Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018

(Li Hongzhi, June 21, 2018, in the United States)

(Nearly ten thousand Dafa disciples stand up and applaud for a long time. Master walks onto the stage, does heshi, and gestures with his hands to all the sections of the audience that they be seated.)

Greetings, everyone! (All disciples reply in unison, “Greetings, Master,” and applaud enthusiastically. Master indicates that they stop applauding.) You’ve been working hard. (All disciples: “Master’s been working hard!” Master gestures with his hands that they stop talking.) This persecution, in the words of the old forces, is just a test and baptism of fire and blood targeting Dafa disciples, as well as the smelting of genuine gold. Regardless, as cultivators, the responsibilities you have shouldered are indeed tremendous. You are saving all beings. You yourselves do not have much karma, not that large an amount of karma. Nonetheless, you all know that, in human society, the crowds of beings are not simple, even animals are not simple. Many beings came from high levels. We need to save them. The beings that they represent are all the ones that would be eliminated in the old universe, and we need to save them. So when we save them, the beings they represent will also be saved. It appears that saving many lives is a very good thing; what about that karma then? That huge amount of karma. Besides, in ordinary human society, in the rolling torrents—think about it, everyone—that karma is very large, too. And this causes difficulties in saving them, troubles in saving them, hardships in saving them, and this persecution.

This persecution itself is about the bad things at the low levels preventing us from saving people; high-level beings think that this persecution is just a test and cultivation for Dafa disciples, and that’s how these things are related. Actually, all righteous religions in history—for example, those Gods we know who came down to save people, that is, those who laid down the cultures for understanding Gods—what they went through are also like these. From this perspective, they are the same, but the things that Dafa disciples are doing are not simple for additional reasons. If human beings are all high-level beings, beings who came down and reincarnated as the world’s people on behalf of numerous, gigantic groups of beings—think about it, everyone, how these people of the world will live in human society is a major issue. Putting it this way, human society is not simple. However, although today’s people of the world are not simple, once they enter into the deluded world and in the rolling dust of the secular world, they behave very badly, some behave even worse, and yet the nature of their lives is simply remarkable. At the surface, though, present-day earthly people are led by modern trends and modern thinking that has deviated from God-imparted culture, and are indoctrinated by the evil Party culture in the evil Communist Party’s society, they behave really poorly. But we have to save them. Dafa disciples are their only hope to be saved, and no one else is capable of doing this thing.

As I’ve told you, religion is only a culture that lays the groundwork in history for human beings to understand Gods. What different Gods are like, what different faiths in Gods are like, what they should do when they long for Gods’ worlds, and what cultivation practice is like—they have merely laid such a culture. Yet, to truly have the wish to save all beings, are they able to assume this responsibility at the final crucial moment? No religion is capable of doing that or assuming that responsibility, only Dafa and Dafa disciples can. So to put it this way, it is not simple. Maybe your origin (Master smiles) is well-grounded and highly representative, and maybe your prenatal abilities are very powerful, but in ordinary human society, nevertheless, in this society’s bewildering variety of temptations, or even under the interference of various human attachments, it’s very difficult for you too to avoid falling into the trap or being contaminated by these things. The good thing is, in history Dafa disciples have all been continually cleaned up by me and have been continually eliminating karma, and as they’ve made it to today’s stage, they are nevertheless different from everyday people. In the eyes of Gods, in this rolling torrent, whoever is not drifting along with the tide and whoever is able to stand there unmoved is already remarkable! Whoever remains unaffected is simply too remarkable! With Dafa disciples, however, they not only are unaffected, but also go against the tide! (All disciples applaud enthusiastically, Master does heshi.)

In humankind’s rolling torrents, you are going against the tides. When you come to think of it, however, it’s more than that! The whole universe is in the middle of being eliminated and is degenerating, while you are able to go against such tides! In today’s society, if a person can have a bit of righteous thoughts, this person is already remarkable! Isn’t it so? Depending on the kind of society and the kind of social setting, for a being, there is a difference about his having righteous thoughts. Let’s say, in the past, with people in society, their minds were very upright, their morality was very high, so a bit of good things you did counted as nothing, for everyone was like that. In today’s society, however, good and bad are jumbled together, or they might even be all reversed, so if you are able to treat all of this with righteous thoughts and if you are able to have righteous thoughts, you are truly remarkable.

That said, I want to speak about one issue, and I’ve never talked about it with you before. We know that everyone talks about cultivation practice, cultivation practice. What is cultivation practice? Actually not many people truly understand its real meaning. Cultivation is about fulfilling lives. It’s not that only being in religion counts as cultivation, nor are groups of cultivators the only ones cultivating. If this Three Realms was created at a time when the universe was no longer good, and especially in today’s human society, those kept here are all beings representing high-level gigantic lives and groups, then what kind of society would it be and how should it be treated? Think about it, everyone: This is no simple issue. Actually when someone is able to come to human society, he’s already in a cultivation environment. I’ve been saying all along that this society as a whole is in fact a cultivation environment created for our Dafa disciples. You are not in a religion, but you are in society practicing cultivation, so all walks of life have become your cultivation sites, haven’t they? Actually it’s more than that: Aren’t human beings all in this cultivation environment too?! Has there been a society like this in history?!

Each social stratum, each social setting, and the display of each different social form are all testing people’s hearts. Everything that happens in life is to see how people’s hearts are placed, and all of these are recorded. Why is one show by Shen Yun able to save people? Do they have that foundation and setting? I’ve been saying that, for Shen Yun, its audience members are not simple and they do not come just by chance; they already have that foundation, have been chosen in society, and are able to receive that predestined opportunity so that they can go into that theater. That is to say, in human society, in this large environment, they are already practicing cultivation. As I recall, maybe it was a show in a city in North Carolina. I went there. All the tickets were sold out, but there was a snowstorm on the day of the show. The snow was so heavy and thick that driving became impossible. As a result, only thirty percent of the ticketholders came to the theater. Only thirty percent of them came to see the show, but the experiences these people shared were very impressive. One viewer shared the following: “Right after leaving my home, it was like I was practicing cultivation on my way here. Every step I took was difficult and I was thinking every step of the way, all the way until I entered the theater. It was just like a cultivation process and after watching the show, it was like I was being consummated.” (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) So, that is to say, don’t underestimate today’s human society, Dafa disciples are not the only ones practicing cultivation, and human beings are all in it, too. They are being smelted, too. In their life, work, and various settings, the problems they encounter, the thoughts they have, and all the way to their actions—all are about positioning themselves, positioning themselves amid the rivalry between good and evil.

So in this large environment, since all are practicing cultivation, OK then, everyone is a cultivator, right? No. You all know that with that steel-smelting furnace, not all that’s thrown into it is iron ore; there are coal cinders as well, aren’t there? Without those coal cinders, how could steel be made? The same goes for human society. Although many high-level beings came here, many demons and ghosts came, too, having reincarnated into humans, stirring up this society, and continually bringing people into the so-called new thinking. They bring people into modern thinking, making you deviate from the traditional path arranged by Gods and making human beings damage their return path themselves, for the traditional path has been arranged by Gods. I said just now that, since a person is practicing cultivation, he must be walking on the path toward Godhood. However, imperceptibly those demons and ghosts have also reincarnated as humans, and a large number of them have been reincarnating as humans. Without such a large number, steel wouldn’t be made, the fire wouldn’t be big enough, the furnace wouldn’t have sufficient heat, and it wouldn’t work if the temperature did not reach the desired degree. And thus they have been playing such a role in human society, using modern thinking, various means that corrupt humankind, and various expressions to harm humankind and mislead humankind. There are indeed many people who have been dragged into it, especially young people. The group that they focus their utmost attention on is students, especially university students.

