(Minghui.org) After reading the article “Eliminating Divisions Among Practitioners,” I realized that it was wrong to criticize practitioners who were not present. Even though I did not initiate the criticism, my negative opinions toward other practitioners created invisible divisions among us.

I recently overheard at least three other practitioners talking about practitioner Jin. They were discussing how she was not doing well with her cultivation. I joined in and mentioned things that I thought Jin had done wrong, and about attachments I saw in her. I was in fact complaining about her behind her back. I should have instead pointed these things out to her directly with compassion. I had thought about meeting with Jin and discussing these issues with her, but never followed through.

This was not the only time something like this happened. I remember recently hearing others talk about a practitioner who I had complaints about. After I joined in and added negative comments about the absent practitioner, I realized that this was not good or helpful.

Jin might not have cultivated well in a certain area, but she is still a Dafa practitioner, and she did not intentionally do wrong. Maybe she did not see her problem, or was stuck regarding how to change. She needed help from others, not being judged. When everyone criticizes, it actually adds more tribulations for a practitioner to overcome, and as a result their behavior can not improve and may become worse.

I should not treat any practitioners like this. I would like to have a conversation with her and also confess the wrong thoughts I previously had toward her.

We should always look more at the positive sides of others. We will not improve because we were criticized. Alternatively, feeling kindness from other practitioners and compassion from Master, while learning from the Fa can help a practitioner cultivate well.

Being critical of other practitioners’ attachments is actually one’s own problem.