Chinese in Vancouver: We'll Recommend the Show to Our Western Friends (Photos)

( On April 27, 2008, Divine Performing Arts (DPA) presented its third Chinese Spectacular in the Bell Performing Arts Center in Surrey, B.C., a suburb of Vancouver. Many local Chinese residents, students from China, Chinese immigrants and visitors from China showed up.

Applause for DPA's Impressive and Engaging Bearing in Vancouver

( On April 28, 2008, Divine Performing Arts (DPA) successfully concluded its last show in Surrey, Canada, just outside of Vancouver. More Chinese live in Vancouver than any other city in Canada. Enthusiastic applause was heard throughout the show at the Bell Performing Arts Center. Audience members who were immersed in the beauty of traditional Chinese culture lingered after the show, saying they hoped to return next year.

China's Vice-Minister of Health Assists CCP Regime Cover Up Organ Harvesting Atrocities

( Huang Jiefu, Vice-Minister of Health, has frequently appeared on Chinese television recently to promote the ethics of new regulations to control organ transplantation in China. In fact, each organ Huang Jiefu transplanted in his role as an organ transplant surgeon, came from a CCP-controlled organ depository. The source of the organs is a deeply held secret. Huang Jiefu has been lying for years to cover up organ harvesting atrocities. Death row prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners held in concentration camps are routinely secreted away for organ harvesting. You could say that Huang Jiefu has been covering up CCP crimes.

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