Anyway, I don’t want to put too much weight on it, you may think it over, and human society is basically in this situation. I also found, and in the beginning I was watching: Amid the trend of modern thinking, with such huge tribulations, how many people are able to make it through? And yet I found that with the exception of China, in other places of the world the mainstay of society remains unmoved. No matter how hard you try to affect them, you simply can’t. They just reject modern things, and reject them fiercely, so those people, and they alone, are still tenaciously guarding tradition, and thus the path arranged by Gods can be kept. It doesn’t work in that society in China. Having been indoctrinated with the evil Communist Party’s ideas, people are unable to tell good from bad, accepting altogether everything that was led by demons who reincarnated in the Western world. The whole of society is doing it, and basically this is the situation. Why is China like that? As you all know, I once mentioned that the kings in this world—the trend is toward democratic societies, but where did all those kings go? They’ve all reincarnated in China. They are kings of all periods, not just for a certain ethnic group, a certain nation, or one period. Kings of all periods, those who came from the highest levels in heavens, representing even larger cosmic bodies, those with the best inborn qualities—all have reincarnated in China, forming the primary cultivation environment there. That is why it is the most chaotic there, and everything that’s bad has been brought into it. There society seems prosperous with all kinds of things, but they are all meant to tempt people’s hearts and corrupt humankind—people simply can’t resist the temptation. Think about it, everyone: How hard it would be to get out of it! So sometimes I was thinking: In spite of everything, our Dafa disciples have really been messed up by these things in this depraved society of China. But regardless, they don’t leave Dafa and they all want to do things for Dafa, and on that point I am very pleased and I think it’s remarkable. (Disciples’ applause gradually rises, they applaud enthusiastically, and Master pauses.) These modern things can be reflected in people’s actions, ideas, and so on, and in all aspects of life, and signs of contamination can be seen everywhere. In any case, Dafa disciples are able to do well the things they should do, let me put it this way, Dafa disciples are able to undertake the vows you’ve made and are able to do things Dafa disciples should do, that’s the most important and the most remarkable. Not leaving the Fa, cultivating yourselves well, despite interference, still being a Dafa disciple, and still doing what a Dafa disciple should do—this is remarkable, for that society is simply too complicated.

Actually Western society is not simple either. The means those demons and ghosts who are harming mankind used started with culture, and they have an effect from another angle. The enlarged notion of freedom, the enlarged egocentrism, and that so-called … I don’t want to go on, and nowadays simply too many things are being promoted. That is, they are damaging traditional culture from another angle, coupled with the force of modern thinking, so what we are faced with is a very chaotic human society. Master is talking about these because it’s time. When things reach an extreme, they’re bound to turn around. Righteousness is rising, everyone is gradually seeing hope, and this era is gradually moving toward its end, so I want to let everyone understand these things gradually.

The evil Communist Party already has a terrible reputation, as we all know. Even those in power in the evil communist nations are not proud of it, and they merely use it to maintain their power. They can’t find a way out for their society, and yet they don’t want to relinquish the power in their hands, and that’s how things are and no one truly believes in it. Although this evil specter of the Communist Party is ruling the world, it, like in the human world, is already slowly being destroyed. Regardless of how it behaves, and regardless of what this society is like, Dafa disciples are the leading players in this society and you are starring in this play. In any case, those coal cinders can’t be compared with steel, but it is smelting you, not the other way around. In other words, even that evil Communist Party, those demons and ghosts, exist for you, too, they live for you. Meanwhile, you all know that this universe has long been corrupt and is no longer good. It, too, exists and is able to exist till today because of Dafa. If we do not succeed in this undertaking today, everything will disintegrate and cease to exist. If we are able to continue doing our things well, if, under the current circumstances and despite all the chaotic and complicated situations, Dafa disciples are still doing all of these, that means we are successful. (All disciples applaud enthusiastically)

There’s another thing. You all know that, in society nowadays, especially in mainland China, the suppression and persecution are still ongoing. We see clearly that the suppression and persecution are being carried out still by that old machinery. We see this very clearly. About all of these, I think you’ve figured them out, too. They appear to be disorderly, but gradually you will see that they are actually all orderly. That most chaotic disorder itself has been arranged and will gradually and increasingly turn into order. You just wait and see. In any case, for Dafa disciples, you should see the path we’ve traveled and the path we will now continue traveling, you should understand all of these clearly.

I’ve been saying that, with cultivation practice, as I see it, actually the hardest part (Master laughs) is the long years, the long years amid tempering. You are unable to see the end, unable to see the last day; (Master laughs) this is actually the hardest. However, there’s a phrase that says, “When things reach an extreme, they’re bound to turn around,” right? Everything is like that, and this is the law. It’ll change when the time comes, regardless of whether you humans want it or not. You all know that the former Soviet Union disintegrated to everyone’s surprise. It was so powerful, how could it disintegrate? It had to. It doesn’t matter what human minds are thinking, including someone who thinks his mind is the firmest, when Gods tell you to move in a certain way, you’ll have to move that way. (Master smiles) Don’t let yourselves be idle during the long years. Many people gradually slack off in their cultivation, but this is something of major significance. I’ve said that Dafa disciples in mainland China are in that kind of environment of hardship and under high pressure, they are under temptation in that kind of complicated environment, and yet they are still able to persist in doing what Dafa disciples should do, they are still practicing cultivation and studying the Fa, how remarkable they are, they are truly remarkable. What kind of an environment is that, and yet they are still able to do things that way. So don’t slack off! Once you slack off, the old forces will find the gap they can exploit, and they can even take your life. There are simply too many such examples and painful lessons! Of course, it’s not always like that. Some people cultivated very well, but in order to help others cultivate, the old forces took their lives. There is no shortage of such cases, either.

But I am just saying that, as a cultivator, you should not slack off. You’ve traveled the hardest path, you’ve come through the most difficult period of time. Walk well your own path—it’s really easy to say and really hard to do. No matter how hard it is, however, you’ve come for this undertaking. No matter how hard it is, your life was created for this undertaking. None of the Dafa disciples are governed by the Three Realms. On the day you made a vow to practice cultivation, your name was taken off the list in hell. (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) If Dafa disciples die, they will not reincarnate, because they are not governed by the Three Realms and they cannot reincarnate within the Three Realms. They are not governed by hell either so hell can’t punish you. You are governed only by Dafa. (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) With those who passed away early, no matter whether they’d done well or not, or for whatever reason, those Dafa disciples are all in a special dimension, quietly watching you over there, waiting for the final conclusion. (The whole audience applauds enthusiastically)

Actually the fundamental meaning of what I have said is to tell everyone: Your lives have come here for this! (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) There’s no alternative, really no alternative! These are Dafa disciples. With everyday people, they may go through the sixfold path of reincarnation and reincarnate in various realms; you no longer can, you are here for this undertaking of Dafa only. So, if you do not do it well, you will leave yourself nothing but regrets. Those veteran Dafa disciples in particular, don’t slack off. You’ve walked till today through years of tremendous hardship, it is not easy at all! Don’t you know how to treasure it? Even I treasure you! Even Gods treasure you! (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) So you should treasure yourselves even more.

Let me stop here. I want to explain and answer some of your typical questions. (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) You may pass up question slips. Thank you. (The whole audience once again applauds enthusiastically)

Disciple: Greetings Master! The analysis of the harm done by communism around the world and our media’s support for the return to tradition and the norm have psychologically impacted a portion of the students who have been deeply influenced in recent years by the warped thinking in the West. Some feel they cannot accept it at the moment. How can we help them quickly change their notions?

