(Minghui.org) Two years ago, a practitioner from another area came to attend our local group sharing. Seeing that he answered phone calls directly from other fellow practitioners, we reminded him that this was a safety hazard and not in line with Master’s teachings. He replied, “We don’t use the ordinary people’s methods to prevent cell phone tapping. We use righteous thoughts!”

Another practitioner who came with him said that this practitioner had been doing this for eight years and had never been persecuted. The implication was that he had strong righteous thoughts, and despite having been in contact with other practitioners by cell phone for eight years, he was never persecuted.

Less than a year after that, I read on the Internet that the practitioner was kidnapped by police and many other practitioners were implicated, causing great losses to the area.

Yesterday, a practitioner from another area met with our group, and when it came to the issue of cell phone security, she was quite anxious about our local practice of not allowing cell phone contact between practitioners, saying that we should use righteous thoughts rather than ordinary methods to prevent phone bugging. She also pointed out our “failure to improve.” We kindly reminded her of some cell phone security tips so that at least her daily conversations would not be eavesdropped on, but she didn’t listen.

There have been many articles on the Minghui website regarding cell phone safety. I’d like to post some excerpts from one of the articles as reminders:

“Many of the planned kidnappings are carried out under long-term surveillance, after mastering the activities of practitioners. The beginning of such surveillance can start with a small oversight or inadvertence by a practitioner. Many fellow practitioners are monitored through cell phones for a long time without even realizing it. Some say that as long as they have enough righteous thoughts, they are fine. But is this really righteous thoughts? Having no problem for a while is not real safety.

“Some people go to the home of fellow practitioners and talk next to the phone, feeling that a short conversation should not matter even if they are overheard. In fact, as long as one is monitored, modern audio technology can immediately distinguish who is speaking, because many practitioners already have their voices and audio captured by evil. This is just like fingerprints, which are exclusive to each person. Just by comparing the recorded voice to the database the police will know who it is.

“Some practitioners can’t stand to leave their cell phones for a while so they take the phone to other practitioners’ homes. They think they are safe as long as the phone is put far from their conversation and can’t catch the sound. But cell phones have a positioning function, the evil will know where you go, who you are in contact with, and how long you stay there.”

This makes me think, what are righteous thoughts? Is a righteous thought a thought that one thinks is right? According to Master’s teachings, I believe that the rightness or wrongness of a thought should not be measured by one’s own perception, but by the Fa. Master has repeatedly warned us to pay attention to cell phone safety, but some practitioners just don’t listen, and think that they have righteous thoughts and no fear. Is this taking the Fa as teacher?

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