New Practitioners Wish Master Li a Happy New Year

As the 2021 Chinese New Year approaches, practitioners from around the world are thankful to Falun Dafa for the great spiritual and physical benefits they have received. This report features some greetings received by Minghui from new practitioners addressed to Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa.

Chinese Citizens Send New Year Greetings to Master Li Hongzhi

People in China are extremely grateful to Master Li for his compassionate salvation and hope that he can return to China soon. They have received blessings for supporting Falun Dafa, and they appreciate the tireless efforts of practitioners who explain the facts of Dafa and the persecution to people in spite of the pandemic. 

186 Falun Gong Practitioners Sentenced for Their Faith Reported in January 2021

Of the 186 practitioners reported sentenced in January 2020, almost a quarter were over 60. Those 47 elderly practitioners were sentenced to terms ranging from 10 months to 10 years. The courts fined 68 practitioners a total of 917,000 yuan. Individual amounts ranged from 1,000 to 50,000 yuan for an average of 13,485 yuan each.

When Modern Science Meets Unpredictable Plagues

The impact of plagues is immeasurable. Throughout history, various kinds of plagues have claimed about 20% of all lives on earth. Despite scientific advancements, mankind has no room to bargain when faced with destructive plagues.

Dallas, Texas: People Encourage Practitioners' Ongoing Efforts to Expose the CCP’s Crimes

Passing drivers honked their horns in support, while other people encouraged the practitioners and even offered to help hold the banners.

Falun Gong Protects Believers During Pandemic

Ancient Chinese beliefs can help explain why some people are spared from plagues even in the unlikeliest of scenarios.

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