Master: This is not a simple question, yet I can tell you the fundamentals. The path of tradition is arranged by Gods—a path that can directly enable people to return. This is because all human beings are not simple, and on this path, they can connect with Gods. Since I have said just now that this overall environment is one of cultivation, when people meet Dafa, they can be saved instantly. However, the warped path that strays from tradition cannot connect with Gods. That notion rejects Gods, and people cannot even understand and don’t believe in Gods. How to save them? Herein lies the problem. As Dafa disciples, your responsibility is to save all beings. Isn’t this a fundamental issue? How can you not consider this issue?

We are not involved in any politics of everyday people, but we absolutely cannot tell lies. Our media cannot tell lies as other media outlets do and follow them in spreading rumors. We are not promoting anyone, nor do we take the initiative to make up good stories about anyone—we are only reporting news accurately. Dafa disciples are telling people to walk the right path; isn’t this the case? Therefore, I think our intention is to save people. If someone stands out in this society and is able to stop the trend of declining morality, this person is simply remarkable! He is actually helping us! (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) Isn’t he effectively helping us to save people? Think about it everyone: If people slide down further, how can we save them?! Isn’t this the idea?

Disciple: After reading How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World written by the Nine Commentaries editorial team, a series of articles exposing the evil specter of the Communist Party, I started to have a kind of worry, feeling helpless as the evil specter has infiltrated all aspects of humanity. (Master: This is the case.) I respectfully ask esteemed Master: How can we eliminate our own notions with righteous thoughts?

Master: If you can recognize it clearly when you yourself study the Fa, you are already doing this thing. If everyday people can recognize it clearly, they too will reject it. As long as you can recognize it clearly, you will know, as a person, what you should do. We are clarifying the truth also for this. As for who will eliminate it, that’s not something our Dafa disciples do. We are only saving people, telling people what they should do.

If this person made the vow “I will devote my life to communism” in such and such a way, think about it everyone: Heavenly principles are not to be taken so casually. What does it mean to make a vow? Every word people utter has been recorded by Gods. You vowed to devote your life to the evil Communist Party, think about it everyone: Your life is then governed by the evil Communist Party, and so it will manipulate you at will. Sometimes when you clarify the truth to someone, he does not listen at all. It’s not that he does not listen; it is that the communist evil specter is possessing his body, replacing him and not letting him listen. This is because the communist evil specter has the power since this life belongs to it. That said, our Dafa disciples have a lot of wisdom, and over time they have come to a clear understanding. They ask people to withdraw from the Party first—they first explain how evil the evil Communist Party is, the wicked things the evil Communist Party has done, and explain its evil nature. Then you ask him to withdraw from the Party. Once he agrees to withdraw from the Party, great, now you clarify the truth and he does not reject it anymore. Why is this? Because he is no longer under the control of that evil specter. If it wants to remain in control, Gods will eliminate it. (Master laughs) Why is it that after a person withdraws from the Party, it’s easy to clarify the truth to him? This is why. (All disciples applaud enthusiastically)

We say that the evil specter is ruling the world; in fact righteous Gods are also in control. Human society has positive and negative at the same time. But when humankind is becoming more and more negative, and as the negative element becomes larger and larger, the balance is tipped, as if the evil specter is ruling the world. This is the reason. When people have righteous thoughts, and when people see clearly the evil, then the balance will swing back.

Disciple: Now, with the exception of Shen Yun promotion and the media where some young Dafa disciples are involved, other projects, or the daily activities of spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth, have very few young disciples actively involved. I’d like to ask: How do we create opportunities for young disciples to be tempered?

Master: On this issue, how should I put it? In fact, this is not an issue, since everywhere there is a lack of manpower and every project needs people, and they are all using young Dafa disciples. As long as they are willing to, every project will have them. Shen Yun is using them (Master laughs)—they’re all young Dafa disciples in Shen Yun.

Disciple: Some students have discussed privately that the Fa is about to rectify the human world and Fa-rectification is entering a new stage. This stage is different from the past. In the past, Dafa disciples needed to vigorously expose the persecution and clarify the truth about Dafa. Now what Fa-rectification period disciples should do is lead society …

Master: Although you are playing a leading role, you cannot yet lead society. At present, you cannot lead society. We can see reality clearly and we can save people. As for leading society, in fact even in the future, as cultivators we don’t want to be bothered with things in society. There will naturally be others who take care of society. You only worry about saving people, and I only care about people’s hearts.

Disciple: When Shen Yun ticket sales were less than ideal last year, the Shen Yun coordinator in our area criticized all the coordinators of other projects that validate Dafa, saying they did not put their full effort into Shen Yun promotion. This year, after the Shen Yun show, he said again, referring to what Master has said, “Among all the projects of saving people, Shen Yun has the most power in saving people.” (Master: I did say this.) Without a doubt I firmly believe in the great power of Shen Yun to save people. My question is, should everyone drop the projects they’re involved in and go promote Shen Yun?

Master: At the time when we first started establishing Shen Yun, I didn’t say this. Even at the early stage of Shen Yun promotion when the situation was very tough, I said all along that those Dafa disciples who are not busy, or those who are not busy in various Dafa projects, could help promote Shen Yun. As a coordinator, when he saw that ticket sales were not good, he became anxious—this was perhaps the situation. This isn’t a major issue involving principle. Yet I want to say to everyone, since Shen Yun is so powerful in saving people—after each show, one to two thousand people will be saved—those students who are not busy should consider this carefully. What are you here for? But, there are fewer and fewer such opportunities.

In Europe, I also said that I had initially wanted everyone to be involved, allowing everyone to establish mighty virtue in this process and lay a good foundation for their own cultivation so they can improve. But many of our students did not take it seriously. When they came around and wanted to participate, realizing the seriousness of this matter, tickets had become very easy to sell. Through advertisements and online media, tickets were being sold, so you no longer had the opportunity once you wanted to get involved. That’s the way cultivation is: It waits for no one.

Disciple: Some children of Dafa disciples also followed along in studying the Fa and doing the exercises when they were young, but at the time, their parents didn’t have an adequate understanding of how to bring up young disciples, plus they were also busy doing Fa-validating projects. So they did not do well in guiding their children to truly understand cultivation. Now these children have grown and entered society, and to a large degree they have left cultivation. They have a predestined connection with Dafa so they reincarnated in Dafa disciples’ families. Now Fa-rectification is approaching its conclusion, and as parents, do they have the opportunity now to make up for the past mistakes in child-rearing?

Master: Ah, speaking of this—it is rather hard. You need to clarify the truth to him like you do to other people. Don’t treat it as you are in command and he is your child. He won’t listen. You have to use a different perspective to clarify the truth to him. This is how.

I too know this deeply from experience. During the early period of the Shen Yun project, people didn’t have an adequate understanding of Shen Yun. They’d wonder: After the child is done with dancing, what will he do? They didn’t know that Master wouldn’t just ask people to do something and that’s the end of it—I had to consider the child’s future. I have established a middle school, college, and graduate school. In the beginning, parents were not willing to send their children—they couldn’t bear to part with them. They couldn’t let them go, but it’s precisely at the age of twelve or thirteen that it’s the time to develop skills and the flexibility is good. But they couldn’t bear to let them go. By the time the child was fourteen or fifteen years old, they saw he could no longer be controlled, as he would talk back and fight with you. Seeing that it wasn’t going to work out, they’d hurriedly send their children away to the Mountain. (All laugh) But the children’s bodies had already become rigid and so they would have a tough time at the Mountain. So I know this deeply from experience.

