Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference

(Li Hongzhi, May 17, 2019)

Greetings, everyone!

(All: “Greetings, Master!”)

To attend the Fa conference once a year, some of you have come from afar, some come from mainland China, and the cost is quite significant. Spending tens of millions every year on the annual Fa conference for travel, meals, and lodging, you simply want to be able to gain through the Fa conference the opportunity to improve your cultivation and learn from one another. This is to say, as cultivators, you place great importance on cultivation itself. Dafa disciples should do well the three things, and if you do not cultivate yourself well, you won’t do them well. Of course, some of you want to use this opportunity to see Master, and I know it. Whatever the case, the Fa is here and can guide your cultivation.

Among everyday people, Master has an everyday person’s life and acts in the way of an everyday person. Many human things cannot be the same as the Fa. So I ask you all to conduct yourselves according to the Fa, and treat the Fa as your Master. The reason Dafa disciples are able to come through to this stage today is because the Fa is here. Whether it is our Fa conference or your personal cultivation, you’ve come through to this day based on the Fa. That is to say, without this Fa, you could not have come through to this day. Therefore, for Dafa disciples, cultivation is always the first priority, especially as we reach the final period.

Of course, speaking of the final period, you’ve actually also seen that the way the cosmic climate changes is the same as that of this human world. For example, the evil’s persecution of Dafa disciples has come to a dead end, and it’s hard for the evil to even ensure its own survival. It’s only that the machine for persecuting Dafa disciples is still in operation. Yet as I’ve just said, it’s come to the last stage, and we should all the more do well what we should do, as the closer it gets to the end, the more critical it is. From back then, you’ve come through such a difficult and evil environment, you have no reason not to do even better toward the end. When the persecution first started, all media in the world reprinted articles full of lies by the CCP’s media, and it was hard for people all over the world to tell what was really going on. In those difficult situations, Dafa disciples in the international community changed the understanding of the world’s people through clarifying the true situation, and made it through. In the last stage, you yourselves should treasure all that you’ve done and you cannot slack off. You absolutely cannot slack off.

I have also been observing that for many Dafa disciples, particularly in that environment in mainland China, with the twisted interpersonal relations, twisted human conduct, and twisted ways of thinking—in that kind of society, it’s hard for them to avoid being affected by it. Although Dafa disciples should conduct themselves according to Dafa, once you step out the door, what you encounter is just this kind of interpersonal relations in ordinary human society. The whole society is twisted, so you have to do things like that. As time goes on, your conduct becomes indistinguishable from the way people interact with one another in this society. Even in the way you think about issues, you have become accustomed to this mode of human existence, and you thus feel this is just how things are. After leaving mainland China and having come to the international community, many wonder why people are so simple, and even their speech and actions are very peaceful. To the contrary, for people from mainland China, in whatever they do, they are anxious to do everything to the most extreme, to the utmost, and do it all the way—they all have this mentality. That is not a normal human state, so when they bring this kind of thinking and conduct to the international community, it will generate negative reactions from people in the international community.

People from mainland China have almost all run into misunderstandings with people in other countries. Why are Chinese people like this? Actually, the evil CCP has intentionally corrupted Chinese people’s behavior and character, and it did it systematically, destroying traditional culture and eliminating the concept of human morality and universal values. Now it’s all the extreme stuff of the evil CCP, which is certainly not the same. Only after they’ve lived in the international community for a long time will they be able to change.

Now a portion of students has come from mainland China. Some may not have done well in that environment of mainland China, so they should all the more cultivate themselves well and do well what they should do in the new environment. Do not do things with that kind of extreme mentality again, which easily plays the role of disrupting this environment of Dafa disciples. You know that people in the international community rarely talk about others behind their backs, and many have uncomplicated thinking, ideas, behavior, and ways, which are universal. They tend to think they should be kind, someone who treats others rather well, and under ordinary circumstances they won’t do things that harm others so as to benefit themselves. So those who have many everyday habits and behavior patterns acquired in mainland China must change themselves in the international community. I talk about this because more and more students are coming from mainland China now, and they have surpassed the original number of Dafa disciples in the international community and might have even become the majority. So you must pay attention to these matters even more.

Do you know that when the overwhelming persecution of Dafa disciples took place back then, that was the situation in China, and even though no violence was committed in the international community, the type of pressure and discriminatory treatment Dafa disciples endured were also really hard. This is because all international media were reprinting the propagandist lies of the CCP’s evil media, and no one knew the true situation. Overseas Dafa disciples were limited in number, but they did things effectively. They established their own media, and set up many task forces—some targeting the government, some targeting various media in clarifying the true situation; they set up many truth-clarification sites, and also established media outlets and websites, and so forth. They turned around the situation outside China, the thinking of the world’s people indoctrinated by the lying media of the evil Party, as well as their understanding of Dafa disciples. That was truly remarkable. It was not easy to establish this environment, and they also treasure it very much. Don’t let mainland Chinese practitioners’ mentality and conduct formed in the Party culture ruin this environment. This is because I have seen that many everyday people from mainland China have been the cause of a bad reputation in the international community, which really makes you feel embarrassed and makes Chinese people hang their heads in shame. You should not be like that. You are cultivators and should know your shortcomings. This is more than just the issue of affecting the image of our nationality. You carry with you the responsibility of saving all lives in the whole world, which is even more significant, so you must change your own thinking and conduct.

Do not regard people in the international community as simple. Although their thinking is very simple—precisely because the simpler it is, the clearer it is—they are very insightful in viewing matters. They just wouldn’t express things that way, they wouldn’t say it that way, but they are very clear-minded. The structure of the human mind is all the same, and their level of intelligence is also the same, and they are not an ounce less smart than the others. Their thinking and conduct wouldn’t go below certain standards, and they have moral norms, so they would not do things that way. With the habits you developed in mainland China, whether in writing or in doing other things, you just like to go to extremes. That kind of style, that kind of mentality, is really hard for people in the international community to tolerate. In fact, before the existence of the evil CCP, people in mainland China also held values that stressed kindness and virtue. The reason why the evil CCP mobilized one movement after another was because Chinese people at that time were civilized and noble, and had universal values; by mobilizing one movement after another, the evil CCP purposely destroyed Chinese culture, eliminated the cultural elites, and indoctrinated people with the bad stuff of the evil CCP. Its purpose was very clear: It was to turn Chinese people’s thinking and conduct into something garbage-like. Since more and more Dafa disciples are coming from mainland China to the international community, this issue is becoming more and more pronounced. So it must be addressed, and everyone must pay attention.

Moreover, in the various truth-clarification teams, and in those activities Dafa disciples have organized spontaneously, you have had a very significant effect in clarifying the true situation and saving sentient beings. Very good! It’s not about how high-profile your work is, but whether what you’ve done is effective, about where your hearts lie, and about whether or not you are a cultivator. Those who man their stations in front of Chinese consulates and truth-clarification sites all year long are truly remarkable! Some of them are relatively more elderly, and some others say that the elderly ones have found their fitting role; then for those of you who are not elderly, what have you done? It’s all the same, and it’s just about how Dafa disciples go about doing things.

