcome new students over a two-week period from February 15 to 26, 2021. The university's Falun Dafa Club introduced the meditation and spiritual discipline to students as well as teaching staff. Some of them registered to join the club.

Many lecturers and students stopped by the Falun Dafa information booth during orientation day activities at Macquarie University.

There were restrictions on the scale of the events and number of participants this year due to the coronavirus. Only 16 stalls were allowed per day, only one person could be at the stall, the stall could only operate for two and a half hours each time, no more than three people were allowed outside each stall at any time, and no more than 100 people could enter the zone designated for orientation day activities. The Falun Dafa club was arranged to set up a booth on February 17 and 23 from 12:30 p.m to 3 p.m. In spite of the restrictions, many lecturers and students came to the booth to learn about Falun Dafa on both days.

A university student used her cell phone to scan the code to register for Falun Dafa Club membership.

A student from Cambodia asked how she could learn to practice Falun Dafa.

Many students said they liked to meditate. Some decided to join the club after learning about Falun Dafa's health benefits and eagerly asked how they could learn the exercises. They were shocked to learn that practitioners are brutally tortured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China and have their organs harvested. They condemned the persecution and called for its end.

Syed Emaad Rizwan, a student from Pakistan, said, “I want to join the Falun Dafa club today and begin to truly practice cultivation.”

Syed Emaad Rizwan, a student from Pakistan said this was his first time hearing of Falun Dafa. When he learned that such a peaceful practice is brutally suppressed in China, he said, “It is terrible that the CCP is killing innocent citizens simply for their belief. Although I practice meditation, I have not reached a calm state. I think I need to reach a high level of spiritual progress in order to reach such a state. I think the principles of Falun Dafa, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, are excellent. I want to join the club today and truly begin practicing cultivation.”

Australian student Somy Ho Thi said, “I really admire the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. I will try to follow this in my daily life.”

Somy Ho Thi, an Australian student, said, “I really admire the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. I will try to follow this in my daily life. I hope the CCP will stop this persecution. The activity organized by the Falun Dafa Club today is wonderful. I am glad to chat with Falun Dafa practitioners and learn the facts. I oppose the CCP’s killing of innocent people and harvesting their organs. I think it is because many people are practicing this—which is contrary to the CCP’s propaganda, that’s why it is brutally suppressing them. Look at the tactics against Australia and America used by the regime recently and you will understand.”

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