Disciple: In mainland China some everyday people are making Falun emblems, and fellow practitioners in some areas ordered a large quantity on the web to distribute to students. There are disputes about this among practitioners.

Master: Making Falun emblems itself is not a problem. If this is about doing business and making money, Dafa disciples should be sure not to do it—it’s too dangerous. If you want to do this only to allow everyone to have an emblem of Dafa, and sell it at cost, that’s not an issue. But if you are in mainland China, you must pay attention to safety, since students cannot wear this Falun emblem at the moment. If you wear it, you are telling the evil police that you are a Falun Gong student. What can be done then? It’s not quite the time yet to do this. There are no other issues, just the issue of safety.

Disciple: In the environment in mainland China where the persecution is still happening, I often hear internal news about the Public Security Bureau and the Domestic Security Bureau taking some action. If I do not tell everyone, I worry that they will not pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts to deny them, but if I notify everyone, I also worry that the negative news would affect people doing well what they should do. Sometimes when I notified everyone, I had to add a few words, hoping that everyone would pay attention to safety while at the same time maintaining righteous thoughts and righteous actions, rejecting the persecution, and doing well what we should do. I don’t know if what I am doing is OK?

Master: It should be OK. Dafa disciples from inside the Public Security Bureau do know some things, and at times they would find themselves caught in between. If they tell everyone, they are concerned people will go to extremes, and if they don’t tell everyone, they are concerned people will not pay attention to safety. There is such an issue. If everyone is clearheaded and rational in doing well what they should do, and not doing what they shouldn’t, that would be the best. But some things are unavoidable, as this society has been made so complicated.

Disciple: Some fellow practitioners have put 2016, 2017, and 2018 Shen Yun shows’ videos onto a USB drive, and they are circulating it among some practitioners. Other practitioners pointed out that the Minghui editorial board has sent out a notice forbidding this. But they still do as they wish.

Master: Everyone wants to watch Shen Yun, and you can’t blame them. But the issue of safety is a concern.

There’s another issue. Everyone knows that we have many achievements: Fei Tian College, Shen Yun, and many things that are world class—we do not put them on the web, none are published on the web. This is because the web is like a demon, and everything is on it. It is the most rotten place—a product born of a decaying humankind. Why would we put things on there to get mixed up with it? Why should we put our things, which are so good, on there? Some students always want to put Shen Yun’s things and our things on the web. Of course, Shen Yun and Fei Tian’s websites have some things of Shen Yun and Fei Tian, but that serves a purpose and is out of necessity, like the corporate web pages of everyday people’s companies. Of course, the evil is slandering us on the web, and I’d say just do your best not to worry about it. Ignore it, and it will naturally disappear; the more you care about it, the more it will show up.

So for our things of Shen Yun and the like, if you do not pay attention, if you spread them, other people would go and access them on the website. Think about it everyone: These things, including Shen Yun and Shen Yun’s music, and many things of Shen Yun—they all come from heaven. If anyone could access them from the web and use them to undermine Dafa or use them for the most degenerate stuff in human society, what would you think then? But that would be your doing! Isn’t this the situation? So I don’t want to put these good things on there, as they are to create the future for humankind!

Disciple: At this stage, how do we handle the issue of coordination over large areas in mainland China? Is it appropriate to have a “main coordinator” in a prefecture-level city taking charge of all the counties below it? Some people believe that without this kind of management, we have not formed a whole body.

Master: You shouldn’t do this, no matter what your intention. Let me tell you: You cannot do this! I know it clearly that the human body, the human flesh body, has its limit in its ability to endure during persecution! When your mind reaches the limit of its endurance, and even when your mind has become blurry and you are still being tortured and made to suffer, you may tell things that you should not tell, and you may give in. But in cultivation, that is not necessarily your final outcome. We know you didn’t do well when you reached the limit of your endurance, and even when you can’t pull through. Since cultivation has not ended yet, you may still have opportunities. But once you make such mistakes, it is not a simple matter. If, because of this, some Dafa disciples lose their lives, it would become even more complicated. So I am telling everyone not to do these things.

The Minghui website is a platform for sharing among Dafa disciples, and it’s also a window to the outside. If there’s any issue, you can share your views through the Minghui website. Large-scale coordination cannot be done now, and when you consider things, be sure to pay attention to safety.

Disciple: In recent years quite a few fellow practitioners in our area passed away, including some coordinators who had played important roles in the area. Some practitioners who passed away due to sickness karma did not want to leave in their hearts. We all feel one of the reasons has to do with some kind of relentless factor.

Master: I said that some people lost their lives to show others—it is to have others cultivate. This is the old forces’ arrangement, not because these people didn’t do well. But there were indeed some who had slacked off in cultivation. These are all lessons. Facing persecution, sometimes they felt helpless, and they couldn’t find where their problems were—there were also such cases.

As Dafa disciples, everyone wants to become a true disciple, a Dafa disciple who’s determined, walking on the divine path, and experienced in cultivation. But for some students, this is only an idea, and they cannot reach that realm or that level. Yet there is one point. They think they will just reject the old forces’ persecution, but they themselves have not reached that realm or that level, and they cannot hold onto their righteous thoughts. Sometimes the old forces test you to see if you will waver in the end. They look at your thoughts and make trouble for you. In the end, you waver, and they’ll have succeeded. So under such circumstances, sometimes I think, for new students or those who’ve lingered in cultivation for a long time without improving, if you encounter sickness karma, it’s not a problem if you go to the hospital. It’s no problem if you seek treatment in the hospital, as that is something in the process of your cultivation. As for those Dafa disciples who are experienced in cultivation, have very strong righteous thoughts, know what they should do, and are experienced in their cultivation, there isn’t such an issue.

The old forces are taking advantage of this gap. I have said this today and you may be shocked. Because I found that the old forces are taking advantage of this gap to persecute students. The old forces are taking advantage of this gap. I just said that the evil at the low levels, including the old forces at the low levels, are really vicious. They do not want you to succeed in cultivation, and they want to kill you. As for those at the higher levels, they feel that they can utilize the persecution to have you cultivate—it’s this kind of relationship. So those at the low levels that can persecute Dafa disciples’ bodies are at the lowest level, and they are making trouble. Of course, there are all kinds of connections, and it’s not like the way you think that Gods and Master can take care of everything for you. Some connections are so complicated that they are hard to explain. Those new students, those who know all along that they have not been able to improve in cultivation, or have not cultivated seriously—if you encounter problems, you may go to the hospital.

When I talked about Dafa disciples should not go to the hospital, I made a statement. I said that Gods, look at those Gods, including immortals in the mountains who’ve cultivated for several hundred or several thousand years, they do not go to the hospital. Isn’t that so? (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) The doctors in the hospital look for them for treatment when they are sick. (All laugh, applaud enthusiastically) It is this kind of relationship. So everyone must be clearheaded.

Disciple: Some fellow practitioners have a lot of money, but they don’t use it for saving people. Are they simply not diligent, or are they making a big mistake?

Master: Don’t look at just these things. Among those who have money, (Master laughs) there must be Dafa disciples. There are Dafa disciples in all social strata. But it’s not that they’ll make mistakes because they have money or they won’t make mistakes because they don’t have money. Having money or not is not an issue in cultivation. He is meant to have money, but he is not diligent in cultivation; or he is meant to have money, and he is also diligent in cultivation. This is an issue of cultivation, and the distinction is made not based on money. (All laugh) It’s not that they have to give money to someone to use and that makes it right. If a project doesn’t make money and always relies on students, that won’t do, either. Some just know how to spend money, and they even spend lavishly, but they don’t care if there’s money or not, nor do they consider whose money it is that they are spending.