Once a student asked me: Master, how many people should the withdrawal from the party reach before the evil CCP collapses? (Master laughs) I held out five fingers. He thus thought, “Oh, if five thousand people withdraw, the evil CCP will collapse.” (Audience laughs) What happened was five thousand was quickly reached. “Hey, what happened? Master held out five fingers, oh, that must be fifty thousand people.” Fifty thousand was also quickly reached. “This is not right, how come Master held out five fingers? Oh, then it must be five hundred thousand people.” (Master laughs) Five million and fifty million have all been reached, and now it’s reached beyond three hundred million. China has a population of more than 1.5 billion, and having five thousand people withdrawing from the party cannot seem to have any impact. (Master laughs) I was actually giving an analogy. In other words, these things we do are critically important, which are destroying the evil CCP psychologically. What state is the CCP in now? Other than those few individuals in power, everyone is thinking “When will it collapse?” and all are preparing for their last retreat, preparing for the end of days. They are transferring money overseas, sending their children out of China, and they themselves are also applying for foreign status and passports, so once things go wrong they will be ready to slip away. They all have this end-of-days mentality.

They are deceiving themselves and each other in order to maintain that regime. Many spies work for that toad demon, and they are all deceiving the current Party head. Before the current Party leaders took power, they were feeding them false intelligence; after they took power, they have been continually giving them false intelligence. They do not know the true situation outside, and the intelligence they have been receiving is all false from those working for that demon Jiang, and policies issued do not go beyond Party headquarters—Zhongnanhai. Infighting with each other behind the scenes is becoming more and more intense—it’s a life and death struggle. The current Party head is disliked on all fronts; those wanting to walk the path of democracy no longer trust him now, and the evil CCP trusts him even less; no one treats him sincerely.

You have seen that the evil Party will not last very long. The purpose of the evil CCP’s existence, and this persecution of Dafa disciples—aren’t they arranged by the old forces to test Dafa disciples? China is forging Dafa disciples like the Supreme Daoist’s dan-tempering furnace, and when the fire burns more fiercely, like a severe test, it will eliminate human notions and eliminate attachments. Of course, this kind of suffering is hard to bear, yet what’s forged is true gold. The evil CCP is like the charcoal, the hotter the flame, the more excited it seems to get. Once the flame dies out, you’ll see that true gold is forged. What has become of the evil CCP? Ashes, and with one blow, “poof,” it’s gone. (Audience applauds) Even though Dafa disciples appeared to be pitiful while being persecuted, in fact the truly pitiful are those following along with the evil CCP—they are truly the most pitiful, as they have to bear all the sins committed by the evil Party in human history.

Think about it, everyone, those evil CCP chiefs have done evil to the extreme, although they have led a life of indulgence. They have done all the evil things in their lives and have used up their blessings. The current Party head still follows the evil CCP—others took the donkey away and he is going to pull out the pole used to tie the donkey, and he will be caught. This is to say, all the sins of the evil CCP will in the end be settled with him, isn’t this how it works? Because he is the head of the evil CCP. In fact, sometimes I think, he feels that the evil CCP can help maintain his power. In the past this was the case, is it still the case now? In the past, Chinese people didn’t even dare criticize the evil CCP when they were alone in the bathroom—it was really so, as that evil specter was everywhere. Now the evil specter is already eliminated, and everyone is condemning the evil Party. When several people sit down to eat and chat, if they don’t condemn the evil CCP, they don’t feel there’s anything better to talk about, and if someone does not criticize the evil CCP, people think there’s something wrong with the person—it’s already come to this stage. (Audience applauds) The evil CCP has come to the point of collapsing with one push, yet you want to rely on the evil CCP to maintain your power; aren’t you misjudging things? The evil CCP is relying on you to survive! It’s not that you can rely on the evil CCP to survive! If the current leadership says, “We don’t want the evil CCP now,” the evil CCP cannot last even one day, and it will disappear the next day, (audience applauds) because people are all waiting for that day. (Audience applauds) I’m just saying what a foolish thing the current leadership has done.

No matter what, from our perspective we see things very clearly, and I was simply just explaining the situation. Having come to this stage, not a lot of factors for testing Dafa disciples are left. Not much of the charcoal is left, so not much more true gold can be forged. So wouldn’t you say this fire is about to die out? It is. (Audience applauds enthusiastically) Then what comes next? Isn’t it Dafa disciples reaching the stage of consummation in cultivation? Isn’t it? (Audience applauds) Even if some Dafa disciples will follow Master to the stage of Fa rectifying the human world—even if that is the case—we will still make a concluding mark. This process Dafa disciples have gone through in the Fa-rectification period is really critically important. As for things after that, I won’t say much about them.

At the evening party on the Mountain yesterday, I said I spoke often of the old forces, so everyone is basically clear about this concept. Yet you are still somewhat unclear about the formation of the old forces. Actually, think about it everyone, the formation of the old forces has historical reasons. The cosmos goes through the process of formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration, and human beings have the states of birth, old age, illness, and death. You all know that when a person grows to his teens, fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen or eighteen years old, this is the process of “formation”; when he gets to eighteen, nineteen, or twenty years of age, all the way to his thirties, this is the process of “stability”; going into his forties and onward, he starts to go downhill, and this is the process of “degeneration”; when his body is already in terrible condition and doesn’t work, he is aging and dying, this is the process of “disintegration.”

This process is so short for a human life; how long is it in terms of the expanse of this universe? What is the concept like to an even larger scope of the cosmic body? Let me try my best to describe them in ways I can. I use countless and innumerable number of trillions to measure the number of years, and that is the process of “formation.” In this innumerable trillions of years, how many lives went from birth to death! Gods are the same as they go through their endless cycles. It’s not that they do not die, yet they are aware of their death. They are also aware of their birth, but they do not carry their previous memories. This death and rebirth happen only after a long time, and by then they are already bored with living. And in this process, the cycle is a process of life’s renewal, and who knows how many countless trillions of times such lives that undergo this cycle are born in the process of “formation.” Here I am using trillions, the largest counting units humankind often uses—countless trillions—using billions does not work. Even Gods are like this, not to mention human beings. This cosmos is incredibly long-lasting.

As for the process of “stability,” it is an even longer process, the longest one. In this process, the years are so long that it is simply impossible to describe, no matter how many trillions are used. There is not a single life in the cosmos that can remain living through the process of “formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration.” There’s not even any life that lived from “formation” to “stability.” The highest lives in the cosmos also disappeared, no matter how high they were, they all disappeared. Like a cell’s metabolism in the human body, no original cells exist. It’s all like this, and all have come through via relays. In this immense and lengthy process, if you ask beings in the “stability” stage what it was like in the “formation” stage, they would not know it at all, and they could not even imagine it.

So when the cosmos reaches the stage of “degeneration,” this process is also extremely long, an immense time period of countless trillions of years, as countless as the number of particles filling this space—it’s that many. How many particles there are in the air! In the process of “degeneration,” if you ask those beings at very high levels what was the state of beings during the stage of “stability,” they would not know it at all. Why is it? Because even the Fa has deviated in this process, and everything is changing following “birth, old age, illness, and death” and “formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration.”

When it comes to the stage of “disintegration,” this process is also tremendously long, heading toward complete destruction in the end. In the stage of “disintegration,” the lengthy time could also only be measured with countless trillions of years. There are countless Gods at all levels, even larger Gods, still larger Gods, Kings, Lords of different realms. If you ask them what the cosmos was like during the beginning and middle stages, they do not know at all.

Why did the old forces appear during Master’s Fa-rectification? If Master does not rectify the Fa to the beginning stage of “formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration,” would that be called Fa-rectification? (Audience applauds) Yet the many Gods level after level in the stage of “disintegration” do not know what that is at all, as they are Gods from the stage of “disintegration.” It’s just that all the different levels can still be differentiated, and the realms can still be differentiated. But no level has maintained the original standard. Because they have become corrupt, they should be disintegrated. The old forces, formed in the stage of “disintegration,” said, “You cannot rectify the Fa like this; we have not seen it before. This cannot succeed, and we will help you succeed.” So that’s what they have done. What is their standard? They are Gods in the stage of “disintegration” and Kings in the stage of “disintegration” of the cosmos. Those Gods who wanted to be involved and assist me in Fa-rectification—what would you say about the sort of things they could do? Their highest standard is that of the stage of the cosmos’s disintegration. If I use that standard to complete things, can the Fa be rectified? If I proceed according to them, can that rectify the Fa? Can their standard be used for the return to the beginning stage of “formation”? Wouldn’t that just have things return to the stage of “disintegration” and nothing would have changed? How far would that be from the fundamental standard during the cosmos’s “formation”?

