Flushing, NY: Vehicle Procession Calls on Locals to Distance Themselves from the CCP

The Chinese Communist Party's continued disinformation campaign to shirk responsibility and blame other nations for the pandemic has triggered anger globally. In Flushing, NY, near the hardest-hit area in the US so far, processions of cars bearing signs and banners condemned the CCP and urged the people to distance themselves from the Party.

When True Faith in the Power of Dafa Emerged, I Recovered from the CCP Virus

The daughter of a Falun Dafa practitioner was attending graduate school in Wuhan City when the spread of the coronavirus began. She became overcome with fear upon developing pneumonia symptoms. She tried putting her trust in Falun Dafa, as her mom suggested, but saw no change until she realized that she had lacked genuine faith in its power.

U.S. Secretary of State: The CCP “Put Countless Lives at Risk”

In the past few days, the CCP has reported nearly zero new local infection cases, including in the epicenter, Wuhan. But many are questioning whether they continue to cover up information about the epidemic to deceive the world. According to a China researcher, “The virus first appeared in China, now the CCP blames other countries and calls all new cases ‘imported infections.’ It doesn't make any sense.”

Cremation Data and Distribution of Urns Point to Many More CCP Virus Deaths in Wuhan Than Reported

While it may never be possible to get an accurate number of coronavirus-deaths in China, there are clues that hint at the scale and severity of the disaster.

Missing Woman Secretly Sentenced to 18 Months and Tortured for Her Belief

An account of the ongoing persecution experienced by a brave woman who remained steadfast in her belief. Released from her latest incarceration last November, Ms. Tang Min has been ordered to report to the authorities for the next five years.

Falun Dafa Changed My Life for the Better

There are many reasons why people practice Falun Dafa. In this article, a man in China recounts how the practice helped him abandon addictions to smoking and gambling and become kind and considerate.

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