Many projects of Dafa disciples do indeed lack funds. The old forces are just looking to see if you can still succeed in doing things when you have no money and are under very difficult circumstances. They believe this is cultivation, this is mighty virtue, and this is remarkable, so they’ll acknowledge you. If you have everything you need—you get people when you need manpower and get money when you need funds—wow, it would be too easy to be a Dafa disciple. Saving people this way is so easy. Break through the internet blockade—you can just build a satellite, (all laugh) and you can do everything. Would you say the old forces will acknowledge you? Therefore, our path is very difficult, yet with the limitations we have in finances, material, and manpower, we are facing seven billion people in the whole world. The old forces feel that only this way are things balanced, otherwise Dafa disciples would be too powerful. No matter what, between the old forces and me, we’ll reckon the account in the future. But at the moment, we just have to do things this way, and do them well.

Disciple: I am confused sometimes. Are the sickness karma and tribulations we encounter now all coming from the old forces’ interference, or related to a factor of my own karma elimination? By looking within, I realized many of my shortcomings. I respectfully ask Master, if the tribulation persists, in what respects can I still make breakthroughs?

Master: There’s something that I’ve said before: I’ve said that with Dafa here, you have nothing to fear. Some people take this to mean that they have Dafa books so they have nothing to fear. In the early years, there was even someone who held the Dafa book in his hand while walking down the street toward oncoming vehicles in the fast lane, saying, “I am a Dafa disciple, and no one will hit me.” What’s the difference here? Having Dafa here means you’ve truly used your heart in learning Dafa, only then do you truly have Dafa. You’ve really used your heart in cultivation and really become a truly cultivating disciple—only then do you have Dafa and have nothing to fear. This is one aspect.

Additionally, as I said just now, the old forces are taking advantage of Dafa disciples’ gaps. This is another aspect. Some people cannot find their own attachments. Of course, it’s not all that simple, as there are tens of thousands of reasons, all very complicated. For some people, this situation occurs repeatedly, and that’s because they have serious karma. I’ve said Dafa disciples come in three different types. Though with a large amount of karma, if your righteous thoughts are strong, you’ll come through. But karma has to be eliminated, so you’ll have recurrences. You can just treat it as a test, as cultivation, and keep your righteous thoughts strong and come through it. Cultivation does not follow one mold, and everyone’s situation is different. But there is one thing. I am telling everyone that you have Dafa, you’ve obtained the Fa, and this life of yours already belongs to Dafa. Just put yourself on the line, and keep righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and conduct yourself according to what Master has said. If you feel you are not cultivating well at this time, that you cannot do it and cannot endure, (Master laughs) then go to the hospital. After you’ve elevated in your cultivation, you can do better then. Though I have said this, you shouldn’t slack off. (All disciples applaud)

Disciple: In order to increase web traffic, the media writes news headlines using more and more obscure language.

Master: This is indeed true. (All disciples laugh) Sometimes I read your newspapers, and the same goes for the web, and your headlines are really unclear and who knows what’s going on. Sometimes on a positive matter, your headline is written as if it’s negative. So we should be serious, and we should follow authentic, traditional Chinese and write in standard Mandarin. We shouldn’t use the grammar of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. (All disciples laugh) For them, it’s not their primary local language, so it’s understandable. So, as Chinese media, you target readers in the Chinese community, so you cannot write your headlines in an obscure way that people cannot understand.

Disciple: … and to have readers stay on the webpage longer, the key news content is put in the later part of a paragraph, deviating further and further away from the traditional standard of journalism writing. Will this affect the media’s professional reputation and authority? Will this affect saving sentient beings? Is this really violating the Fa principles?

Master: A little bit. (Master laughs) Of course, I said “a little bit” because some of us have limited capability, and some are influenced by modern thinking and culture, so they do it this way intentionally. Like in mainland China, people should speak the standard Mandarin, but in broadcasting they speak with a Cantonese accent, or else … anyway, they do it intentionally. “Oh, this is trendy.” Young people, in particular, seek to be trendy. It’s traditional culture that we are leading people to return to—don’t forget this. (All disciples applaud)

Disciple: I have thought karma that is disrespectful of Master, and I try to reject it but it doesn’t work. I am very tormented, and feel sorry toward Master.

Master: You are already rejecting it, and you’ve done pretty well. This kind of evil thing is probably a foreign consciousness, or perhaps your postnatally formed notions are touched upon by Dafa. Everything is alive, so they reacted. You reject it. You are doing it right if you can constantly reject it. The process of you rejecting it is you practicing cultivation, and you are steeling your will. Don’t feel tormented. Whenever you encounter this kind of situation, just assume it is not you yourself. You should just do what a Dafa disciple should do, and when you should study the Fa, just study the Fa. Do whatever you should do, and don’t burden your heart with it. Master knows. (All disciples applaud)

Disciple: One fellow practitioner in China suffers from a degenerative bone disease in the thigh. It hasn’t healed and the person limps around and goes out every day to clarify the truth.

Master: Dafa disciples have two cases. In the first case, one thinks, “I didn’t do well and need to seize the time to do so. A degenerative bone disease—how can a Dafa disciple be like this? I didn’t do well, and now I seize the time to do so.” So he goes out. How should I put it? Find something else to do, and once you’ve recovered you can then clarify the truth face-to-face. Otherwise people will question you, wondering about what happened to you. (All disciples laugh) You’d have no way to respond, right? In the second case, I heard there are also those who go to the Chinese Consulate when they are in the middle of sickness karma. If the Consulate takes photos of you and uses them in their negative propaganda, wouldn’t that have brought more loss than gain? They may use your photos in their negative propaganda in China, and they’d laugh at you. If you do well in other things, it’s the same.

Disciple: Greetings respected Master. Due to interference that has persisted for a long time, my cultivation path is full of hardship and difficulty. Satan’s image is often shown to me. I believe that the source of the interference has to do with Satan. I would like to ask Master, what is the relationship between the old forces and Satan?

Master: This universe is an old one. It is corrupt, as you know. Although it is corrupt, all beings have become accustomed to the state of beings in the old universe, and this includes their way of life, habits, and the culture of all of the Gods. And in Fa-rectification, you need to renew all of this, even removing those shortcomings and changing them into good things. Thus, they cannot let go, so they will interfere with you in Fa-rectification, attempting to change Fa-rectification into the way they wanted it. One thinks this way, and another thinks this way; what if more think this way? It’s not that simple, and many large issues and matters will encounter this kind of interference, and that’s who the old forces are. Yet they have established a system within certain levels, and they unite to become systematic and forceful, using changes in Dafa’s Fa-rectification! In the name of helping it to be saved and helping me rectify the Fa, they started a new set of things, and established a set of things. This is who the old forces are.

They have no direct relationship with Satan. Be it Satan or the evil communist red demon, these evil things, including the rotten demons in all realms—all of them are being used [by the old forces] to temper Dafa disciples. These rotten demons feel they’ve vented their hatred when they harm Dafa disciples, and they resort to brutal means to persecute Dafa disciples, wanting them to fail in cultivation. This is the rotten demons’ subjective thinking. They would do it, but they also know that if they overdo it they will be eliminated. So they dare not surpass certain boundaries, and moreover they need to find justifications. But their intention is bad, and they do bad things. As for the old forces, their intention is to obtain what they want in Fa-rectification. This is the situation, so they arranged this set of things, leading to today’s persecution.

