(Minghui.org) While I recently memorized Lecture One in Zhuan Falun, I suddenly understood that the great stage of history is in motion, and that the universe and matter are in motion. Haven't all of China's dynasties throughout history undergone a process of formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction? Indeed, the last hundred years of each dynasty experienced states of degeneration and destruction.

Today while I memorized the Fa I realized that if the positive side had not withdrawn from the center stage and temporarily left a period of time for the bad side to display its worst, how many years would we still need to clarify the truth in order for the world to witness firsthand what's talked about in the book How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World?

We have been distributing special prints of the book and posting its link online for three years, but it is not enough. What's talked about in the book must be experienced in person, similar to what's unfolding on the world's stage today. Then the gods can observe people's reactions—whether they support or condemn good or evil.

Aren't the world's people naturally revealing their thoughts? There must be a natural process that allows people to express their opinion. People can see what's false or true. This way, the gods can evaluate each person.

This time it's an open-book test. People choose to side with good or bad with a single thought. If one condemns the evil and supports the good, the person is good and is a being that gods want to keep. 

Our Fa-study group has memorized Lecture One of Zhuan Falun four times. Each time we gain – both in our understanding of the current situation, as well as in the elevation of our personal cultivation. We feel this is gaining naturally without pursuit.

Cultivating with the Heart We Once Had

When the great contest between good and evil – which cannot be resolved by humans, when the things of the old period are breaking down, and when a new period is coming, it is time to test each person's firm belief in the divine. We should steadfastly uphold our firm and righteous faith, and cultivate with the heart we once had.

What should we do if people stay at home? Practitioners can knock on doors, tell people about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), and ask people to sign the petition to disintegrate the Party.

When a new practitioner wanted to put three kinds of flyers and newspapers together and deliver them to each residence, another practitioner suggested we put our hearts into doing it instead of going through the motions and turning the information into junk mail. It would be better talk to people face to face, and give them the type of information they really want, so our truth-clarification materials will be effective.

What should we do since Chinese tourists have stopped traveling abroad? We can post Minghui commentary articles on social media networks. We can also buy a cell phone to call people in China to clarify the truth to them.

We can distribute information to businesses. In the process we can clarify the truth and ask each store owner if they are willing to display the information. Some practitioners have also put up posters about disintegrating the Chinese Communist Party around the city.

The plague has been spreading for a year. The epidemic has been less severe in those areas where practitioners have been doing this. Every day they find ways to save people.

If you really want to save people, you have to use your heart and think of ways to do it. This is a manifestation of firm and righteous faith, and also an aspect of solid cultivation.

For practitioners who solidly cultivate and meet Dafa's standards, human thinking and the current situation and chaos does not disturb them.