(Clearwisdom.net) On April 28, 2008, Divine Performing Arts (DPA) successfully concluded its last show in Surrey, Canada, just outside of Vancouver. More Chinese live in Vancouver than any other city in Canada. Enthusiastic applause was heard throughout the show at the Bell Performing Arts Center. Audience members who were immersed in the beauty of traditional Chinese culture lingered after the show, saying they hoped to return next year.

Consul of Swedish Consulate in Canada: An Extraordinary Performance

Mr. Anders Neumuller, Consul of the Swedish Consulate in Canada, enthused, "It was an extraordinary performance and brand new to me. I liked everything about it. I was most impressed with the drum dance; the performers were terrific!"

Former Personnel of CCP Bureau of State Security: Wants Son to Understand the Benevolence and Beauty of Chinese Culture

A man who couldn't disclose his name said that he used to work at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Bureau of State Security. He brought his son to the Chinese Spectacular to "let him understand the pure, beautiful and benevolent Chinese culture through this show." He said, "I have been paying attention to this show for a long time." This man, with tears in his eyes, said at the end of the interview, "I am moved by everything you have done. Thank you."

CEO of Internet Security Company: The Show Gets Better Each Year!

Dale Jackaman is a CEO of an Internet security company. This was the third time he brought his family to see the Spectacular. He said the show gets better each year and he would come back next year.

Jackaman said one of the reasons he came to the show was to support Falun Gong, "I oppose the CCP persecuting Falun Gong. I am here to show my support for Falun Gong. Everyone here tonight has a friendly relationship with China and Chinese people. However, the CCP is not China, and we should distinguish the two and treat them differently."

Visual Artist: The Chinese Spectacular Conveys a Message on the Spiritual Level

Micheline Julian is a visual artist specializing in sculpture. She considered the message conveyed in the show to be spiritual. "The most touching scene was the one that dramatized the bad experience of people in China who have spiritual beliefs. I was amazed by the female dancers' graceful movements and hand gestures. I was stunned by the male dancers' martial arts and acrobatic performance," said Julian.

"I felt many kinds of connections when I watched the show, as if something was linking (the artists and me) together. I felt very close to them."

Building Contractor: Men Have a Right to Religious Beliefs

Mr. Li is a building contractor. He bought his tickets in a shopping mall out of curiosity. After the show, he said he believed people should have the right to religious beliefs, "I didn't know what this show was about. I learned from a radio show that Beijing tried to instigate the Chinese consulate to interfere with the show. That upset me, and it made me want to know more about the show."

It's Rare to See Such a Traditional Performance

Ms. Yao Li is a Chinese immigrant in Canada who works in the post office. She brought her family and cousin to the Chinese Spectacular. She said, "I loved this show. I saw depth in the music and dance and everything was well coordinated. It's rare to see such a traditional performance anywhere now. The music was traditional Chinese and the dance movements were just different from anything I have ever seen."