So people can’t figure out how come they have such audacity, and how dare they do such a thing? They really believe that they are right. The highest of the old forces felt, “I am the highest God, and this is what I know; nothing is higher than what I know. This is the truth.” They do not know that their standard is of the stage of “disintegration.” Sometimes, when I lecture on the Fa, Dafa disciples all understand it, but they, to the contrary, don’t understand. Sometimes I feel that they pretend they don’t understand. Why are they like this? In fact, fundamentally it is because I have a human body and human conduct, so they feel that their conduct is that of Gods. “How can we not be better than you?” It is this thinking that has impeded them! The Fa that Master spreads is simple in principle and plain in words, and there is nothing for you to guess, and everything is clearly laid out. But beings in the stage of “disintegration” have this habit: They need to guess everything and seek for it. When you give them something, they would dig deeper so as to find the real thing, and they have already become accustomed to this. Therefore, while the Fa that Master imparts has no delusion for human beings, they however, are all deluded, believing that the Fa should definitely not be so plain and simple. The surface devoid of delusion has become their delusion, however, and they are all confused by the lack of delusion. (Master laughs) This really is the situation. This is how the old forces came about.

As for what I truly want, no life is able to know, because none of the highest Gods in this stage know the state of the cosmos during “formation,” the earliest stage of “formation.” The difference is simply too great so they do not understand it. They themselves also said, “We don’t know how to do what you want, and what we know is just this.” Then why get involved if you don’t know how to do it? They said, “We have no choice, those higher ones asked us to do it.” When I caught the worst one, that highest one, it said, “What I have is the best, and I am helping you.” Yet they have destroyed countless lives, and they have destroyed innumerable beings in the cosmos.

As Dafa disciples, you just cultivate according to this Fa. Master once said, “Set your cultivation goal as high as you want, as long as you dare to!” You all know that cultivation is not easy: eliminating karma, passing tribulations; how many times will you stumble when encountering xinxing conflicts, not to mention those major tribulations? How can you overcome them?! Those who know these things are fearful at the thought of them—they are really difficult, truly difficult! When something happens between one another, no matter how terrible it is, you have to look at it positively, “Oh, this is beneficial for my improvement.” Facing conflicts, no matter who is to blame, you have to look inside yourself first. As a cultivator, if you cannot establish this habit, if you cannot see things in ways opposite to that of humans, you will forever remain human; at least when it comes to that particular step that you fail to do well, you are human.

When conflicts occur, you are not calm. When you calm down and look back, you realize: “I am a cultivator, and I am wrong in this case, and I did not pass my test well.” It is definitely a test, you all know. This is because Master has said that anything you encounter in your life, as long as you have stepped into the cultivation community, is not accidental, and everything is for the sake of your improvement. Yet how many of you look externally; not only do you look externally, you have become very cunning. Sometimes when I helped some people do some things, they even lied and argued with bad excuses to my face. I looked at them and felt it was pretty laughable. But I also know this is how human beings are. The side of you not yet cultivated is full of human attachments, and humans are just like that.

I have kept for you things humans need in order to live among everyday people, and it won’t affect your cultivation. You can lead your human life. But when you really encounter conflicts, for Dafa disciples in particular, this is critical for your personal improvement and for your cooperation in doing well the three things you should do! That is critical for you to improve yourself. In the beginning stage, so many things were messed up by yourselves, and you did not do well what you’re supposed to do well. During the early stage of the persecution, you looked at things using human attachments, and you argued back and forth with one another and even got very angry. Your anger, and your attachment when arguing back and forth with others, were all human!

Collaborate well in an open and dignified way. It doesn’t matter whose idea is the best. Even if someone’s idea isn’t good and hasn’t taken everything into consideration, you quietly make up for what’s missing! Do a thorough job! Only then would Gods see you as remarkable, and not to mention that you did it quietly! The key isn’t whose idea it is, but who has done well in their cultivation in the process—whoever cultivated himself would have improved. (Audience applauds) By talking about these things, Master is telling everyone that we have already reached the final step. I can tell you clearly that in the arrangement Master made in the early stage, the persecution would end this year, (audience applauds enthusiastically) twenty years altogether. Although the old forces later interfered and changed some things, the charcoal for firing the furnace is running out, and the heat from the fire isn’t strong enough, so this thing will soon come to an end. So everyone should do even better. Dafa disciples—the other day I was just talking about it, I said who could become Dafa disciples? What a great predestined relationship that is.

Just now as I was sitting in the car, someone said that some people do not understand physics terms like particles or molecules. I’ve borrowed the language of modern people in teaching these. Otherwise, how would I teach? But that’s indeed how things are if one actually describes them. If the planets and stars we see become as small as molecules, wouldn’t they be just like molecules? For the enormous beings in the cosmos, the way they view the earth and other planets and stars in this dimension is the same as us viewing molecules, isn’t it so? Then, in the eyes of even larger beings, when this earth of ours becomes as small as an atom, see if it isn’t the same as people viewing atoms? In the eyes of Gods at higher levels, that’s the way it is. Planets and stars permeate dimensions, and those you see and those you don’t see are matters of your vision. However advanced humankind’s technologies are, they are still blocked by various barriers in the cosmos, and they cannot see the entirety. That is why I spoke of having a “limited view” of the cosmos, it’s because humankind will never see the true cosmic body.

That is to say, regardless of which level it is, the idea is the same. When a large being views what is beneath, he sees a small particle; and when a small being views what is above, he sees a star. For the living beings existing at the level of atoms, don’t they view atoms as their stars? For the living beings existing at the level of molecules, when they see our earth: “Wow, how incomparably huge.” That is the relationship of particles at each level with larger or smaller particles. Particles are at each and every level. The earth is a particle too, so is the sun, so is the Milky Way we see, and so is everything. This is basically the structure of the whole cosmic body.

The particles humans see manifest in more ways than merely the particles and stars visible to people. There are particles of different sorts that humans cannot see. Likewise, molecules manifest in different ways in this dimension too; on all the different forms of molecules exist countless lives, all in this human dimension. Yet, existing at the same time as molecules are particles that exist in other forms—all of which permeates everywhere and is saturated. It is as if humankind and lives at this level are in the layer of dirt, and today’s scientists only know the particles that they can see. I am simply talking about it using knowledge available to humans now. In fact, there’s more to this, far more. This is to say, all these living beings are incredibly numerous. So many living beings, and when you take a breath, how many molecules that make up air have you inhaled? On the molecules are stars too, and how many worlds exist there? How many living beings are there? They have been inhaled by you, and in your body they are converted into the nutrients your body needs. (Master laughs)

Since what is involved in this is too profound, and humankind’s knowledge was limited in the past, so those Gods in the past did not speak about this, nor did they have the means to. Jesus said that humans have sinned. What exactly is this sin? It wasn’t explained clearly. I too talked to you about this. I said that as long as people are alive, they are generating karma: They need food, shelter, transportation, and to engage in social activities with one another—all these generate karma. You say that you will not generate karma caused by human interactions in this reality, and you will become a monk or nun, or you will meditate facing a wall. Even when you sit still there, you are generating karma, (Master laughs) your being alive will cause many worlds to undergo changes because of you. In any case, I also taught a principle: I said that humans have their living environment, and all the karma generated as a result of your existence does not count as your fault, and of course, it won’t count toward your demerits. But it does involve another issue, namely that it generates karma, that is for sure. That is what the New Testament meant when it talked about humans have sinned. Thus, some people say that being alive in this world means there will be suffering. If you never get sick in your lifetime, you will surely drop into hell after you die. Why? The karma from your entire life has not been eliminated, and it has become enormous. Karma means sin, so you can only have your karma eliminated in hell. That’s what it means.

