(Minghui.org) After reading the recent Minghui article “Righteous Thoughts and Cell Phone Safety,” I noticed that many practitioners are still not paying attention to being careful about what they say on, and how they use their cell phones. I’d like to point out some concerns.

These practitioners seem to have little fear. They either go out every day to clarify the truth or host group Fa study in their homes. Some practitioners praise their bravery, which may create a perception that they are cultivating very well and have strong righteous thoughts. They don’t take it seriously when they’re reminded to pay attention to phone safety. Instead they feel that practitioners who remind them of these things are themselves afraid and don’t cultivate as well as they do.

Master has said clearly that cellphones are monitors, so why would some practitioners refuse to listen? They insist on their own understandings and ignore Master’s words. They also think their understandings are aligned with the Fa and they have cultivated better than others.

Why do they have such thoughts? It may be because since they are not afraid to clarify the truth face to face, or not afraid to distribute truth clarification materials in front of surveillance cameras, why should they be concerned about cell phone safety? Isn’t it all about letting go of fear in the face of evil? Aren’t we supposed to save people in an open and upright manner? This thinking is very deceiving, both to those practitioners and to many practitioners around who are not clear about the Fa.

Master has made it clear:

“Question: Human society is developing big data. There are more and more surveillance cameras installed in mainland China. On top of that, there is facial recognition, posture recognition, and so on, and there’s the rampant usage of data analysis. Are Dafa disciples who distribute flyers and clarify the truth facing even greater safety issues? Or should they not make it a point to be concerned with it?

“Master: Dafa disciples have Dafa disciples’ paths. If you proceed righteously, you will be interfered with less. I’ve been saying all along that when you walk your path righteously, you won’t have problems. If you do things with human attachments, though you are doing things for Dafa, it would be hard to avoid running into problems. But it is indeed difficult to meet such standards and measure up. Without laying such a foundation, it is indeed hard to do, so you will run into problems.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

Master also said,

“The old forces don't dare to oppose our clarifying the truth or saving sentient beings. What’s key is to not let them take advantage of the gaps in your state of mind when you do things.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. II)

Master said very clearly that if we walk the path righteously, the old forces dare not interfere.

Regarding cell phones Master has also said very clearly:

“Disciple: Some people, after they had lived in mainland China for a year or so, returned and started participating in all kinds of activities again, including Fa conferences. They were not persecuted in any way while in mainland China. How should we treat this kind of situation?

“Master: This needs some thinking. You know about phone tapping. The phones we carry with us, let me tell you, each is a listening device. The CCP is sitting there listening to you chitchat about daily life. It can hear you very clearly. Every Dafa disciple’s cellphone is being tapped. You say you are not exposed? Besides, the cellphones are quickly linked. As soon as you dial a number, it’s linked and it sets up a monitor. Those who have not been exposed are too few or even nonexistent. As long as you attend activities in public, you’ll be exposed. So, if someone goes back to China and nothing happens to him, as if he’s walking on smooth, level ground, I think there must be a problem.” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018”)

Some practitioners draw inferences from Master’s words, thinking that as long as their thoughts are righteous, the evil wouldn’t dare to do anything. But that is not the higher-level Fa principle, as the higher Fa principles are often not displayed this way. In cultivation we all know that many times we realize a high-level Fa principle, but can’t put it into words. I understand that it is manifested in another dimension and human language cannot say clearly. The things Master asked us to do have already been clearly stated, it’s not that they will be turned over at a higher level. That is not the right enlightenment.

I recall what Master said many years ago:

“Student: Can we publish Master’s articles in newspapers in order to spread the Fa? On the other hand, I’m concerned that people might misinterpret the meaning of the articles.”

“Master: They will, they all will. So it’s best not to do that. Why? Let me tell you: Our best method for spreading the Fa is for everybody to do the exercises in groups. We’re only saying that we don’t want to leave out people who have a predestined relationship. When I talk about spreading the Fa, I’m not asking the entire humankind to come obtain the Fa—that’s not the idea at all. I’m talking about getting people with a predestined relationship to come obtain the Fa. Today I might as well tell everyone clearly: The Fa-spreading method we’ve adopted all along is that you do the exercises outdoors. Another one is to have our Dafa books for sale in public bookstores. My Law Bodies will direct people with a predestined relationship to buy the book, and as soon as they read it they will come and learn. Also, we’re doing the exercises outdoors, so the Law Bodies will arrange for them to find the practice sites and obtain the Fa. Through a strange combination of circumstances they will be led over here to do the exercises, or they will find our students. That’s how we’ve arranged it.

“You want more people to know about it and you’ve used many, many methods. It’s the students’ good intention, I can see that. And you’ve done well. But all of it is self-initiated, individual action, so I don’t approve or disapprove. In the Fa, however, the Fa-spreading methods that I’ve left behind for Dafa are these: We do the exercises outside in groups, hold Fa conferences, and have books for sale in bookstores. People with a predestined relationship will go buy the book, and they will want to cultivate after they read it. And then they will find us of their own initiative and learn. That’s how it is. Of course, sometimes students will, as a personal act, put announcements in newspapers to inform other people about it. That too can allow a lot of people to obtain the Fa. I don’t disapprove of that approach, for it can help the predestined ones become aware of it. I’m just saying that the best forms I leave for you for spreading the Fa are group exercises and Fa conferences.”

“But that said, there is a small number of people who obtained the Fa from seeing articles that our students placed in newspapers or magazines. I said yesterday that I don’t object to obtaining the Fa that way. But what problems might come up in this scenario? It’s that not only the highest type of men will come, but the lowest, too. So the people who come will have different goals and many different states of mind, and that is why some people practice for some time and then leave. They could well be among the lower type of men. Maybe they don’t want to obtain it, or they’re not supposed to obtain it. That’s often the case.” (“Teachings at the Conference in Switzerland”)

After listening to Master’s teachings, I was confused, and couldn’t understand why publishing articles in newspapers would bring some who weren’t supposed to come.

After years of studying the Fa, I understood that the way of passing information about Falun Dafa from person to person is the way Master has arranged for us, but publishing articles in newspapers is not.

Similarly, face-to-face truth clarification and distributing flyers fearless of cameras, are ways Master has arranged for us to validate the Fa. Master told us this, so it is something Master has set and no one dares to change it, even the old forces dare not.

When Master said that cell phones are monitoring devices, I understood that there are evil factors behind them that the old forces arranged. This listening device is like a hand reaching into practitioners’ dimensional fields—but it is not acknowledged by Master. Master asked us to pay attention to the phone tapping problem. This is to prevent the old forces’ factors from entering our space fields. By bringing a cell phone to practitioners’ group communications or using it to contact practitioners directly, could allow the evil to easily monitor our every move. This is following the path arranged by the old forces.

Why do some practitioners refuse to listen? I think they may have an attachment to validating themselves. In the end it boils down to selfishness that is sometimes not easily perceived. This self-validating attachment is covered up by the thought: “I am righteously doing Dafa work.”

As cultivation nears the end, some practitioners feel that there is less evil, and have begun to relax in regards to phone security. Less evil is one thing, but if we don’t do things based on the Fa, that is a problem with our starting point. When we don’t listen to Master’s words, we are acknowledging the old forces. Will there be mighty virtue if the path taken is not on the Fa? Is that the way a cultivator should behave?

My understanding may not necessarily be correct. I just hope that even if these practitioners aren’t yet aware of it, they should consider the safety of other practitioners. We should remember that we are one, whole body. After so many years of not paying attention to cell phone safety, there have been lessons one after another being published on the Minghui website. Shouldn’t we reflect on ourselves?

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