In fact, this matter is very simple. As you all know, if a house hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, it will be dirty and will need cleaning. But no matter how you clean it, as you clean it, there will be dust, and the dust rising up will choke people. At least when you do the cleaning you will be tired and find it bothersome. If the house is damaged, you will need to repair it and it’s very tiresome; perhaps in the repair process you will hurt yourself. You’ll tear something here, break something there, hit something here, or smash something there—and it’s very tiresome. If all of this were new, you wouldn’t need to do anything like this. Doing things is in itself your tribulation and your trouble. If you don’t do it, you’ll have no trouble, and if you do it you’ll have trouble. This is how things are. So some Gods who are sympathetic toward me (Master laughs) say, “Who’d take care of these things—only you.” (Master laughs) (All disciples applaud)

Disciple: There are many new students who came into the practice because they wanted to stay overseas, and they have different mentalities. Some have truly entered the practice, while some haven’t withdrawn from any of the three communist organizations after one or two years of Fa study, nor do they know the truth. A small number of them even slander Dafa students behind their backs, and say bad things. Assistants like to support them in doing some things, thinking they’d gain as much as they study the Fa, and sometimes they also help them by providing signatures and testimonies to the immigration bureau. I know it’s not easy for them to make a living in China under the evil Party’s control. How should we handle this? How do we help them?

Master: How do you help them? First, you need to see if they are students. If they are not, and they really haven’t entered the practice, and only want to get status, then we cannot get involved. That would violate U.S. immigration law, right? This is the first thing. The second one is you say you want to help him so as to save him, but if he doesn’t cultivate, he won’t appreciate your help. Do you know what those people in mainland China have done? They cheat even their parents, and sisters and brothers, and they even resort to knives and guns. People have become corrupt to this degree—don’t think people nowadays are that holy. If they don’t cultivate, they are just everyday people; if they truly cultivate, and you see they’ve truly entered the practice, only then can you treat them as students.

Disciple: I’m a European practitioner. I found that I’m being controlled by an attachment every day and constantly look at my cellphone and computer and have wasted a lot of time. I tried to free myself from such a state but without success. I’d like to ask benevolent Master to tell me how to enhance willpower and get rid of it.

Master: Buy a cellphone that can’t access the internet. (All disciples laugh loudly, applaud) (Master smiles) If you want to overcome it, there surely is a way. You know what? Many young disciples at the Mountain, to avoid interference, have only one phone and don’t go online.

Disciple: Some people, after they had lived in mainland China for a year or so, returned and started participating in all kinds of activities again, including Fa conferences. They were not persecuted in any way while in mainland China. How should we treat this kind of situation?

Master: This needs some thinking. You know about phone tapping. The phones we carry with us, let me tell you, each is a listening device. The CCP is sitting there listening to you chitchat about daily life. It can hear you very clearly. Every Dafa disciple’s cellphone is being tapped. You say you are not exposed? Besides, the cellphones are quickly linked. As soon as you dial a number, it’s linked and it sets up a monitor. Those who have not been exposed are too few or even nonexistent. As long as you attend activities in public, you’ll be exposed. So, if someone goes back to China and nothing happens to him, as if he’s walking on smooth, level ground, I think there must be a problem.

Disciple: I’d like to ask: Has Shen Yun promotion entered a new phase and only requires a small number of people to participate? If a certain country is hosting for the first time …

Master: Of course, if it’s the first time, you still have to take it seriously. However, about Shen Yun’s influence, I once said that if Shen Yun opened up New York, the U.S. would open up; if the U.S. were opened, the whole world would open up. This is the situation now, and its influence is worldwide. In every place Shen Yun visited in Europe, people had already heard about Shen Yun. They all know about it, and its reputation is very good; they all know it’s very good. This is the current situation. In my opinion, those regions in Europe that haven’t paid attention to Shen Yun promotion should pay some attention now. You’ve been acting rather passively in clarifying the truth and saving people. Shen Yun is very powerful in saving people, and it’s helping your region do it, and yet you are not proactive. No matter what the reason, if you could be as tough as American students, the market in Europe today would be even bigger than that in the U.S. Its audience would be larger.

The CCP’s interference with the theaters: The spies use intimidation and bribery to influence and interfere with the theaters, and some theater managers have been invited to China—they did everything they could. However, Dafa disciples have been determined and succeeded in tackling that: “If you were really bought off by the evil CCP, I’ll go talk to your superior.” You know that the board and senior management are typically people with higher social status and are the targeted audience of our show. These people have seen the show. After they knew the situation, they wanted to help Shen Yun: “If you don’t let Shen Yun perform, what would you?” Some had no choice but to give us the theater; some kept resisting. The theater manager in Los Angeles that year is one who kept resisting: “I’m just not going to give it to you.” The reason is that he had been invited by the Chinese Consulate to go to China. After he returned, he would not give us the theater. Then, after we went to his senior management, the senior management people, without saying anything to us, quietly fired him. (All disciples applaud) After he was fired, the theater called us. We didn’t go apply for a date at the time, they called us and asked, “Does Shen Yun want to come and perform?” (All disciples laugh, applaud) If the board didn’t say something—“You must invite Shen Yun back”—they wouldn’t have done it. Even though the guy was fired, the people there were his staff, so when we got there, they did everything we asked, except they had no facial expression. (Master smiles) Of course, they got over it eventually. I’m just giving you an example.

If an individual is intimidated by the consulate of the evil CCP, you should go clarify the truth to him. You should tell him how evil the wicked Communist Party is and tell him how other theaters have handled it and what they have done. If you go talk to him, I tell you, things will be resolved. That is, you have to really go at it. Some of our students backed off after hitting an obstacle. That won’t do. Without perseverance, how can you tackle it? You are saving people, and we must try our very best to save them. And you must break through the many restrictions in this society. Without violating any laws, you appropriately and politely go tackle it. It wouldn’t be called saving people if there weren’t any difficulty. Suppose you go there and people would OK you right away and say, “Please come and perform here.” Would the old forces agree to that? This is the process we experienced in the U.S. The theaters also have annual conferences. They are talking and spreading how the CCP is persecuting and interfering with us. They are all talking about it and know what’s going on. Europe has the same situation.

Of course, don’t just go mess with it on your own. You need to be well coordinated in everything. Go talk to the coordinator; if he agrees and everyone figures out how to do it, then go do it. Please, don’t act alone and be reckless. Some individuals are not very rational in the first place. They go there and get emotional and rattle on about everything and anything: “You will be punished.” “Shen Yun is God.” They’d say anything. How could people accept these things at the level of man? That would instead have bad results.

Disciple: Due to interference that has persisted for a long time, my cultivation path is full of hardship and difficulty. Satan’s image is often …

Master: I’ve read this. The image of Satan. In a situation like this, you just resist it head-on. When you really cannot handle it, you should call on Master. (All disciples applaud enthusiastically) If it only shows up as an image, you should laugh at it and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it yourself. It will become helpless and won’t be able to do anything. Dafa disciples are capable, and your capabilities far exceed those of it. Satan, as you know, is a demon within the Three Realms and a demon in the human world. Its level is very low. People here, everyday people, ordinary people think that it’s pretty big. In the eyes of Gods, it is many times smaller than dust or dust powders. If you truly send forth righteous thoughts and your righteous thoughts are really quite strong, it will be scared off. Some demons are able to bully Dafa disciples precisely because you can’t see them and feel that you are helpless on your own. They just take advantage of this loophole.

Disciple: Will a person’s view of the American political environment and support of a certain political party affect his future? When clarifying the truth, should we talk about the influence of the evil CCP in America and how a certain American political party has supported communist ideology?

