(Minghui.org) After I began to practice Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) in 1998, I recovered from a number of chronic ailments that had tormented me. The decades of tightness in my chest was finally lifted, and my whole body felt light.

When the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, I was targeted for my faith, and both my marriages were broken up as a result. Hopeless, I completely succumbed to these tribulations and almost lost my life due to my attachments. Fortunately, Master never gave up on me. He removed my name from the list in Hell and gave me a new life.

Master said,

“I told you early on that I removed the name of every single Dafa disciple from Hell's list. Every ordinary person is listed in that registry. I have removed the names of Dafa disciples from Hell's registry. I had their names removed from Hell. So your names are not there.” (Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles)

Tribulations and Attachments

Like millions of Falun Gong practitioners in China, I was detained after the onset of the persecution. The detention center guards ordered a death-row prisoner to torture me. He slammed my head against the wall and cut a hole in the back of my head. I fainted after losing a lot of blood. They thought that I would not survive, but I woke up the next day.

I was then transferred to a labor camp, where I was tortured. I thought about renouncing Falun Gong out of fear. A fellow practitioner encouraged me to remain firm and be strong. However, after my release, I did not practice Dafa diligently.

Unable to bear the pressure from the government, my wife divorced me and said I would never find a wife again if I did not stop practicing. To prove her wrong, I remarried quickly. However, my second wife also divorced me, and on top of that, she took the 50,000 yuan I had saved. I was so angry and anxious that I could not eat for a few days. I went to beg her to come back, but she refused.

My Experience in Hell

I was on the bus going home from my ex-wife's place feeling distressed and irritated. Suddenly someone tapped me on the chest, and then two guards lifted me up in the air. We landed right in front of a towering palace. The guards said, “Lord, we brought you the one you want.” The lord wore a crown with strings of beads hanging in front and back like those worn by ancient emperors. I asked, “Are you Yama Raja?” He replied, “Yes, I am the King of Hell. Human beings don't believe that there's a hell. Here you are in Hell right now talking to its King.”

Then he asked me, “What's your name?” I replied, “Cheng Fude.” He flipped through his book of life and death and said, “Well, found it.” But after checking my age, he realized that they got the wrong person: “The man who should've been brought here is Chen Fude, not Cheng Fude. Chen Fude is in his 40s and is extremely evil. We should get him instead.”

After that, Yama Raja opened another book and said, “You do not belong to our jurisdiction because you should be in a higher dimension. Look, your name has already been erased from my ledger.” I looked and saw that my name was not on his list.

He continued, “Do you know? You have a mission to do more good things in the human world and save more people!” I was stunned that even the King of Hell knew what my mission was! He then ordered the two guards to show me around before I left Hell.

There was a vast abyss underneath the Naihe Bridge that every soul has to cross before being reincarnated. The two guards carried me over since I was too afraid to step on it. They told me, "Because you're our lord's guest, we're treating you nicely. If you've committed a crime, we'd have put chains on you to pull you over the bridge whether or not you're afraid.”

On Naihe Bridge, I saw an enormous pond of blood full of people being bitten by various predators, such as crocodiles, poisonous snakes, and lions. Broken limbs were everywhere, and they were wailing in misery and pain. Their constant remorse and begging for forgiveness were to no avail. After the bloody pond, there was an extremely spacious square with various pieces of torture equipment, and people were being tortured there by ghosts.

I first saw a man and a woman who were skewered together by a long metal stick. The upper halves of their faces were cut open and pulled down to cover the lower halves. It was quite a horrific scene. The guards explained, “They committed adultery in the human world, so their faces are covered for being shameless.”

Then, I saw a person's tongue hung on an iron hook. The guards said that this person was fond of gossiping, so his tongue was being punished for inciting disharmony and chaos in the human world.

After that, I saw a person being sliced piece by piece. The guards said, “This man loved to shortchange people in business for petty gain. Therefore, however many unfair advantages he collected, that is however much meat we'll slice off of him.” I asked, “That must be a lot over a lifetime! Can he ever pay off his debts?” They said, “Yes, yes. We’ll stop when he’s paid it all off.”

The fourth one was a fat man. The guards said he was a government official who abused his power in exchange for money. He had so much money that he bundled up 100-yuan bills and hid them in his house. So now he was being slaughtered a chunk of flesh at a time.

At this point, Yama Raja said, “It's time to go back. It'll be too late if you don't leave now.” He asked me again, “Do you remember what I told you earlier?” I answered affirmatively. He asked me to repeat it, so I did: “Go back and save more people.” After that, he told the two guards to return me to the earth. They flung me up in the air, and I cried out. Then I heard someone asking, “Why are you shouting?”

I woke up in the intensive care unit in the county hospital. The bus driver and the ticket clerk were sitting next to my bed.

The ticket clerk said, “When you fainted, we took you to the hospital as fast as we could. After dropping off all the passengers, we immediately came back to see you. No infusions or oxygen worked on you. Doctors couldn't feel any breath or pulse, and they were ready to declare you dead. But we asked the doctors to wait since we felt you were still warm. You'd been unconscious for several hours. If you hadn’t woken up just now, you would’ve been taken to the morgue.”

Master Protected Me

I know that if it were not for Master’s protection, I would not have come back from Hell. Master did not give up on me and even used the King of Hell to remind me not to forget my mission and vow to save more people.

Master said,

“A Dafa disciple is no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the Three Realms. Your name was removed from the ledgers of Hell the day you decided to take up the practice. A Dafa disciple will not reincarnate after passing away, for he is no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the Three Realms and cannot be reborn there. Nor has Hell any jurisdiction over him, and so he cannot be punished there. You belong solely to Dafa and are under its care. The Dafa disciples who have departed early for whatever reason are all, regardless of whether they did well or not, quietly watching you from the special dimension where they abide, awaiting the final conclusion of this all.”

“What I am ultimately trying to convey to you is that it was all for this affair that you came here! So you have no choice [but to do all of this well]; there is really no other way! That’s the case for Dafa disciples. For ordinary people it’s fine to reincarnate however they may. But that’s not an option for you, as you are here for Dafa and its great undertaking. So if you don’t do well you will be left with regrets. And I especially want to remind our veteran Dafa disciples not to slack off. You have gone through so many long and grueling years to make it to this day, and it really hasn’t been easy! Do you not know to value and cherish yourselves? I certainly cherish you! And divine beings do too! (Applause.) So all the more so should you value and cherish yourselves.” (“2018 Fa Teaching Given Washington, D.C.”)

Master has removed our names from Hell, and Dafa disciples no longer belong to the Three Realms. Sentient beings are in distress and are anxious for salvation. We should fulfill our vows to save more people, and only then can we live up to Master’s mercy.