To the Experience-Sharing Conference in Taiwan

Dafa disciples’ Fa conferences are great opportunities for you to help one another improve, identify where you fall short, and correct whatever might be off in your cultivation. Cultivation is not for worldly ends, but for the elevation of your being and for establishing your future. 

(Team Yellow Translation)

To the Taiwan Experience-Sharing Conference

A Dafa disciples' Fa conference is a great opportunity for improving together, finding where you fall short, and rectifying your cultivation state. Practicing cultivation is not about attaining anything in the world, rather it has to do with the elevation of a being and the making of a being's future; especially at this final stage, it is a being’s choice of whether or not to exist in the future. 

(Team Blue Translation)

Chicago: Showcasing Falun Dafa in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Falun Dafa group was invited to participate in the 85th annual Chicago Thanksgiving Parade. A giant lotus flower and exercise demonstration on the Falun Dafa float impressed spectators. One said, “Their float is so elaborate. It's the best one so far.”

Finland: Media Covers Parliament Forum on Forced Organ Harvesting

A forum held at the Finnish Parliament on forced organ harvesting drew the attention of Finland's most prominent media.

Japan: Raising Awareness about the Persecution of Falun Gong at Daidogei World Cup Festival

Over 1,000 signatures condemning the persecution of Falun Gong were collected during the two-day street performance festival.

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