Thus, as a cultivator, it isn’t a bad thing to endure a little bit of hardship or undergo some sufferings in our day-to-day life. Sometimes, when eliminating karma, “I can’t take it; I am sick; I have a cold; or I am feeling unwell here and there.” Actually, this is to eliminate your karma. New students aren’t very clear about this, so they say: “Oh, when we’re sick, we can’t say ‘sick,’ we say ‘eliminating karma.’” No, it really is eliminating your karma. Your path has been arranged, and your body isn’t allowed to get sick. Really, your body isn’t allowed to be sick. Because that sickness can no longer harm you, those viruses will be killed by your positive energy. But humans tend to generate karma, and once karma is generated, the way it manifests on your body is identical to sickness. If it is manifested in your nose, you will have a stuffy nose or runny nose, and, “Well, I have a cold.” You think you have a cold. (Master laughs) But it’s not a cold. If this thing is manifested in your stomach, you have a stomachache, and “Ouch, something’s wrong with what I ate today.” (Master laughs) No, it’s not, it’s karma being sent to that spot. But why does karma have to go there? It’s not that it has to go there, it might be sent here or it might be sent there. It’s because you yourself have some attachments, and when you are being helped in cultivation, the karma is sent to that spot.

For example, before you started cultivation, you had a serious illness in some spot. Through cultivation, you’re cured. Wow, you are pretty happy. But from time to time, you think about it: “I used to be seriously ill, and that might never happen again in the future.” When you think in your mind, “It might never happen to me again,” actually you are already worrying about it. On the surface, you think, “Oh, I’m okay.” But when the old forces see it: “What is he doing?” (Master laughs) This is the only way the old forces know how to do things, right? Back then, this was how they persecuted the disciples of Jesus and Shakyamuni. That’s how they did it. They say: “We are helping them cultivate.” Alright, you can’t let it go, fine, when your karma becomes a little more, they gather all your karma and hurl it to that spot. “Ah, my illness is recurring!” (Audience laughs)

As a cultivator, your heart will be tested like that. At such a moment, you are truly being tested to see whether you treat it as a cultivator or think with human attachments. If you think with human attachments, then you might as well go to the hospital, and you might as well have your illness treated. But, for someone who isn’t diligent in his cultivation or who is a new student, the matter is viewed differently. Since his xinxing isn’t there yet, that is to say, his realm of thought isn’t there yet, when you impose on him that “this is not an illness,” he truly doesn’t feel confident about it. Because his realm of thought isn’t up to par, he really believes, “It’s an illness”! Then, he should really go to the hospital to see a doctor, because when the old forces test people, they are not saying, “I’m just joking with you,” they are serious. “I don’t want you to become divine. Once I catch your human attachment, I will definitely drag you down. Since you say it is an illness, then I will really make that spot appear as if it is diseased, I’ll even make X-rays or lab tests appear the same as illness.”

Many people passed away because of this. Isn’t it unfair? But nothing could be done, since they weren’t diligent. For some people, they were very diligent, except when it came to this issue, they just couldn’t quite let go. So it was quite complicated. They did well in other areas except this issue. You all know that cultivation emphasizes having no omission. If you have omissions, would they let you ascend to heaven? That’s how it is. Although the old forces are beings formed during the “disintegration” stage and their standard has become lower, the requirements at their level still hold true. It only works if you don’t have that attachment, or rather, when judged by their standard, you have given up that attachment—“You have to reach my standard.”

Recently, regarding Dafa disciples’ different projects, some have been going very well as always, and disciples are doubling their efforts. There are also many who treat things as routine, since the pressure isn’t as big as before. But you have to keep in mind that you are saving sentient beings, and everything that you have been doing is playing the role of saving sentient beings, so you cannot slack off, as so many beings are waiting for you to save them. I really admire some students in some Dafa projects, such as the students working for Minghui. They cannot participate in activities like others, and they cannot take part in other Dafa disciples’ activities. Even if they do take part in those, they cannot talk about what they do, since this is after all a special time period. Some people say: I am a reporter for The Epoch Times, or I am an editor for New Tang Dynasty, I am this or that. Dafa disciples bear great responsibilities and always have a sense of honor. But those disciples can’t talk about it, and no matter what great things they’ve achieved, they have to keep those to themselves. It might be okay if it’s one or two days, or one or two years, but twenty years have passed in a flash. (Audience applauds) In fact, there are many disciples who work on Dafa projects quietly, and many other Dafa disciples are like that too, doing things quietly. It is truly remarkable. In the eyes of Gods, they are special. I just admire students like that. (Audience applauds)

I will use the time and say a few words about Shen Yun. Everyone knows that for Shen Yun to play a tremendous role in saving people, it has to reach an advanced standard in every aspect; its techniques have to be far more superior, ones that others haven’t been able to do or cannot match. It has to be superior in every aspect, and only then would it play a greater role and attract a large audience. Otherwise, if it were to become a mere formality, it wouldn’t play much of a role.

Everyone knows how Shen Yun started back then, I spoke about it also; the cooperation among students was not very smooth. I saw audience members’ reactions: They were saying all kinds of things. The program quality also wasn’t as good. So, some audience members said: “Ah, it’s not so good.” I felt really sad when I heard it. Dafa disciples put their hearts into it. But what could you do. Everyone worked hard, though the cooperation was somewhat lacking, everyone tried hard. So then I thought, “Let me do it. I will lead them to do it; I will lead them until they can do it themselves, and we’ll worry about the rest later.” Once I started to take the lead, I couldn’t free myself from it, since no one can take my place.

Shen Yun is outstanding in every respect. In many respects, other performing arts groups cannot match it at all. Shen Yun surpasses the others in techniques, quality requirements, and the way of operation. At the same time, since the members are cultivators, they can often do more with less. Why do we do it this way? Because it is needed in saving sentient beings. Of course, in saving sentient beings, it must achieve actual results. With one to two thousand people in the audience, over ninety percent have completely changed their thinking upon seeing the show, and have come to understand what’s going on. (Audience applauds) They have understood what kind of a group of people Dafa disciples are and that Dafa disciples’ faith is righteous, and they have understood why the Chinese Communist Party persecutes Dafa disciples. All the lies are shattered by the silent truths displayed in the show. (Audience applauds) In the entire show, no words are uttered, except by the stage hosts, yet everything is made clear to people watching it. So it is playing a tremendous role. If the facts were to be clearly presented on all fronts through other means, it’d be difficult to be so thorough even if a lot of talking and explaining were done.

Besides, Shen Yun achieves the goal in one step. Some people want to learn Falun Gong after seeing the show; some say that they understand what we are doing; and some have seen Gods on stage, real and clear. So its impact is tremendous. Calculating with six companies, assuming an average of 1,500 people per show, that is one million people for this year’s tour. (Audience applauds enthusiastically) That is one million, one million audience members. How powerful this is in saving people, as you have all seen. Since Shen Yun’s impact is bigger and bigger—in everyday people’s words, its market is growing bigger and bigger—supply can’t meet demand. What to do? This year, a new company is being established. (Master laughs, audience applauds enthusiastically) No matter how the CCP tries to interfere, it’s useless. That scrap of a machine for persecuting Dafa disciples is still running. It can’t stand being idle. But it is no longer able to create much impact, since people the world over have come to a very clear understanding of Shen Yun.