Master: We don’t get involved in politics. We have to save people in all political parties. We don’t have a political view. Isn’t that right? We target issues and not people. We target the evil specter of the wicked CCP and not people. You are here to save people. Absolutely don’t get involved in the affairs between political parties. This includes our media; they actually haven’t gotten involved, either. They have just correctly reported the positive things and that’s all. They haven’t openly said we support him and I stand on his side, so I’ll write articles to promote him. That’s not the case. They have just positively reported things and positively reported the facts. How could Dafa disciples’ media lie? You can’t develop notions just because our media is different from the lying media, right? Remember you are a cultivator; how could you be driven by emotions, attachments, and even negative factors to become so irrational?

Disciple: When experiencing tribulations, some Dafa disciples believe that we should not look within ourselves first; instead, we should send forth righteous thoughts first. If we look within ourselves, we would have followed the path of the old forces.

Master: (Sigh)(Master smiles) I usually say: When running into problems, we should first look at ourselves (Master smiles) to see if we ourselves have problems. If we have problems, we should immediately correct them. Whereas sending forth righteous thoughts, that’s done when you know for sure demons are indeed targeting a certain matter or they are really interfering. You have to know it’s really them, and then you send forth righteous thoughts. In addition, do not send forth righteous thoughts for anything and everything: If you yourself actually did something wrong and you send forth righteous thoughts, if your righteous thoughts really have an effect, they will end up punishing you. (Master smiles)

Disciple: Overseas fellow practitioners are not able to return to mainland China. Their families in mainland China can’t come overseas. What should we do?

Master: (Master smiles) It’s difficult to let go of familial love, which makes you feel bad. It’s cultivation after all, what else can be done? (Sigh) … In practicing cultivation, if you want to ask Master, Master tells you to put your heart into cultivation. Isn’t it so? You will eventually meet those whom you should meet. (All disciples enthusiastically applaud. Master gives single-hand greeting.) Dafa disciples will one day return to China nobly and righteously, like heroes who’ve saved the world. That’s honorable. (All disciples enthusiastically applaud. Master gives single-hand greeting.) If you sneak back, and they find out and lock you up in a tiny room, after they beat you up, you’ll tell them everything. (Disciples laugh) How uninteresting that would be.

Disciple: The machines that play videotapes have all been eliminated in mainland China. But students have kept the old videotapes of Master’s Fa lectures at home. I’d like to ask esteemed Master if we should continue to keep them or can we burn them?

Master: If you can’t safely keep them, then you can burn them. It’s okay if you, a Dafa disciple, know (Master points at the heart) what you are doing. It’s not a problem if it’s not for sabotaging Dafa. I’ve told other students that this can be done.

Disciple: I’ve always felt resentment in the process of my cultivation. It’s an attachment that’s difficult for me to get rid of.

Master: Resentment. It comes from the habit of your liking to hear nice words and liking good things to happen to you; otherwise you become resentful. Think about it, everyone, this is not acceptable. Cultivation shouldn’t be practiced like that. I’ve always said that a cultivator should look at things in reverse. When running into bad things, you should think it’s a good thing as it’s here for the purpose of improving you. “I should handle it well. This is about passing another test. It’s cultivation here now.” When running into good things, you think: “Oh, I shouldn’t get too happy about it. Happy things don’t allow one to improve but they easily make one fall.” In cultivation, you must look at problems from the opposite angle. Suppose you run into difficulties or unpleasant things occur, and you just blindly resist them and block them; you are refusing to pass the test, then you are refusing to ascend, right? This is a different matter from the persecution.

Disciple: Should overseas practitioners increase their efforts in growing the English Epoch Times?

Master: I’m not against it. I’ve told the person in charge of The Epoch Times, I said that if you had paid attention to the English Epoch Times way back then, today you would have surpassed all New York media. Your readership at present is already huge. If you hurry up, there’s still enough time. Even though I said this, no one has done things wrong. With the situation of limited money and resources, there’s no one when you need people and there’s no money when you need funds, therefore it’s very difficult.

Disciple: Communism is already ruling the world. The period of the Fa rectifying the human world is about to begin. Will those who have not cleaned out the evil ideology of the wicked Communist Party in their mind, whether they are from the West or the East, be in any danger even if they have not joined the evil Communist Party or its associated evil organizations?

Master: Let me tell you that people in Western society generally don’t have a good impression of the evil Communist Party. There’s certainly a group of people who aren’t clear about the so-called socialism, equal wealth, and such stuff they pursue. Actually, human society isn’t like that. Human society has karmic relations. The good deeds you did in your previous life will transform into blessings in this life. This blessing may become a government position, or it may also become money, and so one becomes wealthy. It doesn’t matter that a businessman claims how experienced or capable he is; it’s because he has that blessing, so he has what he has. There are just so many people who think they are very talented and good at everything but they can’t make any money, so they feel resentful and unfairly treated. He doesn’t have that blessing. It’s said that human society is taken care of by Gods; that’s what it means. This is fair. You killed and harmed people and did many bad things in your previous life, and you still want to make a fortune in this life? So it’s not like that. It’s taken care of by Gods and isn’t like how humankind imagines it to be … people all long for a good life; this isn’t wrong. Man uses human thinking to perceive matters; this isn’t wrong. If someone is poor and people try to help each other, this isn’t wrong either. These are all good deeds that should be encouraged. Isn’t it so? These come from kindness, sympathy, compassion, and goodness, and they are all good deeds. It will also touch the hearts of the poor, so they will do better. These are all beneficial to society. Human society is like a cultivation setting. Didn’t I say that if human society can maintain righteous thoughts and maintain traditions, it would be on a divine path?

So, some people don’t know what the evil Communist Party is; they don’t know what socialism is. The evil Communist Party has explained socialism very clearly. It tells you that socialism is the beginning stage of communism. This is very clear. It is clearly written in the constitution of the evil Communist Party. Chinese society is socialist; it’s currently not communist, it said so itself. Furthermore, it’s at the beginning stage of socialism; what it is pursuing is communism, which is more evil. Those people who pursue socialism really should go to China to live there and experience it for themselves, and then we’ll see what they say. (Master smiles)

Of course, we clarify the truth; sometimes things are not accidental. The person you run into is a Westerner and he has never joined the evil Communist Party, but after you tell him all this, maybe it’s what he was supposed to hear. (Master smiles)

Disciple: Although new disciples who just obtained the Fa are also doing the three things, I always believe there is a gap between veteran disciples and me. Is there a difference in our origins, levels, and beings?

Master: It cannot be understood like this. Those who came in during the later stage and are able to join Dafa disciples are arranged. You are supposed to come in at this time. It has nothing to do with your level in the future. Therefore, hurry up to study the Fa and catch up, and do well what you should do, and that will be fine. (All disciples applaud)

Disciple: I’d like to ask if it’s appropriate to use Zhen-Shan-Ren characters and not the Falun emblem in product designs.

Master: It’s not appropriate. Zhen-Shan-Ren is the Fa of the universe. It’s not appropriate for you to sell it in merchandise. Not appropriate. Dafa disciples always want people to be able to benefit from this. That’s not how it should be done. The Fa has to be respected.

Disciple: Could Master talk about the issue of positive lessons and negative lessons.

Master: There are too many of them, in every aspect. There are simply too many, more than hundreds of millions. Facing delightful things, you don’t use a cultivator’s thinking to perceive the matter, and if you are happy like an everyday person, it will become your tribulation since you are a cultivator. As for the negative ones, there are too many of them. Things that haven’t been done well are negative lessons.

Disciple: Using human methods to solve cultivation problems among Dafa disciples not only cannot solve the problems, but it will also intensify the conflicts.

