A man named Chen Hongming from Taiwan ignored the requirement that photography is strictly prohibited at Dragon Springs Temple and obtained photos to post online without permission. He also distorted the meaning of the Fa and misled the sentient beings. Such behaviors have failed to meet the basic requirements of Dafa practitioners. We hereby inform everyone that Chen Hongming is not a Dafa practitioner. We ask that no practitioner is to get in touch with him any more.

Retired Teacher Passes Away One Year Following 11th Arrest for Her Faith

A 75-year-old woman was arrested 11 times in the past 20 years for practicing Falun Gong. She suffered various forms of abuse while serving one year in a labor camp and later, three years in prison. 

Canada: Chinese Learn about Falun Gong at Toronto's Dragon Boat Race

"Now I've left China and have freedom. I will certainly practice Falun Gong!"

Australia: Chinese Tourists Gain Access to Information Blocked by Communist Regime

Falun Dafa practitioners reach out to Chinese tourists at the Sydney Opera House, offering them information about Dafa that they cannot easily obtain in China – where any news about Falun Dafa is blocked or censored.

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