In its operation, Shen Yun did not rely on media promotion, but rather word of mouth. You know that back when I was imparting the Fa, no media helped me promote the Fa. It was spread from person to person through word of mouth. Word of mouth spreads very fast. It is the same with Shen Yun today. Shen Yun’s recognition by the entire society owes to its own strength. Only then would people feel that it is indeed outstanding. People are talking about it among one another in society and at home, and this type of spreading is true. When I tell my friends it is good, I wouldn’t lie to my friends; and when I tell my family it is good, I wouldn’t lie to my family. So it is credible, whereas advertisements don’t have this effect. That’s why more and more people want to watch Shen Yun. In places where Shen Yun shows were cancelled due to circumstances, those who were getting refunds were crying. Why? Because a lot of people know what’s going on, and the reputation people are spreading in private is very positive. Some people tell very clearly what’s going on and know what Shen Yun is doing. And I’ve noticed in the last couple of years, people are becoming more and more clear about what Shen Yun is doing. This is exactly what we want to do.

Historically many who imparted righteous Fa died from persecution. When people’s notions or personal interests are affected, they will handle things based on their human attachments. Shen Yun appears to be a performance, and watching it or not is up to you. Not to mention it’s not free, you have to pay, and you have to pay quite a bit of money. You come to watch it out of your own free will. If you don’t want to watch it, then don’t buy tickets. It is as if there is nothing to it, as we’re just performing a show. But sentient beings are all waiting for it. No one has thought about using this form to save sentient beings. Because society has reached this point, and there have been many lessons from history. In any case, for Dafa disciples, we are thinking of ways to save people. That’s how it is.

Just now, I said that the CCP is running out of ways to make trouble. They even posed as practitioners and talked some nonsense. A theater manager showed us the letter and laughed at it, saying that they really tried everything and everyone knows. As for bribing people with money, they are running out of money. In any case, they can no longer block Shen Yun, not even with money. Because people all know Shen Yun and know it is good and all want to see it. Sometimes I joked with people, I said, if tickets aren’t selling well in a particular place, make a phone call to the Chinese consulate. (Audience laughs) Tell them that Shen Yun is performing here and you need to take some action. (Audience laughs) This is because as soon as the CCP starts its propaganda, tries to do some harm, or publishes some newspaper articles, wow, everybody will know that Shen Yun is coming, and immediately come see it. (Audience applauds)

There is still a little bit of time left. I will answer some questions for you. (Audience applauds) Next, you may pass up your question slips.

Question: Dafa has been spreading for twenty-seven years. In the opening program of Shen Yun’s performance this year, Master said: “Follow me in descending to the world, the Fa rectifies the human world.” Does this mean the Fa rectifying the human world has entered a new stage?

Master: A show is, of course, just a show. But by looking at the current situation, you all understand that the Fa rectifying the human world is almost here. (Audience applauds) Speaking of this Shen Yun, as it continues to perform, people will know what to do. While you were holding the parade in New York, someone who stood outside was asking, “What are these people doing?” Do you know what someone in the crowd who was watching said? He was just an ordinary bystander, and he said, “They are saving all the people in the whole world.” (Audience applauds)

Question: The environment now is more relaxed than before. For some students, they are not paying as much attention to their cultivation and truth clarification as before and have devoted a lot of energy to everyday people’s work or everyday life. What should we do to help urge each other on and keep everyone in a diligent state?

Master: The three things of Dafa disciples have been made very clear. Have you been doing all of them? If not, go and do them. Do not think that the truth clarification sites are elderly women’s patented specialty. Besides, for as long as you want, there are actually many things for you to do. In your environment, even if you just post a few decent articles online, you can play your part. As Dafa disciples, you should do what you’re supposed to.

Question: This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Minghui website. Dafa disciples working for Minghui have followed Master in rectifying the Fa for twenty years, and we feel exceedingly honored and special. In this process, we have been tempered, purified, and forged by Dafa, and we have made it through amid the trials and hardships. Every disciple who has put his or her heart into the work feels it is tremendously rewarding compared with what we have sacrificed. Over the past few years, the number of greeting cards the Minghui website receives annually on World Falun Dafa Day has grown from ten thousand to over twenty thousand. Around the New Year and other holidays, we are usually busy with sorting and publishing greeting cards sent by other people, and rarely do we get the opportunity to express our own well-wishes. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, we’d like to extend our gratitude to Master for your compassion and salvation, for bestowing on us disciples such a sacred mission, and for forging us. (Master smiles, audience applauds)

Twenty years have passed, and some of our staff are already in their eighties, (Master: That’s right, you’re getting on in years.) and those who were young are now middle-aged. We’d like to ask Master when will the younger generation of Dafa disciples come on board and shoulder the responsibilities of Minghui’s tasks the way we did back then?

Master: It seems that young people all tend to aim too high and have a hard time steadying their minds. You’re Dafa disciples, so in whatever you do, you should do it solidly and responsibly, as you are cultivators. Way back when, one could succeed in cultivating into a divine being just by facing a wall and meditating for nine years. Without doing anything else, one cultivated successfully into a divine being simply by facing a wall. Though the matter of saving people may make one feel a little lonely, you are occupied with things to do after all. (Audience applauds)

Question: There are students who cultivated in Dafa for a few years and later went over to Buddhism. Are there still opportunities for people like this in the future?

Master: There are. As long as one doesn’t go over to the evil side, one still has opportunities. (Audience applauds) What I’m saying is if you are a Dafa disciple, you don’t have a lot of opportunities left. The time Dafa disciples have is very brief, because once this is over, there aren’t any more opportunities.

Question: A few individuals who claim to be students have been suing and threatening our Dafa disciples’ Dafa Association, Minghui, and some of our projects by resorting to everyday people’s legal means.

Master: Let me tell you, those who are doing such things, regardless of what your excuses are, you are engaging in deeds that demons do! Dafa disciples are all amid suffering, and everyone is fighting against the persecution and saving people, yet you are causing interference and disruption from within Dafa disciples. Do you yourselves not know how serious this sin is? You claim that you are cultivators, yet you target cultivation using everyday people’s laws. Everyday people’s laws are meant for everyday people to target everyday people. Instead of overcoming the attachments you have and doing well in your cultivation, you are using the law to excuse yourselves from removing those attachments—you are doing things demons do. No matter who it is, whoever it is that wants to sue Dafa disciples’ projects, the Dafa Association, or any person or anything having to do with saving people or cultivation, stop immediately!! Chances are running out, and time is running out, too. And besides, you have to make amends for the losses you’ve caused!! (Audience applauds)

Some people even talked about things like “ridding those evil ministers close to the emperor.” Am I an everyday person? I am your Master. Is there anything I don’t know? Is there anything I don’t know how to handle? Do I need you to get rid of anyone? Are you worthy of it?! How could you say such things? I am saving you! Are you trying to save me?! Once one enters the demonic path, one dares to say anything.

Master is giving you a chance, so hurry up and immediately make amends for the bad influence you have caused. But there isn’t much time, so do it quickly! The old forces are desperately gripping onto you, causing you to be irrational and so headstrong in what you’re doing.

Question: Human society is developing big data. There are more and more surveillance cameras installed in mainland China. On top of that, there is facial recognition, posture recognition, and so on, and there’s the rampant usage of data analysis. Are Dafa disciples who distribute flyers and clarify the truth facing even greater safety issues? Or should they not make it a point to be concerned with it?

