Three Months in Review: The Spread of Coronavirus from Wuhan to the Rest of China and Other Countries

After the first infection was detected in December 2019 and the novel coronavirus began to spread, the Chinese regime downplayed its severity and focused on controlling information rather than the epidemic. This detailed timeline explains how the Communist Party's political priorities led to the virus spreading quickly and widely despite early containment efforts by medical personnel.

The U.S. Is Taking on Communist China’s Propaganda Mouthpieces

The United States recently started taking action against the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda apparatus that operates in America. It designated five communist media outlets as “foreign missions,” and started to close Confucius Institutes, another Chinese government-funded agency that exports communist ideology to the Western world.

Montreal, Canada: Letter from Masanjia Screened at McGill University

Attendees of the documentary screening were shocked to learn the severity of the persecution of Falun Gong in China. They also heard from the film's director and a practitioner who had been imprisoned in the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp.

Master Removed My Name from Hell

An accidental encounter takes a practitioner on a journey to witness the depths of suffering.

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