To the Taiwan Experience-Sharing Conference

Dafa disciples attending the Taiwan Experience-Sharing Conference: Greetings, everyone!

A Dafa disciples' Fa conference is a great opportunity for improving together, finding where you fall short, and rectifying your cultivation state. Practicing cultivation is not about attaining anything in the world, rather it has to do with the elevation of a being and the making of a being's future; especially at this final stage, it is a being’s choice of whether or not to exist in the future. The worldly principles for people's existence and the state of their existence are not the true state of beings in the universe. The principles of the human world will not become the Dao; likewise, the state of human existence is not the true state of beings in the universe. Obtaining Dafa is the fundamental purpose of your being human. Do not be interfered with by the chaotic manifestations of the murky human world. Practice cultivation in the way you did when you first began, and the Dao will be achieved! Be even more diligent as the end draws nearer!

May the Fa Conference be a complete success!

Li Hongzhi

November 24, 2018

(Translation by Team Blue)