Master: Dafa disciples have Dafa disciples’ paths. If you proceed righteously, you will be interfered with less. I’ve been saying all along that when you walk your path righteously, you won’t have problems. If you do things with human attachments, though you are doing things for Dafa, it would be hard to avoid running into problems. But it is indeed difficult to meet such standards and measure up. Without laying such a foundation, it is indeed hard to do, so you will run into problems.

But I think, on the other hand, you all know that people the world over think of products made in mainland China as the worst in quality, right? With regard to those surveillance cameras, I heard that for every one thousand installed, five hundred of them are broken (audience laughs and applauds), the moment they fix one, another one is broken. Their quality, their products, together with the fact that people are restive—in any case, whatever the evil CCP does becomes foul. Aren’t they doing 5G in the world? After a while everybody knows that their things are poor in quality, so would they be able to continue? Soon, everyone will throw them out. (Audience applauds)

Question: When we help fellow practitioners who are suffering from severe illness karma by, for example, engaging in in-depth sharing and cleaning their dimensional field, we ourselves subsequently experience some tribulations as well, such as enduring physical or mental suffering, or becoming the target of framing from other dimensions. Is this considered normal sacrifice, or is it because of our lack of ability?

Master: It is our responsibility to help Dafa disciples overcome their tribulations, it should be done and is not wrong. But if the person himself does not change, relying completely on external help, it absolutely will not work. With your help, the person becomes more and more righteous, and together with the role your external help plays, it will become more and more effective. That’s how they are related.

Question: It’s been twenty years, a group of people among overseas students insists that Minghui isn’t appropriate for everyday people, and thus refuses to promote Minghui. Among overseas students, the Minghui website has met with rather significant resistance all along, and is given far less emphasis and recognition when compared to how it is in the mainland. All along, we have been thinking about how to resolve these kinds of issues.

Master: It is indeed true that part of the content on Minghui is meant for cultivators and for their sharing, and those whose level isn’t there yet aren’t able to understand it. But some articles are appropriate for everyday people to read. But indeed, there are always people who set up obstacles for themselves. Minghui might be a platform for cultivators and it talks about cultivators improving their xinxing, but some everyday people can understand it.

People in this society are at different levels. You see ordinary-looking people walking down the street, but they are all different. Some people’s morals are higher, and their understandings are different. Some have even higher morals, and their understandings are even more different. Some people are very capable, and some have even greater capabilities. There are many such people, and they even come from different strata. For people with such capabilities, those with the same type of capability are in contact with one another; and those with greater capabilities are in a particular class as well. They are all capable of contacting one another. This human society is not as simple as one imagines. Do not view human society with fixed notions.

Question: My cultivation state goes through good and bad cycles. Sometimes I’m attached to the things I like: surfing the net on computers, playing video games, playing on cellphones, which cause setbacks in cultivation. What should I do to restrain myself and remain diligent?

Master: People say being addicted … let me tell you what addiction is. People believe that, medically, when one’s addictive nerve is being stimulated and becomes strong, one has addiction. That’s actually not true. What is it? In your body, a “you” is accumulated over time that bears the exact same appearance as you. However, it is composed of that thing and it controls you. Because it’s a very strong attachment that forms into your image, it is therefore so very strong that it can control your heart. This is because it’s formed by a very strong attachment.

Even drug addicts are the same. Some people who do drugs say it’s okay and that it’s not a big deal for them to do drugs. Sure, it did feel pretty good. Do it again? Not a big deal. Do it one more time? Okay, now you can’t control it anymore. Why is it? After the substance is inhaled, it forms a thin and faint layer of you. One inhalation will do because it’s highly addictive. When you inhale it the second time, this thin and faint “you” becomes more substantial. Another inhalation will make it more substantial. More inhalations will make it more and more substantial and so it becomes stronger. It will have the complete composition and structure of your body, including your mind, and is a demonic “you” entirely composed of the drug. Of course, it may not do anything else, but it just wants you to inhale the drug. It won’t do if there’s no drug or one stops inhaling. Why? Because it’s already alive. After it becomes alive, you know, if you stop doing drugs, it will become fainter and fainter because your body has metabolism and it will die. It doesn’t want to die, so it wants you to definitely keep inhaling so as to make it stronger.

The same applies to surfing the net on computers and playing video games, the same principle applies. “You’re going to give it up. You give it up to let me die?” It won’t let you. “I must make you surf the net.” You don’t want to? It won’t let you work; it won’t let you study; it just makes your mind be preoccupied to play with it. It will let you play the games even in dreams if you don’t play.

Humans … I’ve been thinking … are easily controlled by other beings. The human flesh body is only a container passed down by the parents and it is provided for by various grains and food. It grows from eating various grains and food. How fragile that is. It can be controlled by anything. Things formed in other dimensions all have intelligence. Although they are low-level beings, they can control it because the human body is weak.

Question: Tens of thousands of mainland Chinese tourists come to the truth-clarification sites in our region every day. We don’t have enough people to clarify the truth. However, the understanding of practitioners in our region hasn’t caught up. Some say that we don’t need to clarify the truth now. Some don’t clarify the truth even when they go to the sites and instead study the Fa there or play on cellphones. Veteran students rarely come to the sites to clarify the truth.

Master: Well, Fa-rectification hasn’t ended so the three things Dafa disciples do will not come to an end! What do you mean by “it’s over” or “no need to clarify the truth”? So many beings are waiting to be saved, how is it acceptable to not clarify the truth?! Even I am helping you do it! Saving everyday people was originally your business. I save you and you save everyday people. Now even I am helping you do it. Are you still a Dafa disciple if you don’t do it? How will you be measured at the final moment when all debts are to be settled? It’ll be too late for tears.

Question: Our media reports certain information provided by some “insiders,” such as political forecasts or the rise and fall of officials. They used to believe the so-called exclusive news provided by CCP spies, which affected the newspaper’s credibility. This caused everyday people to misunderstand and they thought our media was being used by the CCP.

Master: Yes, Hong Kong is certainly a complicated place, so you should be somewhat alert. With regard to some individuals, you have to see how they behave so you’ll know how they’ve cultivated; you have to see how they behave so you’ll know what kind of person he is. It’s just that you shouldn’t use human feelings to evaluate things. You are very close and you think that the person is quite good—you are using human attachments and human feelings to evaluate. You’ll know if you use the Fa to evaluate and to take a look at that person; you’ll even know his cultivation state and will immediately tell what kind of person he is.

Question: I’d like to ask about how each time a large-scale event was held in Hong Kong, some of the Dafa disciples who came to participate from other countries were denied entrance and sent back. Recently Hong Kong Border Control is getting more evil.

Master: Yes, I know these things. I’m watching them as well. But Dafa disciples are Dafa disciples, remarkable.

Question: Some students formed a group on their own and went to different regions to promote Shen Yun and help provide assistance during the performance run. The makeup of people in these groups is rather complicated, with some people’s background unknown. Most of them do not have a recommendation from the Dafa Association. These students caused disturbances to the cultivation environment of Shen Yun’s local presenters.

Master: It doesn’t seem to be that serious. Actively doing things to help Dafa projects, in my opinion, should be encouraged. As for some individuals who are not fit for the role, you should tell the organizer. Go talk to them and if it really doesn’t work, you can talk to the Shen Yun company manager. These things are not big issues.

Question: The Epoch Times is now a paid newspaper.

Master: It’s heartening and worthy of congratulations. (Audience applauds) The Hong Kong edition of The Epoch Times has completely become a paid newspaper at newsstands, which means they are in a healthy cycle and this is great.

