India: Falun Dafa Wins Hearts at 2021 New Town Book Fair

Falun Dafa practitioners had a booth at the seventh annual New Town Book Fair, near Kolkata. They introduced Falun Dafa and provided a variety of Dafa books, the most popular being Zhuan Falun – the principal teachings of Falun Dafa. A new practitioner shared how his life changed after he began practicing Falun Dafa shortly after the 2019 book fair.

54-year-old Man Denied Medical Parole, Dies Two Months After Being Imprisoned

Arrested again last August for his faith in Falun Gong, Mr. Yue Caiyun was force-fed and injected with unknown drugs daily in the detention center. His family’s request for visitation and for medical parole was denied. When informing the family of Mr. Yue’s death, prison authorities denied responsibility and threatened to have them fired if they exposed the persecution. 

Still Struggling with Poor Health from Brutal Torture, 71-year-old Man Arrested Again for His Faith

An account of the inhuman torture and abuse of a Falun Gong practitioner who developed severe injuries from beatings and has now been sentenced to another six years in prison. Mr. Li now often suffers from headaches, dizziness and weakness in his limbs.

Finland Resident Recounts Eight Years of Persecution in China

Despite eight years of horrific torture and brainwashing in Chinese prisons, Ms. Zhu Luoxin never gave up her faith in Falun Gong. Falun Gong's principles kept the glimmer of hope alive in her heart.

San Francisco: Falun Dafa Practitioners Demonstrate and Teach the Exercises

Practitioners gathered at the San Francisco Ferry Building to demonstrate the Falun Dafa exercises and spread the wonders of the practice. Some passersby learned the exercises right there and then, and many said they sensed the energy of the practice.

Authorities Refuse to Release Liaoning Woman on Bail Despite Her Life-Threatening Condition

Ms. Sun has been suffering from serious health issues while incarcerated for her faith, but the local authorities have refused to release her on bail, using the excuse that she poses great potential harm to society.

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