(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who works as a financial manager in a subsidiary of a large corporation.

Each financial manager of the company has to submit a work report at the end of each fiscal year, and I was notified in May about writing a report. I was not enthusiastic about it, because as a Dafa practitioner I do not like to boast about how well I have done, but that is what is typical of these reports.

Due to my reluctance and limited time to work on it, my report did not follow the outline of typical reports, which go into great detail in listing out one's achievements. I just focused on the overarching problems, the solutions, and the plans and objectives for the following year.

Pure Wish to Save Sentient Beings

I entered the venue on the first day of the regional meeting, and saw more than 70 people there. I tried to think of a way to let them know about Dafa, and asked Master for help.

As the first group of people presented their reports, I noticed that their reports were very detailed. Given the much shorter length of my report. I thought it would be very embarrassing to be criticized about my report at such and important event.

I still wanted to help save the sentient beings there, and continued to ask for Master's help to completely disintegrate the communist evil spirits, dark minions, old forces, and all evil beings and factors in other dimensions.

I imagined magnifying the word Mie (destroy) to be as large as the cosmic body, and put my righteous thoughts into the most microscopic level of their lives. I also imagined letting my righteous power surround the whole venue.

“Exceptional” Presentation

I was the first to speak at the meeting the next day. I presented my report, and my mind was calm as I spoke. Unlike others, I did not list the details of my work, or limit the subject to my subsidiary alone.

I spoke about the existing problems, solutions, and the direction of the group corporation's structure and development. I spoke about these things from the standpoint of a financial manager, a chief financial officer, and even for the whole corporation.

After the meeting, a financial director said that my speech was quite refreshing and different from all the others. I knew that the success of my speech was due to the wisdom I gained from Falun Dafa cultivation.

The chief financial officer of the Central China regional company gave a concluding speech at the end of the meeting. He praised my report, and I was the only person he mentioned.

The general financial manager of the headquarters then gave a talk. He commended me, and said that my speech was at a higher level. He directly told the regional company to give me a promotion.

From fearing criticism, to being praised and recommended for a promotion, what a dramatic turnaround I had experienced. However, this was only possible because I practice Falun Dafa, which has granted me the wisdom to do what's best for the company.