Question: … But it was said that the situation is very bad. Disciples think that the purpose of publishing The Epoch Times is to clarify the truth and save people.

Master: It’s not that bad. I think it’s an achievement even if only 100 copies are sold. Isn’t it a good thing when The Epoch Times becomes a mainstream society media? You should look at the big picture. As far as clarifying the truth goes, if The Epoch Times isn’t used, we can use other media. Isn’t there Vision Times? You can give out free copies of those. Those who haven’t become a paid paper can still do a lot and do a better job. You can transfer the powerful articles to other truth-clarifying media. I won’t say much. I give my stamp of approval on this matter.

Question: Master has already spoken for over an hour.

Master: It’s okay. (Audience applauds) I don’t want to affect your lunch break. This is it, and no more questions, please.

Question: The CCP has infiltrated the education and media sectors in the West, instilling a significant amount of deviated notions in the minds of people in the West, including our practitioners, resulting in increased difficulty in saving beings.

Master: Difficulty is certain, but it’s not that serious. You should tell them what CCP culture entails. Don’t some people feel that they have nothing to do? Try to do it.

Question: I discovered that some merchants who are everyday people printed yellow T-shirts with “Falun Dafa” characters and sell them to refugees for them to participate in Dafa activities. What should we do about these merchants?

Master: In some immigrant countries, these sorts of things can deceive immigration officers. This situation does exist, but it’s very tough to handle. Go clarify the truth to the merchants: Although you made money, it’s not a whole lot, but you did a most terrible thing. Tell them the seriousness involved. Actually, from another perspective, if the world’s people all wear “Falun Dafa is Good,” the CCP will be scared. (Audience applauds)

Question: Currently there is a big rift between quite a few students and the Dafa Association and it can be quite intense. In my view, on the one hand the problems of the Dafa Association that students point out do exist, and on the other hand the role the Dafa Association plays during the Fa-rectification is irreplaceable. As an ordinary student, how should we treat these problems?

Master: Those who just came from the mainland like to stir up these sorts of things. Things are done differently outside China. The local Dafa Association has already led Dafa disciples in going through the most difficult period. They know how society outside China operates and is maneuvered. It’s not what you’ve imagined! Absolutely don’t drag a group of people to go against the Dafa Association. Don’t do such things! The things you do are what make demons happy, it’s the case with all such things. The Dafa Association merely leads or organizes you in participating in some group activities or makes arrangement for you to study Fa together. You shouldn’t treat them like Master; you shouldn’t think of them as having cultivated successfully into Gods and having no shortcomings. They only play the role of letting everyone work together. These things should have been initiated and done on your own, yet you always look externally.

As far as the Dafa Association is concerned, when you make them look bad in front of others, of course they are also individuals who are cultivating. When the heart is provoked, they certainly want to save face so it’s easier for them to lead people to do tasks. So their attachments will arise, too. The more you make it difficult for them, the more their attachments surface. Isn’t this disrupting Dafa disciples’ own environment?

You know that they are not Gods, not people who’ve completed cultivation. They are the same as you except that Master has given them tasks and asked them to do them. You always pursue externally and look externally. Don’t bring the habits from mainland China over here!

Question: It’s been a long time since the Minghui editorial board published “What all Dafa Disciples Must Know.” There are still students outside China who use various excuses to continue using the software controlled by the CCP. We believe that every time the editorial board sends a notice or requirement, it’s a test for practitioners to step beyond humanness. Those who can’t follow suit don’t want to leave the human realm.

Master: All of the cellphones, computers, and other electronic devices you carry with you, devices that connect to the internet, are all listening devices. It’s not just the wicked CCP who is getting more and more interested in Dafa disciples. Let me tell you that many countries are monitoring you. You may think you are an ordinary student and you are safe, yet they even record your everyday conversation, including when you do grocery shopping and eat meals, and they analyze your entire existence. Do you know how businesses analyze business intelligence? It’s done in the same way. They know you very well, as long as you have a cellphone on you.

Question: In mainland China, those lawyers who are brave enough to protect Dafa disciples’ legal rights are continually being clamped down on. It’s very difficult for fellow practitioners who were captured and persecuted to find lawyers. Was this the result of us relying too much on lawyers? How should we deal with this?

Master: You do whatever you want to do. If I say what you should do, the CCP will prepare ahead of you. Use your wisdom to do it.

Question: Recently a student experienced great tribulations in cultivation and had to leave his project. Other fellow practitioners already have multiple roles and are very busy with their projects. Even though sometimes they want to help him overcome the tribulation, they are unable to do as much as they wish. How do we balance things well and better help fellow practitioners?

Master: Anything that occurs in cultivation is for you to cultivate. If you want to ask me, the test will be removed as soon as I tell you what to do. Although it’s very difficult—and I see it, isn’t that the problem you need to deal with? Not all conflicts are negative; some conflicts are positive. How to deal with the problems that occur—isn’t that your cultivation?

Sometimes, our practitioners in charge of their regions or project leaders always want to see me. I just don’t want to see them. Some people who are in charge of their regions want to meet with me. Since they are in-charge persons, Master should meet with them. Sometimes I’m thinking, if I don’t meet with him, he is a person in charge and it doesn’t seem right; if I meet with him—but I really don’t want to meet with him! Why don’t I want to meet with him? Do you know the reason? It’s because if I meet with you, as soon as I address the questions you raise, the tests are all removed. If I keep my mouth shut when I meet with you, that doesn’t seem right—isn’t that so? You are, after all, cultivators, you cannot always treat me, your Master, like a higher authority and ask for direction. Yet Master only takes care of cultivation; Master is not a boss. For the things you are working on, you must find ways to walk on your own path. Do well on your own, that’s your path you take in cultivation and that’s your mighty virtue.

The things you do are not cultivation in themselves. Whether it’s the company you run, your Dafa project, or whatever you do, that in itself is not cultivation. But the attitude you take in your work, how to treat these issues and solve these problems, address them with the standard of a Dafa disciple and cultivator and handle them well—that is cultivation! Yet you find it difficult and you want to ask Master how to do it. “I must ask Master if I’ve been doing the right thing in this undertaking.” You always push your path of cultivation to me. You don’t know that when I met with you, you were very happy to see me so I acted like I was happy, but inside I was very upset. (Master laughs)

This is because, as you know, humans cultivate in ignorance and without knowing whether they’ve cultivated correctly or not, but they must continue like that until reaching consummation in the end. Because one evaluates what’s right and wrong on his own, which counts as him cultivating. If you were to ask me, it wouldn’t count. Wouldn’t you have done it in vain? Some people say they won’t ask anything and they’d be happy just seeing Master. As soon as you see me and feel assured inside, that thing also doesn’t count anymore.

Because you are Dafa disciples, the requirements for you must be high. While a person sits in meditation facing a wall, to whom could he ask questions? When facing the wall, his mind isn’t idle at all. All sorts of tribulations may surface. How would he handle them? He has no one to ask. The requirements for you are higher than his in the first place—he pursues individual consummation whereas you shoulder the tremendous responsibility of saving sentient beings. You are Dafa disciples and the levels you reach in cultivation are so much higher than his, and your requirements are higher. Do you know that the old forces tried to force me to go to the Arctic back then? They didn’t want me to see you and didn’t want you to find me.

Question: I’m a coordinator in the media. Recently many young people are joining our media and some are veteran practitioners. They work very hard but the improvement in their skills is limited. Should we …

Master: You ask me about work-related issues. (Master laughs) You really treat me like a boss.

Question: What should disciples do to maximally reduce your burden?

