Practitioners in 53 Nations and Regions Wish Master Li a Happy New Year

Before the Chinese New Year, Minghui received a large number of greetings from around the globe to thank Falun Dafa and its founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi. Some who sent greetings said they were grateful for their improved health and well-being after practicing Falun Dafa, while others said they would continue to live by Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

Practitioners from Over 30 Professions Wish Master Li a Happy New Year

Since its introduction to the public 29 years ago, practitioners from all walks of life have been cultivating Falun Dafa and following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Today we present Chinese New Year greetings from Dafa practitioners employed in a wide variety of professions, from the trades and industry, to agriculture and banking, to the fine arts.

New Practitioners Wish Master Li a Happy New Year

As the 2021 Chinese New Year approaches, practitioners from around the world are thankful to Falun Dafa for the great spiritual and physical benefits they have received. This report features some greetings received by Minghui from new practitioners addressed to Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa.

New Zealand: Practitioners Wish Master Li a Happy New Year, Express Thanks for Falun Dafa

On Chinese New Year's Eve, New Zealand practitioners gathered to celebrate and send greetings to the founder of Falun Dafa. One shared, "I am very grateful to Master Li for saving me and turning me into a calm, strong and forgiving person.”

Then and Now: When the Plague Suddenly Strikes

A look at past plagues may provide some warning as to how quickly and mysteriously a pandemic can progress. 

Switzerland: Overcoming Fear amidst a Pandemic—A Nurse Gains Strength from Falun Dafa

“I would have fallen into despair if it hadn’t been for Falun Dafa! During these uncertain times, I am filled with hope."

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