Dafa disciples around the world: Greetings!

Dafa disciples of mainland China: Happy New Year!

Fa-rectification is sure to succeed, and Dafa disciples are sure to achieve Consummation. When Heaven dictates change, no one can stop it! The Fa's rectification of the cosmos and the re-creation of heaven and earth are coming to a close. The reformation of the vast firmament is charging forward rapidly and powerfully. What do a handful of wretched creatures above or on the earth amount to? The mighty virtue of Dafa disciples gloriously illuminates the universe. What gods and man alike have awaited and worried over has arrived. Save your sentient beings, fulfill your great prehistoric vows, and make good on the pledges you made!

Let me again wish you all a happy New Year.

Li Hongzhi

February 6, 2008
The thirtieth day of the twelfth moon, the lunar year of Ding Hai

Young Falun Dafa Practitioners Around the World Wish Master Happy Chinese New Year, Part 1


Young Falun Dafa Practitioners in Taipei Wish Master Happy Chinese New Year

Minghui School practitioners play waist drums

Minghui kindergarten children dance

Flash: Young Falun Dafa Practitioners in Guangzhou Send New Year Greetings to Master

The Epoch Times: New York Newspaper Publisher Li Yong: "This Is the Real China" (Photo)

( On February 3, 2008, during the intermission of the Chinese New Year Splendor, Mr. Li Yong and his wife spoke with the reporter in their front row seats. Mr. Li told the reporter, "This show allows people to know the real China, it brings honor to the Chinese people."

Chinese Immigrant: "I Liked the 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance' Characters Displayed on the Backdrop"

( On the afternoon of February 2, Ms. Liao from China said that she felt she was very fortunate to have had the opportunity see the Chinese New Year Splendor show at Radio City Music Hall.

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