Notice: Do Not Provide a Forum for Lies--Do Well in What Dafa Disciples Are Supposed to Do

( Recently some people have been establishing wicked forums on the Internet specifically designed to smear Falun Dafa, to attack major coordinators among Dafa disciples, and to defame the Minghui website. They signed their names as "Tang Qi," "Tang Qiqi" and the like, and have also stolen the name of Master's daughter and used Chinese Communist agents' wicked means to fabricate lies, to deceive and poison the minds of Dafa students who have attachments, attempting to drag those people down. For example, they incited students to reprint the first edition of Zhuan Falun, to stop reading any of the current Dafa books and Master's new scriptures, to stop reading the Minghui website, to not come out to participate in group Fa-study and exercises, to not come out to clarify the facts, to not distribute the Nine Commentaries, and to not promote the Divine Performing Arts' performances.

Regarding Buying Dafa Books On-Line

( has for various reasons stopped using the old website for ordering books (truegoodbooks), and has switched to using the "Tianti Books" website ( We ask that Dafa disciples outside of China let each other know of this, so as to change the confusing situation of the past several years, where it has been difficult to order books.

Academic Vice-Principal and Dean of the University of Toronto Congratulates NTDTV on the 2008 Chinese New Year Spectacular

The 2008 Chinese New Year Spectacular performed by the Divine Performing Arts company will be presented at Sony Center in Toronto on January 18, 19 and 20, 2008. Gage Averill, Academic Vice-Principal and Dean of the University of Toronto, a renowned music scholar, congratulated NTDTV on its efforts to combine the deeply historical Chinese culture with the contemporary expressions to promote the exchange of the international cultures.

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