(Minghui.org) I know a practitioner couple who are over 70 years old. When I delivered Minghui Weekly to them I noticed that they were watching TV. I suggested they install New Tang Dynasty Television instead, but they had some safety concerns. The wife told me that she sometimes watched a daily news program produced by CCTV, but did not believe the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) reports.

When she was younger she suffered from dizziness for many years, but it disappeared after she started practicing Falun Dafa. She was dizzy twice last year and vomited. The second time it was more serious and she could not eat for two days. She gradually recovered after listening to Master’s Fa lectures. Late last year she fainted on the street. A passerby found her and took her to the hospital. The doctor said that she had a brain hemorrhage which led to coma.

After I heard what happened I sent forth righteous thoughts for her. I saw that her dimensional field was dirty, dark, and full of desire, fame, personal interests, and lust. I wondered how could this happen since she had cultivated for so many years. When I sent forth righteous thoughts the next day, through my third eye I saw that the reason was that too many dirty things entered her dimensional field while she watched TV.

I went to her home and shared my thoughts with her husband. He agreed with me. He mentioned that she mostly liked to watch dramas about ancient times because she said they had no Communist Party culture. Sometimes she watched them for hours. She was dizzy twice last year and he reminded her about negative things related to watching TV. But she refused to believe it and thought she had better enlightenment quality than him.

I thought that perhaps the practitioner had too much free time and was bored. She watched TV to relax, but unknowingly became attached to it. In fact, there are very few righteous things in everyday people’s TV programs nowadays. The ancient dramas are not performed by Dafa practitioners and are full of CCP culture. In addition, the actors’ moral standards are very low, and their every look radiates karma. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we should keep away from these things. How can we voluntarily seek these things out and get contaminated by them?

When I talked to another practitioner and mentioned what had happened to that practitioner, he said he had a similar experience. He used to particularly like watching American blockbuster movies and everyday people’s movies related to cultivation. However he got a headache every time after he watched those movies. During that time, he had terrible headaches once a month or even once a week, and they lasted two days. After he gave up his addiction to TV, the headaches almost disappeared and he had them only once every few months. When his daughter watched a movie he watched it with her for a few minutes. When he said it was a new movie his daughter jokingly said that he had a bad memory since he had already watched the movie before. He immediately understood that Master had cleaned out the movies’ contents from his mind after he quit his addiction to TV.

While we were talking about this, another practitioner happened to visit. He immediately realized that his coming there was not coincidental, since he also had an addiction to TV. His son bought him a big-screen TV, and he couldn’t help watching mainland Chinese TV dramas. Later his eyes began tearing when the sun shone or it was windy. He also had a headache every time he watched TV. He began having problems with his eyes even though he was only in his fifties. When he avoided watching TV, the problems with his eyes lessened. He said he could clearly feel that he did not have strong righteous thoughts and did not do the three things as diligently as before. He also knew another senior practitioner who used to cultivate diligently and did the three things very well. But recently that practitioner visibly aged and became forgetful. When they shared their experiences, they realized it was due to watching TV.

After we shared the experiences, we realized that the addiction to TV was not an isolated phenomenon. Young practitioners may become addicted to cell phones and the Internet. Older practitioners may easily become addicted to watching TV. Master said,

“A person is like a container, and he is whatever he contains. All of what a person sees with the eyes and hears with the ears are: violence, lust, power struggles in literary works, struggles for profit in the practical world, money worship, other manifestations of demon-nature, and so on. With his head filled with these, this kind of person is truly a bad person, no matter what he appears to be. A person’s behavior is dictated by his thoughts. With a mind full of such things, what’s a person able to do?” (“Melt Into the Fa,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

I hope fellow practitioners will pay attention to this and keep away from and get rid of the addiction to the corrupted content on TV and the Internet. We should truly achieve what Master said,

“Cultivate with the heart you once had, and spiritual perfection is certain! May you grow ever more diligent as you approach the end!” (“To the Experience-Sharing Conference in Taiwan”)

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