(Minghui.org) I stopped practicing Falun Dafa for a long time and then resumed my cultivation two years ago.

My feet became swollen in August 2020, followed by shortness of breath. It felt as if an old problem was returning. My family urged me to go to the hospital, but my health did not improve. I was transferred to another hospital, and an examination indicated that many parts of my body had problems. I stayed in the hospital for a month, during which time I could not keep up with my Fa study and the exercises, let alone clarifying the truth to people.

One day my sister, who is also a practitioner, came to see me with another practitioner. They brought Master's new scriptures and talked with me on the Fa principles. Encouraged by their righteous thoughts, I understood that I must not accept the persecution. I discharged myself from the hospital the next day.

I returned to my old home in the countryside. One night, I was so out of breath that I could not speak. I was sweating through my clothes. The next day, my daughter saw my condition, so she gave me a sponge bath. My family thought they should begin preparations for my funeral.

They called my sister who took me to the hospital. The doctor held no hope for my recovery. He said my heart and brain were both failing. My family told my son and his wife to come to town to see me one last time.

Everyone gathered near me, helpless.

My sister whispered in my ear: “You just need to have enough righteous thoughts. You have not yet completed your mission. Please ask Master to save you, only Master can save you.” I said, “Okay.” Then I said, “Master, please help me.” 

My husband tried to help me change positions when he saw I was out of breath. I said, “Don't worry, Master is going to save my life!” A moment later I fell asleep.

When I woke up, my husband asked if I could recognize anyone. I told him the names of everyone present. Then I said, “I just saw Master! He was wearing a yellow robe, and he spoke to me, 'You are in the Fa, why didn't you call Master earlier?'”

I left the hospital, my family handled the procedure. I went home and began to recover quickly. I gained weight and continued to recover. I was able to go out and clarify the truth to people again. Thank you Master!