Master: Dafa disciples are cultivators. If you don’t consider things from the perspective of cultivation, if you don’t solve problems according to the Fa, if you use everyday people’s thinking to solve problems, you will be meddled with by the old forces. Two people will engage in a fight soon after they start talking because they are not rooted in the Fa.

Disciple: I’m very grateful to Master. I seem to be able to understand and have found the root of qing. But I’m not able to understand the relationship between my selfishness and qing.

Master: Speaking of selfishness, in this universe, especially in human society, it can be said that it’s not a big problem. Why? Because everything originates from the self. Please think about it: In this society, your family is yours, your job is yours, the money you make, the things you do, everything, right? Even the force that drives this society forward originates from selfishness. “I want to invent something,” “I want to do something,” “I want this and that.” Isn’t it so? Those who are presidents, “I want to govern society well in such and such a way.” Even the good things originate from the self. This shouldn’t be a problem for everyday people. As cultivators, you need to cultivate to become selfless and altruistic beings with righteous Fa and a righteous consciousness. This refers to cultivators.

As far as qing is concerned, in human society you cannot see this qing. (Master smiles) In our atmosphere and within this atmosphere, its density is tens of millions times higher than that of water molecules. That’s what it is. It permeates the bones of all beings, the cells of beings, and the particles of beings. As long as you are a being within the Three Realms, it can seep in it no matter what it is. In other words, you are immersed in this qing. Remain unmoved by qing—if someone says he is not moved by qing, he is truly remarkable. Those who are not moved by qing can only be cultivators. Even with a cultivator, it’s only that when he understands a certain principle in cultivation, the part of him that becomes elevated ascends to beyond the Three Realms, so that portion won’t be interfered with by qing. As long as you haven’t elevated in cultivation and as long as you remain at the level of everyday people, you are immersed in qing and will be moved by it. Dafa disciples rationally deal with qing. It’s impossible not to be affected by it. You are just being rational about it. Only the part of you that has completed cultivation can be detached from qing.

To Dafa disciples, to be able to rationally deal with it depends on how strong your rationality is. This is the righteous thoughts we talk about. It’s whether the foundation of your cultivation is solid or not. That’s what we talk about, and that’s what it is. If you can rationally deal with everything, that’s truly remarkable. I know what it feels like without any qing. (Master points at the heart, smiles) It’s compassionate to sentient beings and is a completely different matter from qing. It’s something in a broad sense, and qing feels like something redundant and repulsive to it. Just like when you hear something unpleasant and when you see things that shouldn’t be there, you reject them. Therefore, at present, you can only rationally deal with it.

Disciple: Minghui has a lot of things that need many full-time, professional staffers to be dedicated to those things before they can be done well. However, without an office, without a tangible system, salary, or stipend, our staffers work very low-key for long periods of time and they can’t tell others what they are busy with. This has resulted in many staff members being dragged away by other projects. Some have continued to work part-time and don’t try to improve their professional skills. Those who have professional skills need salaries and titles and positions in society, and therefore can’t really join us and treat this as their own responsibility. Our website content, promotions, design, and technical improvements have all fallen behind …

Master: All media are saving people and are remarkable. They all have played an enormous role in Fa-rectification and accumulated boundless mighty virtue. However, only Minghui is an external window for Dafa and is the platform for Dafa disciples’ cultivation sharing. It’s the sharing platform for Dafa disciples in every corner of the world, including ones in mainland China. This is something that no other media has been able to do and replace. The mighty virtue is even more boundless! (All disciples enthusiastically applaud. Master erects his palm to pay respect.)

They just said that they are quiet, unrecognized, and nobody knows what they are doing, and people even think that they are not actively participating in Dafa disciples’ activities. Some work very hard both physically and mentally till the middle of the night, with few hands to help. They are working under very difficult conditions. What is most remarkable and most magnificent in cultivation? Especially when Dafa disciples are in the most difficult situations and need to hear a voice, (Master is visibly moved) there is this Minghui website—please think about it, everyone: What a remarkable thing! You must cherish it! No matter how difficult it is, that’s mighty virtue. (All disciples applaud enthusiastically)

Moreover, only very trustworthy practitioners can work for Minghui because they directly contact mainland Chinese practitioners. They must be very trustworthy practitioners, and also very focused and those who can truly dedicate themselves to it. Especially with young Dafa disciples, they are needed the most, yet they are the ones who are most likely to be restless. So it’s been very difficult. In cultivation, if you really could understand it, you would fight to get in. However, nobody sees their mighty virtue. Nobody sees them; it’s done quietly and without recognition. (Master smiles)

People always want to do conspicuous things to let others see their achievements. If not for Master to see, they’d still want others to see it or else they’d feel uneasy in their hearts. In fact, the eyes in the universe that are focused on you are so numerous that you can’t imagine how many there are. A particle is stuffed with eyes. Even the smallest particles are stuffed with eyes. All beings in the universe are watching everything Dafa disciples are doing. Gods are all watching. Your every thought, every idea, everything you do is being recorded and is even more real and more three-dimensional than videos. (Master smiles) So, it is shown to Gods, but not to people. (All disciples applaud. Master erects his palm to return appreciation.) It’s because they have to watch you. Whether Dafa disciples succeed or not involves whether Fa-rectification in the universe will succeed or not, whether the universe will exist or not. Whether Dafa disciples can do well or not impacts their survival. How could they not give you attention? They are all watching.

Disciple: We received feedback about Minghui calling the illegal arrest of Dafa disciples in mainland China “kidnapping.” Everyday people don’t understand it because they think “kidnapping” refers to bandits demanding ransom by taking people hostage. They think our writing style is very weird and not easily understood by everyday people.

Master: The culture in mainland China is a different kind of thing. Overseas students have been away from China for a long time and what they see and understand are universal ways of how things are done, so perhaps there is a difference. The evil CCP is made up of hooligans and bandits; when they arrest people, isn’t it the same as kidnappers kidnapping people? “Making an arrest” is a term used on bad people. But you can explain this to them. If necessary, these things can be improved, primarily targeting mainland China. If you think about it carefully, actually this word is used quite appropriately.

Disciple: Is the book How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World primarily for overseas readers in different countries? Should we promote it widely in mainland China?

Master: No need to promote it widely in mainland China. It’s primarily for the international community. In China, people already know the red specter is ruling over them and that demons have been ruling over people.

Disciple: Some fellow practitioners want to use the synopsis or quote from the book The Ultimate Goal of Communism in their truth-clarification letters or commentaries. But they usually can’t explain things as well as the book does.

Master: Books generally make a statement and then use various arguments to support it before they can explain things clearly. When you clarify the truth, you can’t talk about so much all at once and if you can’t be so thorough in your speech, you won’t have the desired results. In my view, you should only take it as something to enrich your knowledge in clarifying the truth. When clarifying the truth, you need to use your own methods based on different people, different situations.

That’s all I will say. Because today is a Fa conference and many of you came from afar, I don’t want to take up more of your time. The sharing at the Fa conference is actually very crucial. Dafa disciples’ state of saving sentient beings and state of cultivation from different regions can be learned and shared at the Fa conference. This is beneficial to your doing things well in the future. But you also want to listen to Master, so I tried my best to answer some questions for you—that’s the situation.

Things have to be done by you. Under the most difficult, harshest situation, it’s you who are doing it against the evil. Master is actually also around. The evil CCP said that I’m hiding in the U.S. Actually, I’m in China every day! (All disciples applaud enthusiastically for a long time)


(Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement. Date of this version: November 14, 2018.)