A CCP Official Renounces the Party

A conversation between a Falun Gong practitioner in Canada and the director of a branch of the Chinese Communist Party human resources department in Guangxi Province. The practitioner's persistence helped the director understand the importance of practicing permanent social distancing from the CCP.

Why Did the Wuhan Coronavirus Spare Most of My Family?

While the spread of the cornovirus pandemic has been exacerbated by the Chinese Communist Party’s censorship and disinformation, examples from around the world show that distancing oneself from the CCP can keep the virus away. This article is one such example.

Virus of the Chinese Communist Party

The current, unfortunate pandemic may allow us to better recognize and understand the harm done by the Chinese Communist Party to China and the rest of the world. A close examination of the CCP reveals that it shares some common characteristics with the coronavirus. In that sense, the CCP is in itself a virus that is attacking humankind just like the coronavirus. To ward off the attack, it may be best to practice social and economic distancing from the CCP.

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World (Chapter Three: Tyranny in the East)

1. The Violent Foundations of Communist Rule

2. The Slaughter of the Working Class

3. The Brutality of the Communist Party

4. Red Terror in Export

Dafa Changed My Entire Family

A practitioner recounts the many health benefits and blessings her family received after they quit the communist party and supported Dafa.

Taiwanese Professor Finds True Happiness in Falun Dafa

From answering life-long questions, to curing chronic health ailments, to providing strength in tragedy, Falun Dafa has been Professor Chang Mei-Ying's bedrock. "When I encountered great misfortune, my children and I found inner peace from the teachings of Falun Dafa. I think this is true happiness."

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