(Minghui.org) From November 5 to 15, 2023, the Minghui website published 34 articles during the 20th China Fahui. Practitioners in China talked about how, guided by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, they improved their xinxing amid conflicts in their families, at work, and in other contexts. Their accounts are down-to-earth and touching, and many Taiwanese practitioners said they were inspired.

Every Aspect of Life Is Cultivation

Youhui, a speech therapist who constantly faces challenges and pressures at work, found particular inspiration in the article, “Eliminating Attachments in Daily Life.”

She said, “It’s not necessary for significant events to occur in their lives for practitioners to realize the importance and seriousness of cultivation. Every aspect of our lives is part of our cultivation. The author managed to improve her character through numerous small incidents in her daily life.”

What resonated with Youhui was that the practitioner was able to look within in all circumstances, “Many situations the author encountered involved suffering and grievances. Despite feeling unfairly treated, she recognized that the discomfort stemmed from selfishness. She consistently looked inward, treating everything in her life as part of cultivation. Looking inward unconditionally is achievable only when a practitioner takes cultivation seriously.”

Youhui observed that the author was able to reflect on her shortcomings, such as expecting rewards even during challenging times. “Some thoughts are subtle and easily overlooked. Practitioners should notice these subtle and incorrect thoughts.

“Cultivation isn’t limited to studying the Fa or engaging in Dafa projects. Every aspect of our daily life is a part of cultivation. We can overcome all tests by viewing them as opportunities to improve our character and as part of the cultivation path Master arranged for us. This perspective prevents one from feeling that external circumstances are creating difficulties.” She hopes to cultivate herself and eliminate attachments in her day-to-day challenges, similar to the author’s journey.

Clarifying the Truth to Colleagues

After reading the article “My Colleagues Acknowledge Falun Dafa Is Good,” Weizhu, a computer programmer, shared his thoughts. “From her days as a college student, through graduate school, and into her professional career, the author ceaselessly conveyed the truth about Falun Dafa to her classmates, colleagues, supervisors, and even top executives. She treated everyone impartially, whatever their status. Even when she faced being reported and imprisoned, she was able to show her coworkers how wonderful Falun Dafa is.”

Because his background is similar to the author’s, Weizhu reflected on his cultivation journey and saw his gaps. “When I was in college, I also established a Falun Gong club. When the persecution began, I felt great pressure even though I live in Taiwan. I now realize the pressure I experienced was a manifestation of my human attachments.”

One paragraph in the article left a deep impression on Weizhu. “At first, the people around her didn’t understand Dafa. Instead of explaining and explaining, she quietly excelled in her daily life. Even when she was criticized, she remained resilient, continued to assist others, and responded with a smile. In time, their perceptions shifted, and her colleagues even requested that she get a salary increase. They were surprised when she said she was a practitioner, and they all learned the truth about Falun Dafa.”

Weizhu said, “In the early in my profession, I attempted to introduce Falun Dafa to my colleagues. However, I noticed that the more I emphasized my performance at work, the more it backfired. I then realized that I was doing this with intention—the intention to gain recognition for myself, not Dafa. Learning from the insights of my fellow practitioners, I identified my gap and realized that I can better save sentient beings by truly embodying selflessness and not validating myself.”

Becoming a True Practitioner

Jiaxiang, a senior manager, said when he read the articles, he felt a profound connection, as if he was walking in their shoes, facing similar trials. He said he felt he improved alongside them. This shared experience taught him valuable lessons and helped him to be a genuine practitioner when facing challenges.

Jiaxiang highlighted the wisdom of fellow practitioners in the articles “The True Purpose of My Life” and “Getting Over Tribulations by Diligently Cultivating Myself”.

He observed that their xinxing improved gradually as they navigated family issues. “Originally, they had affection their family members, but they recognized that affection is a double-edged sword and must be removed. As they sought to eliminate their feelings toward families, instead of becoming cold and distant, they followed the Fa principles. Behind their kindness towards family, they discovered they had a desire to be acknowledged. Realizing this was selfishness, they forgave all the past harm and were kind to their families unconditionally.

“I witnessed their unconditional belief in the Fa during hardships. This truly reflects the solidity of each person’s cultivation and the depth of their faith in Master and the Fa. Not only did this help me identify my gaps and shortcomings, but it also filled me with energy and motivation. I discovered that cultivation can be approached in this manner, and selflessness and empathy can be embodied in this way.”

Jiaxiang sincerely thanks fellow practitioners for sharing their cultivation journeys. He and the other practitioners said their writings are valuable and allow all practitioners to learn and progress together.