Adelaide: Falun Dafa Well Received in Australia Day Parade

Falun Dafa practitioners were invited again to participate in the Australia Day Parade in Adelaide. Their colorful float and traditional costumes were a highlight at the event, which drew the attention of spectators and had over 150 participating groups. “I like the bright colors and the peacefulness of the group,” commented one Chinese student.

Global Falun Gong Events During the New Year Season

Between the New Year and the Chinese Spring Festival (Lunar New Year), Falun Gong practitioners have participated in all kinds of celebrations, contributing to their communities and introducing this ancient Chinese cultivation practice to the public. This newsletter covers the events in Australia, New Zealand, England, Greece, Bulgaria, and the United States.

Taking the Opportunity of Chinese New Year to Raise Awareness About the Persecution of Falun Gong in China

Falun Gong practitioners around the world, the vast majority of whom are of Chinese descent, continue to raise awareness of the persecution of the practice in China even during the most important Chinese holiday. Two such events were held a continent apart in New York and Helsinki. 

Harbin Man Sentenced to 12 Years for Displaying Falun Gong Banners

Mr. Ge Zhenhua had previously been tortured in a forced labor camp for his faith.

A Doctor Becomes a Diligent Practitioner After a Dream

Thinking that he would get serious about practicing Falun Dafa after he retired, a doctor has a distressing dream that changes his direction.

A Small Business Owner’s Life Is Awakened

“I didn't know the meaning of happiness until I became a Falun Dafa practitioner. It taught me many principles about life, and my deep-seated grievances vanished.”

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