Falun Gong Procession a Highlight in Quebec's National Day Parade

The Falun Gong group and their Tian Guo Marching band were welcomed back to the Quebec National Day Parade on June 24. The cover of a local newspaper announcing the parade featured a photo the band, whose blue and white uniforms match Quebec's flag. One of the event organizers said, “Their performance was spectacular!”

Hong Kong: Falun Gong Calls on China's Visiting President to End the Persecution

China's President Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong on the 20th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule, so practitioners took the opportunity to raise awareness about the 18-year persecution of Falun Gong in China. Groups of protesters with eye-catching banners greeted Xi's motorcade to deliver the message loud and clear: End the persecution and bring Jiang Zemin to justice!

Falun Gong March and Rally in Cologne

A German official who attended the rally in front of the Cologne Cathedral and heard several practitioners relate their experiences of being persecuted in China commented, "It is really meaningful that more and more Chinese have the courage to speak out. This event drew Chinese people's attention. The persecution is related to everybody. I feel that I need to do something, too."

Residents of Palanga, Lithuania Eager for More Opportunities to Learn Falun Dafa

Practitioners of Falun Dafa from Latvia visit the neighboring resort town of Palanga, in Lithuania, to raise awareness about the practice.

Raising Awareness about Falun Gong in Sweden and Germany

Practitioners in Sweden and Germany take advantage of the warmer summer weather to hold outdoor events.

Financial Manager: Falun Dafa Gave Me the Wisdom to Think Outside the Box

A financial manager worries that his annual conference presentation will be criticized for not following the typical format of detailing one's achievements. In the end, it turns out to have been a very wise choice.

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