Review | Movie: Eternal Fifty Minutes

This film tells the story of the staged self-immolation on Tiananmen Square and the brave grassroots efforts to expose what really happened. The film's director said, “No one should overlook the staged self-immolation incident when talking about the 20-year long persecution of Falun Gong. This incident played a key role in changing people's sympathy to hatred towards Falun Gong... Even after 20 years, many Chinese people are reluctant to learn the facts about Falun Gong because of the impact of this incident.”

Eyewitness Account from a Former Police Officer: Dr. Liu Haibo's Last Two Days

Liu Haibo, a young doctor, was arrested with his wife after providing shelter to Falun Gong practitioners involved in the Changchun City cable TV inception that broadcast factual information about the Tiananmen Self-Immolation hoax. After witnessing Liu's subsequent torture death, a police officer would not betray his conscience and refused to be complicit in the police cover-up. The officer fled China not long after and provided a written testimony.

Witness Account: Lei Ming, One of the Practitioners Who Made Truth-Clarifying TV Broadcasts Possible, Suffered Broken Bones All Over His Body Due to Torture

According to an eyewitness, Lei Ming was tortured to the point where he had fractures all over his body and his eyeballs were the only body part that he could move. 

Why Did the "Father of China's Aerospace" Refuse to Attack Falun Dafa?

Qian Xuesen, known as the “father of China's aerospace,” is a household name in China. He had devoted considerable time and energy to the exploration and research of Qigong. When then-dictator Jiang Zemin pressured him to attack Falun Dafa, Qian firmly refused.

Turkey: Clarifying the Truth During the Pandemic -– None of Our Efforts Are in Vain

A practitioner shares about finding new and creative ways to inform and benefit others amidst a more restricted environment. 

Young Practitioner: I Became Diligent Again

The journey of a young practitioner who got caught up in the everyday attachments of self-conceit, selfishness, showing off, jealousy, competitiveness, and lust, and how she got back on the path of Falun Dafa.

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