Master: (Master laughs) You don’t need to worry about this. None of you can do anything. There’s no way; I can’t even tell you about my situation. I’ve said, “High places bring unbearable chills.” It’s not like what you’ve understood: Being a high-ranking official and having no one to talk to, he is just a bit more lonely. I must bear enormous pressure as well as sentient beings’ tribulations. (All disciples applaud with gratitude)

Question: How do we handle some of the phenomena of the current regime and the U.S.-China trade war in our political commentary?

Master: The wicked CCP persecutes Falun Gong, doesn’t it? Expose it and tell all of its evil, dirty laundry. All methods the wicked Party’s rogue regime adopts are unjust. All conflicts in human societies came about because of it. Normal people should absolutely not be on the same side as it.

Question: As soon as a student encounters problems such as having a physical tribulation or other tribulations, other practitioners always say, “It must be that he has some problems,” and they try very hard to help him look within.

Master: Let me put it this way: If a Dafa disciple encounters some tribulations or elimination of karma, there must be a cause in him and he should look within himself. Yes, after finding it and conducting himself well immediately after, the situation will turn around and improve and change in a positive direction. Some people aren’t willing to listen when others mention his shortcomings. Especially for a student who is in the middle of a tribulation, he is already suffering and when you say, “You must have problems,” he is even more upset and is unwilling to listen. If he is unwilling to listen, let’s be mindful of the way we approach him.

Question: There are several teams that coordinate efforts to conduct investigations into organ harvesting and clarify the truth to the mainstay of society. I’d like to ask if we should consolidate and collaborate?

Master: Again, it’s better that you discuss and resolve this on your own. You do what you feel is more effective. If combining efforts and collaborating together is effective, then do it; if you do it separately and you’re playing roles in different areas, that’s another situation, too. In any case, you decide on your own and either approach is okay.

Question: Recently the international situation has undergone a lot of changes and Taiwan’s situation seems a little overwhelming. I’d like to ask Master to say a few words to Taiwanese disciples.

Master: I’ll say a few words if you say so. (Audience laughs, applauds) As for whether Taiwan will be reunited with China by the wicked CCP—this is what you care about the most, right? Let me tell you that this blessing wasn’t given to the CCP. (Audience applauds) As for what will happen after the wicked CCP is gone, Gods have long made arrangements. Without the wicked CCP, no one will coerce anyone. If people want to be reunited, they will; if they don’t, they won’t.

To me, I don’t concern myself with these things. What’s on my mind are the world’s people. No matter which ethnic group you are, which region you are from, I offer deliverance to all and save all. The same goes for Dafa disciples, do not look down upon this one or look down upon that one. No matter which ethnicity it is, inside the skin are mostly divine beings even though the human skins on the surface are different. People today are different from the ones in the past.

Question: In the age of the internet, fake news is everywhere and it’s hard to tell the true from the false. Regarding the 2020 presidential elections in Taiwan and America, will fake news also affect people’s judgment?

Master: Chaos abounds in a chaotic age and it’s very difficult for people even to obtain anything good. This is the manifestation of a chaotic age. During the U.S. election, many people didn’t expect Trump to be elected and he got elected. Many people felt that a certain matter should just be a certain way but it didn’t end up that way. I’ve always been talking about an issue; I said that humankind is being controlled by Gods and dictated by Gods. If I say too much and talk in detail, it will affect saving sentient beings, so I won’t talk in detail. (Audience applauds)

Question: I haven’t seen my relatives in China for over a decade. I’d like to ask if there are chances for us to return to China?

Master: For Dafa disciples, a portion of the human attachments are kept for you for the sake of saving people and being able to live among everyday people. Having these thoughts can’t be counted as attachments as anyone would want to see his family. You want me to affirm whether you can see them or not. It doesn’t seem okay if I spell it out right? (Master laughs) You still have to cultivate. Just now I began by talking about the political situation. Looks like the situation is developing very quickly and, when the wicked CCP is finished, it will see a rapid decline and fall very fast. (Audience applauds) A wave, (Master uses hands to illustrate a rising wave) when rising and swelling up—“roar”—it takes a while to rise up; when falling, however (Master uses hands to illustrate a falling wave)—“splash”—it falls very quickly. (Master laughs, audience applauds) No matter how those individuals who did bad things want to escape, they won’t have the time to.

Question: Ten thousand Dafa disciples attending the Fa Conference from all over the world send their greetings to benevolent Master!

Master: I thank you all! (Audience enthusiastically applauds)

Question: Now many people who are in charge often say this: “This person is suspicious.” As soon as this is said, this student’s cultivation environment may immediately change. The person in charge can therefore deprive this student of the right and opportunity to participate in projects.

Master: Our persons in charge should not casually say things like this. Even if you find problems, you should observe quietly, and don’t say anything until it reaches a critical moment. But some people exhibit strange behaviors and stick to their own way to do things. Actually, if in your cultivation and everyday life, you examine more your own behaviors, take a closer look at your own cultivation state, and compare yourself with others—have you been acting too strangely? Aren’t you too extreme? Aren’t you too stubborn with your own ways?! As you are in the international community, your behavior might easily cause others to think that you are suspicious at the present special time period. So, both sides must pay attention to this matter.

I have repeatedly emphasized that students who left mainland China must pay attention to these issues. Those strange behaviors and methods, as well as extreme approaches to things, are really not appropriate. Even TV dramas in Chinese society are full of people scheming against each other, and you don’t see this outside China. What literary and artistic works portray are all intrigue and schemes, humans plotting against humans and ghosts plotting against ghosts. Literary and artistic works, novels, TV dramas, and movies are full of this, as if people have nothing else to do but just scheming and fighting against each other. The more relentlessly people plot and fight against others in movies or TV dramas, the seemingly better people like them. People’s hearts have become like that and they view things in a twisted manner. To correct yourself, you really must pay some special attention.

I’ve experienced people’s state of being before the Cultural Revolution in China. Step by step I’ve seen the changes in Chinese people and I see them clearly. I’ve always been different from everyday people. I don’t drift with the trends and don’t move according to the wicked Party’s social movements. I’ve remained clear-headed and see clearly the wicked Party’s same old things. The world’s people all got lost in the trends so they can’t see themselves clearly. Calm down and take a look at yourself. Don’t go to extremes and don’t let others feel that you are strange, so that many issues won’t cause complex situations among practitioners.

Especially overseas veteran practitioners who have lived outside China for a long time, they don’t know how to work with those of you who just came from the mainland. Even though they originally came from the mainland, too, people who left China in those days weren’t like that. People today have changed so much, so they don’t understand what’s going on.

Master won’t say much. “Dafa disciple” is a special title, one that has never existed from the beginning of heaven and earth. The Fa-rectification of the universe also has never taken place before. When the universe turns corrupt, it’ll be destroyed and a new one will be created. As you all know, a God’s ability will complete it with one single thought. But if it’s newly created, the regret is that those original beings, the essence formed during the long passage of time, will be lost. Nothing will be left and everything will be re-created. When everything reaches that process again, it might not be the same again. Losing it makes one feel quite regretful. Moreover, these beings were all created by a divine being after all. That divine being has the mercy that wants to keep them, so he took on this undertaking.

That is to say, this is something unprecedented. From the beginning of heaven and earth, never has there been the grand cosmic phenomenon of the universe’s Fa-rectification; and from the beginning of heaven and earth, never have there been Dafa disciples. Master created this splendor and has led you to enter this historic moment. You should cultivate yourselves well, display who you are to your heart’s content while saving sentient beings, and do even better!

Thank you all! (Long, enthusiastic applause from audience)

(Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement. Date of this version: June 6, 2019.)